Cover Reveal for Sidney Bristol’s Midnight Ink story Picture Her Bound + Excerpt!

Oh! Another Sidney Bristol story is coming our way! I’m so happy! Take a look at the absolutely delicious cover for her upcoming novella Picture Her Bound. It’s part of the Midnight Ink anthology with new original stories from Eden Bradley, R.G. Alexander, Jayne Rylon, Robin L. Rotham, PG Forte, Carrie Ann Ryan and Mari Carr! *Snoopy Dance* I can’t wait!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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The Book Tart Episode 44 ~ Review of Sidney Bristol’s The Harder He Falls

I am a Maine tart right now but I loved Sidney Bristol’s new story, The Harder He Falls, so much I just had to spazz out about it. I filmed this vlog with my iPhone sitting on the shore with the waves tickling my toes. 😉 I wish ya’ll were here with me and we could chat about stories together. It’s my favorite thing to do. Talk bookie to me. 😀

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Google Giggle Book Birthday Tour Kickoff with Sidney Bristol + Blog post + Excerpt + Contest!

TheInkMeTourBanner02-1I think this is becoming a tradition! 😀 I love helping my girl Sidney Bristol celebrate her book birthdays and I’m excited to help her kick off her book tour for The Harder He Falls.

It’s the second book in her So Inked series. Book 1, Under His Skin made me fall in love with Sid (click HERE for my review). I think The Harder He Falls is even better! *Kermit flail* sooo good! I’ll review on Saturday.

Enjoy our silly chat and Sidney rockin’ her new Diamonds and Tattoos  tank top (Perfect timing on the shirt!) + a fun blog post + a yummy excerpt + a contest!

See? There are so many reasons I love this girl!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts


 Google Giggle Chat with Sidney Bristol!



Sidney Bristol’s Book Birthday Google Giggle Hangout!

book birthday sidney collarOh! *Kermit flail* My boo Sidney Bristol is a party princess this month! 😛 She gets TWO book birthday parties in February. Last week it was for her sci-fi romance A Kiss For a Cure and this week it’s for her new Ellora’s Cave romance, Collar Me In Paris!

We chat and text and tweet but we’ve never met in person. So we decided this book birthday to do the next best thing. *drum roll* Google Hangout! <g>

Yep. We talk books, pinup dress, play madlibs and generally have a giggly good time. Come join the fun and help me wish Sidney a very happy book birthday.

 (((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts



Google Hangout

With Sidney

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A Kiss For A Cure Release Day Party with Sidney Bristol!

book birthday sidney

Oh My Goodness!

We’re having a party…

and there’s rum! and vlogs! and fun!

Today is my friend

Sidney Bristol’s book birthday!

Her first science fiction romance, A Kiss For A Cure, is out now from Lyrical Press. I can’t wait to read this book! I have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for it since I first met Sidney and heard about this story. 😉 Yes! *nods* I just downloaded it and I’ll be up late… Continue reading “A Kiss For A Cure Release Day Party with Sidney Bristol!”

Book Birthday Bash with Sidney Bristol! Cake! Prize! Vlogs!

I adore Sidney Bristol! I have a major girl crush on her. There I said it. 😛 She’s clever, gorgeous, has a great fashion sense (retro doll like me!) snarky and BONUS! she is a Dr. Pepper fiend too. We bonded over our love of hot boys and cold soda <g> And she writes! I love her dialogue and the heart in her books… and the steam *blush*

Today is Sidney’s Book Birthday for Bound With Pearls available NOW from Ellora’s Cave! We are celebrating with virtual cake and Sidney is giving away the goodies too. 😉

She tells us her dream book birthday vs. the reality <g> and she also vlogged especially for us! She made me blush with one of them cause it’s SOOOoooooo stinkin’ sweet! One of the nicest things anyone’s done for me ever! I’d hug her and squeeze her if this wasn’t in virtual land.

♥ Wish her a happy book birthday and tell us how you’d spend your dream day to be entered for a digital copy of Bound With Pearls

+ a $10 gift card to Amazon/B&N/or Ellora’s Cave (winner’s choice)



♥ Book Birthday ♥

by Sidney Bristol

I just deleted several lines of, “OMG!!!!!!!” and, “I Can’T BELIEVe my BOOK is out TODAYYYYY!!!!!” I have to be somewhat professional, right? I mean, I can’t say I’m a brand new author anymore. It’s been a whole year and five books so I’m a teeny bit seasoned.

Right! Professionalism. I has it. How about a video to introduce myself since I clearly cannot type without squealing.

The other week I was chatting with a non-writer friend of mine. ((It seems like all my friends are divided into Writer and Non-Writer categories)) This friend, let’s call her Kate, was politely inquiring about Bound with Pearls, the book that’s releasing today. She asked what special things I had planned for my release day, and what I was going to do to celebrate.

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Queen of Tarts review of Under His Skin

Queen of Tarts Review of

Under His Skin

by Sidney Bristol

It’s like Sidney got into my head! One of my fav dream guys is a rock star… I want a guy who can sing. I wanted Brian! I loved how he loved Pandora. *melt* Under His Skin is the story of two damaged people, Pandora and Brian. Some of the scars are on the outside and some are emotional wounds.

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