The Baron of Books review of In The Woods

In the Woods (Dublin Murder Squad, #1)Baron of Books Review of

In The Woods

by Tana French

 (Book one of the Dublin Murder Squad series)

Ah-ha!   Bet you thought I was gone, eh?  Never to return to Tartlandia or my beloved Queen and comrades?

Well, if you thought that, then you’d be wrong.  Everyone who didn’t think that, I applaud your loyalty, ’tis truly heartwarming.  (That is to say, if I, the Baron, have a heart.  Being a Baron, even of books, is a tough job.  Sometimes heartlessness is required.  Ask me about the heart-eating Wyverns that plagued a Barnes and Noble, sometime.  It’s quite a tale).

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Review of Broken Harbor by The Page

Broken Harbor (Dublin Murder Squad Series #4) by Tana FrenchI have a new reviewer *singing… * (ummm like shower singing NOT karaoke 😛 ) I have a new reviewer! I am so delighted to welcome The Page to Tartlandia and my review court. I adore how she expresses herself. <g> ok, ok already, you’ve convinced me! I need to read  Tana French! After, this review I really, really want to 😀
(((Hugs))) Kat
The Queen of Tarts

Page of Tarts Review 

My book collection is similar to USA Network: Characters Welcome.  This is why, with the aid of one of my dearest friends, Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series practically walked into my life, cleared a spot on my shelf, and made itself at home. I get the feeling that every minor character in this series could be pulled to the forefront and given their own full length novel.


I wanted to reread and review book #1 for the Queen of Tarts (because SHE STILL HASN’T READ IT !), but our favorite QofTs said, “Review book #4! It’s fine to review from the middle of a series!” or something like that.

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