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Queen Frantic Fridays

Frantic Fridays

Cooking Chaos

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I have mountains and heaps of things to do before I leave for the book convention on Monday. BUT I decided to take an hour and bake cookies for someone special. Stop giggling at me! I can bake. *nods emphatically*

Just because I rarely do it doesn’t mean I can’t… But I use my oven so little… that I store my recycling in it. Stop laughing! *sigh* Why does everyone laugh at that? It’s a good spot. 😛 I normally have more cans in my oven but I just emptied it.

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Soooo one of my friend loves Oatmeal Scotchies from Tollhouse (Click HERE for recipe). I had never even heard of these cookies before I met him. Oh. My. Goodness. They are soooo good. The first batch I made a few weeks ago was a lesson in how out of practice I am in the kitchen. I had to use a stick mixer *points down* to cream the butter/sugar/eggs! lol It worked-ish, but the handheld mixer I used today worked so much better. 😉 You are laughing again huh? I was creative! *sticks tongue out*


photo 2 (4)


I needed to take a little break from my Frazzled Frantic Fumbling (like my alliteration?) of trying to get all my stuff together and my swag shipped out… And smell the roses. And just eat a few cookies.  That is essential when baking and even more important when you are giving them as a gift! I am stopping at two… As of right now… I’ve only had two. Gahhhh *Kermit Flail* I can’t look at them or I’ll eat more! nomnomnom


photo 1 (4)

So. I baked.  and they are yummy cookies! And Bookstore Guy is excited that I baked. Not the domestic aspect necessarily… just that I took the time to do it. Will I be using my oven more? ummmm prolly not. I am a micro-wave goddess. 😛 But it’s nice to know I can still follow a recipe card when I want to. It was also a chance to use my very neglected apron. It has cherries on it of course.


And now I return to my regularly scheduled Friday freak out. I have to organize my piles to pack, print agendas, write and send out an interview, film a few vlogs and a google giggle hangout, schedule my blog with posts to roll out next week, mail out a contest prize.

I am going to eat another cookie…

(((hugs)) Kat

The Queen of Tarts
(Who would lose her head if it wasn’t attached!!)

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