Google Giggle Hangout with PJ Schnyder + Bite Me Spotlight + Contest!

Bite Me - Release Blog Tour dates v2
*squee!* Mad Kermit flailing/Snoopy dancing is going on (it’s kinda scary! 😛 )
I have PJ Schynder on my Google Giggle Hangout couch!!!! I adore her so much, her stories and herself. 😀 We had a wonderful chat… after she and her guy helped me figure out my technical glitches *sigh* Anyways… lots of silly funness to celebrate the launch of PJ’s London Undead series with Bite Me... Werewolves and zombies and smexy times oh my… not zombie smexy times though! *snort* these are not the sexy type zombies.

Google Giggle Party!

(((hugs))) Kat