Google Giggle Hangout with Karen Booth + Spotlight on Back Forever + Contest!

Google Giggle Hangout with Karen Booth!

 I loved Karen Booth’s novel Bring Me Back, it’s actually one of my favorite books from last year! Click HERE for my review. Soooo when I found out she was continuing the story of Chris and Claire I was ecstatic! Back Forever didn’t disappoint me. I fell right back into their world and was swept along for the ride. I love seeing the next chapter of their romance and how they build their life together after the “I love yous”.

I hope you enjoy my spazz out and Karen’s answers to my ramblings. (She’s a darling!) Oh! I love these characters and I’m giving you a chance to meet them too. Make sure you enter my contest at the bottom of the post. *waves down*

(((hugs))) Kat

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PS> I’ll post my video review of Back Forever on Saturday 😀

Back ForeverBack Forever

Release date: February 17th, 2014 |
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press |
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction
Karen Booth (Author)
ISBN: 9781622372607|
Format: eBook


The sequel to ‘Bring Me Back’.

Back together after a painful breakup, Christopher Penman and Claire Abby are looking only to their future. Christopher’s band is making a run at it after a long hiatus. Claire lands a magazine job she never dreamed she could get. Only a ring on Claire’s finger and a baby on the way could make things more complete, and Chris is determined they’ll have everything they ever wanted.

But when Claire’s dad starts behaving strangely, and her teenage daughter feels left out, Chris and Claire’s picture-perfect plans begin to unravel. A piece of devastating news casts doubt on whether they’ll have the life they envisioned. Through everything fate throws at them, Chris and Claire must find the good and hold on to it with both hands. They will have it all as long as they have each other, forever.

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Don’t miss the beginning of Claire and Chris’ romance!

Bring Me Back

Bring Me Back
Click for my review

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karen boothMeet Karen

I’m Karen–mom, wife, writer, former music biz girl. I write women’s fiction and romance, an ideal pursuit for those who want to sleep less, drive their spouse crazy and neglect their children, but still have something to show for it. I blog about music, books, and writing. Did I mention music?

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Back Forever ebook

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