The Baron of Books review of the movie Ender’s Game

movie reviewBaron of Books Review of

the movie

Ender’s Game

For those of you who don’t know, (and that, I imagine is a good number. Unless you’re spying on me, in which case . . .bravo, my ninja seals will be speaking with you shortly).


I’m an aspiring author.  Generally means I’m one of those schlubs who works on various writing projects for a good long while and never really gets any of them quite to publishing stage.   Time will tell if I stay a schlub or actually get something out onto the market.  But . . the point of me telling you this is because I want to mention a fact right off the bat.  As one of my biggest inspirations, Orson Scott Card’s “Ender” and “Bean” series are right up there with Terry Pratchett’s writing.  If I can end up writing something with half the depth of one of the Ender characters, or the Discworld, I will be . . . if not content, at least partially satisfied.

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