Quickie with Kira Brady + Spotlight on Heart Of Chaos + Contest!

Banner-Extra2Me: Kira hon! Welcome back to The Book Tart. I’m so very happy you didn’t make me (us!) wait too long for the third book in your Deadglass series, Heart of Chaos. *squees* I loved it! Here- Have a cupcake. 🙂

Oh! I’m celebrating shapeshifters here at The Book Tart with the Seriously Shifter Blog Hop. shifter

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The Book Tart Episode 39 ~ Review of Shelly Laurenston’s Wolf With Benefits

I ADORE Shelly Laurenston’s stories. All of them! I love her characters so much. They are all unique and memorable and feel real… somehow… even though most of them are shape shifters. 😉 I have to come expect laughter, joy, family bonds, humor, snark, creative use of language (lol the swears!) insults, drama, heat, heart and friendship. Wolf With Benefits delivered all that and more. It is a delicious, funny, smexy read that I highly recommend if you like humor with your heat.

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The Book (Beach) Tart Episode 37 review of Beth Ciotta’s The Trouble With Love

I read Beth Ciotta’s The Trouble With Love here in the Caribbean. I loved it so much! I adore Beth’s dialogue and characters… *swoon* I didn’t plan well and forgot to bring my video camera so I used my laptop’s webcam and well… It’s a bit different, but I think you can see how I feel about The Trouble With Love!



The Book Beach Tart

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PPS. Oops! Forgot to say that I read an ARC (yes! I pre-ordered my pretty copy too)

The Book Tart Episode 36 ~ Review of J.A. Huss’ Range

The Junco series by J.A. Huss has become, not just one of my favorite science fiction series, one of my favorite series ever! I am addicted! The fourth book, Range, will be available April 1st, 2013.*Snoopy Dance*

Read the Junco series if  you are a fan of science fiction or just a fan of strong world building and a main protagonist that won’t let you forget her, intriguing secondary characters, danger, romance, death, destruction, snark and perseverance.

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Interview with Lexi Ryan

accidental sex goddess Oh! I am so happy to have Lexi Ryan here at The Book Tart today! I read Accidental Sex Goddess over the weekend and I couldn’t put it down. It’s so fun! click HERE for my review.

I also filmed a Not So Random Reading for Accidental Sex Goddess and read a tidbit. I got a kick out of Reese’s dialogue and well… all the dialogue actually. Click HERE for my pinupy reading. 😀

Grab a cherry martini and a cupcake and enjoy the fun. *points down*

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts


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The Book Tart episode 35 review of Alice Clayton’s Wallbanger

I absolutely positively love Wallbanger by Alice Clayton! Sassy, Sexy, Snarky and to top it all off, sweet! This is a laugh out loud contemporary romance with a heroine I felt like a knew and a hero I want to steal! Oh !and the dialogue begs to be spoken. So I did *nods* I spaz about Caroline and Simon *swoon* and I read an excerpt. I am going to buy Alice’s backlist… I almost have to anyway because the titles have Redhead in them. 😉

(((hugs))) Kat
The Queen of Tarts
PS. my new dress is from Modcloth

The Book Tart Episode 33 Review of Taryn Elliott’s Suspended

Oh! So much love for Suspended! An entire galaxy of stars and cherries and chocolate sauce kinda love. 🙂 If you read contemporary romance- I highly recommended you get this book! It’s by Taryn Elliott ,who has quickly been added to the list of authors I read and re-read and beg for more.

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

PS. I also have a written review because there’s so much I forgot to say. Click HERE