Quickie with Kira Brady + Spotlight on Heart Of Chaos + Contest!

Banner-Extra2Me: Kira hon! Welcome back to The Book Tart. I’m so very happy you didn’t make me (us!) wait too long for the third book in your Deadglass series, Heart of Chaos. *squees* I loved it! Here- Have a cupcake. 🙂

Oh! I’m celebrating shapeshifters here at The Book Tart with the Seriously Shifter Blog Hop. shifter

(click HERE for a chance to win ALL 3 of Kira’s Deadglass books!) Continue reading “Quickie with Kira Brady + Spotlight on Heart Of Chaos + Contest!”

Seriously Shifter Blog Hop!

shifterI am a paranormal romance junkie and HAD to sign up when I saw Herding Cats and Burning Soup‘s Seriously Shifter blog hop. I immediately knew which series I wanted to give away.

I just finished the last book in Kira Brady’s Deadglass trilogy and LOVED it so much I’m giving all three books away.

Also- for shifter fans, we get double the fun. She features two different shifter races. The Drekar (dragons!!!) and the Kivati (lotsa animals!) She also combines Babylonian, Norse and Steampunky elements into magical smexy stories.    Good luck and make sure you hop along for more chances to go all Seriously Shifter!



The Queen of Tarts

PS. I snagged Kira Brady for a playdate! Check out our fun interview and enter for a chance to win a PRINT copy of Hearts of Chaos! Click HERE Continue reading “Seriously Shifter Blog Hop!”