Review of Masquerade

Queen of Tarts Review of


by Nicole Flocton

When I finished reading Masquerade my stomach was a bit in knots from the last few intense scenes. I loved it! I loved Sophie and how brave she was when she met Alex and chose to act on their connection for a night of magic. That she was holding that memory close and then to find out she would be working with him! lol I connected with the emotions of the heroine and hero and I was wrapped up in their drama…

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Interview with Author Nicole Flockton + contest

I am so excited today to introduce you to my friend Nicole Flockton ! She is celebrating her first book birthday! Her yummy debut romance Masquerade is out tomorrow *singing* Happy book birthday to you, happy book birthday to you! Happy book birthday dear Nicole… Haaaappppy book birthdayy tooooooooooo you! And many more!

Please join me in welcoming Nicole to my virtual interview couch and have some virtual cupcakes or mini chocolate chip muffins, cause she is a fan of those too. Really, who isn’t? They’re so tiny and cute!

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Me: Hello my darling Nicole, welcome to my kingdom of Tartlandia. We have a ceremony that we need to do before we can relax on my virtual couch. Stand still… *pulls out my royal scepter* I proclaim you Aussie of Tarts… you may kiss the bride, Wait! Wrong finale <g> Tweet tartly but sweetly, read much and spread stories far and wide. Yay! Take a seat on my interview couch and get comfy. Can I get you anything to drink? Coffee, tea, water, soda, strawberry daiquiri? *waves scepter* Your wish is my command. *giggles* This scepter thing is a bit of a power rush. :p It does make me feel all queenly. Do you feel different now that you are an honorary member of Tartlandia?

Nicole: *sniff* I’m sorry I’m just so overwhelmed to receive this Title, I’ve never been a tart of anything! Give me a second. Okay, I’m good. I accept this Honor and I will tweet tartly but sweetly. Now if we’re talking drinks I’ll have a Mojito thanks! 🙂

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