Queen of Tarts Frantic Fridays ~ Review requests and assorted emails

Queen Frantic Fridays

Frantic Fridays

Review requests and assorted emails

From the mixed up desk of the

Queen of Tarts

Tartlandia, Far Far Away


I am a frantic, frenzied mess most of the time. My head is a jumble of thoughts. I try to do too many things at one time. I’m going a mile a minute in so many directions at any given time that I feel like a whirling dervish.


(side note– dervish is a nice word isn’t it? I remember it from
mystery I read as a teen.)


Oh! I just had a thought! (It happens) Maybe with my spinning I’m more like a drill and I’m going to pop out on the other side of the world.


*sigh* No such luck.


I had a point to my rant. I did… What was I? Oh! yes. Emails.


I wish I could give everyone my phone number. I like talking. A LOT. But emails are a necessary evil/tool :p though I am constantly surprised when I get them. I am tickled pink that authors and publishers occasionally contact me for reviews. But. *points up* The frenzied/frantic things racing around in my head derail me and I don’t answer everyone (Not even close!) I always have good intentions….


Bunnies! It must be bunnies.


What does help when/if you want to contact me (queenoftarts @ thebooktart dot com) is to take a look at my contact me page and make sure all the requested info is in your query.


The next thing… And yes it’s spazzy, and I’m pretty sure it won’t work for all bloggers… But in Book Tartlandia, Snark and Silliness are king (not that I have a king… And if I did maybe he should be a Stark! but you get the point) I am rather like a real cat in what catches my attention. Shiny and pretty… and a good tummy rub. 😉


A few of my fav requests ( one from an indie author that I have fallen completely in love with, Tracy Ellen) have approached me like the queen I pretend to be and are super silly! And yep. Flattery does help. Those held my flighty attention long enough that I remembered to reply and setup a time for the requestee to visit The Book Tart. 😀 which I honestly adore! Virtual couch chats are the next best thing to real and I like to talk!


(‘nother side note:
Feel free to ask if I’ve WRITTEN our date in my dayplanner
once I’ve set something up with you.If I don’t do that it sometimes gets missed! *sigh*)



I’m still rather astonished and amazed that anyone does email me. A few people have emailed twice regarding their request and yep. That works too. GUILT! *head/desk* I feel truly awful that I spaced and often reply to those emails. 😀


(though it seems like rather a lot of bother to get my attention doesn’t it? Grr Argh. I need a NEW HEAD! One that is attached correctly)


Have you seen/read Alice In Wonderland? Would you be surprised to know it’s one of my all time favorite books of delightful nonsense? Well… I named myself The Queen of Tarts (lol yes, illusions of grandeur!) because of Helen Bonham Carter’s weirdly wonderful Queen of Hearts in the movie version. And the Off with her head bit? Yep. I’m always misplacing mine. My head, that is. I think sometimes I’m in such a hurry when I reattach it that it’s on upside down.


I’m thinking about family, friends, books, work, costumes, candy, books, friends, cheese, The Book Tart website, cookies, books, shoes, work, scheduling posts for website, Family, hair dye, friends, Doctor Who, pinups, books, emails, Jensen Ackles, reviews, guilt about the emails, books and boys to name just a few things flying around in my head.


It has recently been brought to my attention that girls are different than boys. No! 😛 I KNOW that... I just didn’t realize how differently we think. Seriously with all I am juggling right now I actually get ummmm 69% done (?) and the rest I either change my mind on or decide a few more days won’t kill me. I am constantly multi-tasking and jump from subject to subject like a bunny. Guys aren’t as quick to switch gears like that. 😛
*points down* I adore this! This is me exactly. But some women are better at managing everything on their plate and I want to hug them and feed them cupcakes and sit at their feet and learn how. 😀


Photo: Love this!! <3

This long rambly- FRANTIC FRIDAY – has been brought to you as a result of my scroll through all my emails and realization that I am behind on so so much!

I am planning on wading through my inbox this weekend. I apologize again if you are waiting on a reply. It is mostly just me running The Book Tart, and while I absolutely, positively love doing this and connecting with readers and writers I am most often NOT caught up on anything… at all!

(((hugs)) Kat

The Queen of Tarts
(Who is in perpetual danger of losing what’s left of her mind)

9 Replies to “Queen of Tarts Frantic Fridays ~ Review requests and assorted emails”

  1. It really amazes me how much you do in a given week. And I love your Snarky and Silliness! Really…who else would have bunnies in their head. Except maybe me because I love bunnies! 😉

    Also, I so agree with how female vs. male think. It drives my hubby nuts because I can be doing multiple things at once and he thinks if I am not looking at him while he is speaking that I do not hear him. Then when I sarcastically respond his comment back he gets testy.

    Thanks for all you do!

    1. Sue! Hey hon 🙂
      This is why I love doing this site cause I’m making friends who are as obsessed with books as I am and don’t mind my nuttiness!

      You make my day brighter.

  2. I <3 this post so much! And I love bunnies, too – and it's the weekend, which makes me happy because it was crappy to come home from vacation on Sunday, and I've been jet-lagged the whole week 🙁

    Have a great weekend, and don't spend too much time with your head buried in your inbox!

    1. Lexxie!
      (((Hugs))) hon 🙁 I loathe coming back from trips… It’s sad and exhausting… I’m glad my spazziness made you smile.


    1. Sweetie 🙂 I’m so glad you popped by! And with clothes on 😉
      Clothes keep you warm! :p

      I can only imagine the distracted mess I’d be if/when I am ever blessed with munchkins of my own 😀

      I think we all need cupcakes… Right?


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