Lusting For Covers ~ Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

PhotobucketThank you to The Book Queen for Lusting for Covers meme. I love sharing covers that I’m excited about!

I’m kinda slacking a bit… I am on vacation with my parents! *Kermit flail* So happy! I haven’t been home to visit for a year and it’s wonderful to be home. Sooo, anyway, I picked a book cover of a book I just pre-ordered. I read Cinder, the first book in Marissa Meyer’s Young Adult Lunar Chronicles, almost a year ago. I LOVED it!

I’m a sucker for fairy tale stories. Add in sci-fi/fantasy details like a human/cyborg heroine, a wicked alien queen from the moon and a handsome prince? I’m a goner. <g> I read it not realizing it was part of a series and when I was 3/4 through the book it dawned on me that there was NO way the plot lines could be wrapped up in the pages left. 😛 Meep!


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