Frantic Fridays~ The Road to Recovering from RT13 part 1

Queen Frantic Fridays

Frantic Fridays

The Road To Recovery from RT13

From the mixed up desk of the

Queen of Tarts

Tartlandia, Far Far Away

Oh My Goodness! I can’t believe it’s been nearly two weeks since the Romantic Times Booklover Convention! I am completely unpacked and recovered. (lies!) ok ok. fine! I have unpacked my clothing suitcases but the carry-on that has all my new books and the box I shipped home to myself with the swag I collected… still in my living room.

AND *drumroll* I got sick after the convention… then I got even sicker! A few days ago I crawled to the doctors and expected to be told I had the plague of wretched death or something equally dire. Ummm Nope! but I do have a virus with a dirty sounding name and the misery and horror and pain is only now abating… Partially numbed due to the pain meds I cried to the doctor to prescribe! I’ve spent the last few days sick sick SICK in bed. Too sick to even read! (yep. really sick!)

But it makes me happy to reflect on the wonderful time I had in Kansas City. It went by too fast and I didn’t get to meet all the people I meant to. Meep! I was my usual discombobulated, easily distracted self.

My girls, Dawn and Lisa, were the bestest roomies.

Me, Dawn and Lisa

Lisa teased that she was our caretaker cause Dawn loses things and I just get lost! I would get lost going to workshops, lose where I meant to be going or just my train of thought! Lisa did her best to wrangle us and I adore my Maid of Tarts for that reason and many more.

lisa and me
Me and my “Maid of Tarts”

I love the hustle and bustle of the convention, going to workshops, getting dressed up for the night time parties… and most of all connecting with friends old and new.

rt 13 mezanine
we claimed a table on the mezzanine and camped out there every night after the parties

We would get our laptops out every night after the parties and set up on the mezzanine with snacks and try to work. Me with my blog and Dawn with her job… it took longer because we were happily distracted and having so much fun. Needless to say… ummm we went to bed LATE every night!

Working on the mezanine
Working on the mezzanine… with snacks and booze
Me and Lauren Stewart and cherry moonshine
Me and Lauren Stewart and cherry moonshine
I adored meeting Sasha aka Caribbean Accent! She rocks :D
I adored meeting Sasha aka Caribbean Accent! She rocks 😀

I was able to hug so many people I’ve become wonderful friends with over twitter. Like my darlings Kristy and Nicole and Phuong and Vicki!

hugging my girls Kristy and Nicole for the first time! So happy!
hugging my girls Kristy and Nicole for the first time! So happy!
Me. Lisa, Vicky and Phuong
Me. Lisa, Vicky and Phuong

This is a pic from the formal night aka The Romantic Times Booklover Convention 30th Anniversary ball. We met Linda a few conventions ago and love her to pieces!

Lisa, Linda and me
(swiped from Linda’s camera!)


I also was beyond spazzy to be able to hug and squeeze my Amy Lane! I love her to the muchness and she is just as delightful in person as I knew she would be!

Me and my Amy
Me and my Amy

And I had dinner one night with the lovely Jennifer Bernard and visited with Coreene Callahan! *Kermit Flail* aaghhh!

Jennifer, Me and Coreene
Jennifer, Me and Coreene

And we got books signed by Julie Garwood and a picture with her! *hyperventilating* aaahhhhh! love love love her!

Lisa, Julie Garwood and me!
Lisa, Julie Garwood and me!


I was so happy to be see my friend Megan from Australia experience snow for the first time in her life! She actually teared up and said she “had tears like a happy bride” lol she was blissed out to catch snowflakes and I was overjoyed for her.

rt 13 me and megan
Megan and me!

I have so many more pictures and good times… I know I have only mentioned a fraction of the people I met and squeed about… but my brain is muzzy. I’m wrapping up this but consider it part 1… or to be continued. k?

last night
last night at 4am

And the workshops and parties? So much fun! I am going to try and load all my pics to a photo gallery this weekend to share the memories with ya’ll. I will also put together a giveaway with some of the awesomesauce swag I collected. 😀

But now I’m dragging my sickie self back to bed. Grrr-argghhh. I hate being sick. Pity me k? lots of petting and pity. 😛

(((hugs)) Kat

The Queen of Tarts
(Who would lose her head if it wasn’t attached!!)

7 Replies to “Frantic Fridays~ The Road to Recovering from RT13 part 1”

  1. *HUGS* I hate when I’m too sick to read. 90% of the time when I get the tiniest cold I end up with Pneumonia so I reach the point I’m too sick to read or knit and following a plot for an hour on TV is too much energy. I hate being that sick.

    I was so happy I got to finally meet you IRL!!!!! I met SO Many Internet pals that week, I’m not even sure I could remember them all if I wanted to! But you (and your Cherryness) were a highlight!

    1. (((hugs))) back hon! I don’t think I’ve been this miserable in a long time. *sigh*
      Oh! I just snagged the pic of us together from facebook 😀 I thought I had one but I can’t find it! I’m glad you did. I was a highlight for me getting to hug you for reals!
      xoxo Kat

    1. thank you hon! I am feeling about 50% I think…. this virus knocked me down for the count. 3 days out sick and sleeping and fevers and pain. gahhh!

  2. Hey hon! Sorry to hear you’ve been so sick *boo* I loved meeting and hugging you in person *squeeee* Had a blast hanging out with all of you on the mezzanine. I’ll never, ever forget the cherry moonshine we got to try and the all the laughter that went along with it

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