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art revealI am so happy to show off the Baron of Books art work. He’s very dapper and debonair. My brother Patrick, aka Baron of Books, BOB and the Viscount of Video Games, is a gentleman. 😀 With four older sisters he’d better be right? <g>

I am so proud of him. He’s smart and snarky. He is one of my favorite people to hang out with. I am thrilled that he’s going to help out with The Book Tart. He’s actually been a huge supporter since the very beginning. When I thought I would manually enter EVERY single new fiction title by hand? He helped me. He saw more romance book covers and plot synopsises than most males will admit to. I love that he’s interested in a good story and doesn’t let the genre stand in his way. He has read a few of my romances too. 😉 But he leans towards science fiction and fantasy. I adore his gift with words. He makes me laugh and think. Take a look at his previous 2 reviews (one is for a video game!) Click HERE

Give a warm welcome to the Baron of Books!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

court of reviews poster 4



Baron of BooksThe Book Tart

Court of Reviews profile

Title:Baron of Books

Aka Viscount of Video Games 😉


Name or nickname:


But you can call me Jax, or Joe, or Nimble, or Stein . . . or . . . no, that’s about it.



Fav snacks:

Coca-cola.  (Yes it’s a snack, I’ll duel anyone who says it isn’t.)

Something the Queen might not know:

Secretly a big fluffy romantic at heart.   Or sort of, it’s a long story.


Dream destination:



Superpower you wish you had (or that you have already!):

The ability to summon ninja badgers.

(And no, I’m not telling you if I already have that power or not.  Better to keep everyone in suspense).


Favorite genres:


Urban Fantasy


Sci-Fantasy (is that even a genre?  If it’s not, it should be.)



A few fav books…

Anything Ender related (from the wonderful Author Orson Scott Card).

Anything Discworld related (from the equally wonderful Author Terry Pratchett).




A quote or two:

If you can’t destroy ’em, annoy ’em.

Story Matters.

4 Replies to “Art Reveal ~ Baron of Books”

  1. I did not know Joe and Nimble were options for addressing you o.O

    *throws down glove* Coca-cola is not a snack! Here, have some wheat germ. *offers healthy sludge* See? Mmmhm, yum, yes?

  2. Aye, I’ll answer to Joe or Nimble, though generally those are only used in-game (Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2). 😛

    And avast, *swishes cane* You threaten me with sludge whilst taking away my cocacola? Have at ye, health scoundrel!

    1. *Eyes cane and withdraws offered wheat germ* Maybe I don’t feel so much like dueling after all. Dueling is much more fun when it’s just throwing down gloves and leaving it at that. *Returns coca-coal* Here, have a ‘snack’ and simmer down.

  3. *Sigh* And here I was thinking that I would be able to watch a row between the Baron and Page. Boo, you both are no fun…*stomps away*

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