I Am Just Junco Spotlight on Range + Character Interview + Contests!

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I am thrilled to be part of the Range Blog Tour. I love love love the Junco books. Click HERE for my review of Range. J.A. Huss has an awesomesauce contest too! (use the rafflecopter)

AND as a bonus she is giving one commenter on this post their choice of an ebook from her Junco series. (details at the bottom)

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The Queen of Tarts review of Range: I Am NOT Just Junco book 4

Range (I Am Just Junco, #4)Queen of Tarts Review of


I Am NOT Just Junco

by J.A. Huss

Range is book four in the Junco series. Once again I am blown away by the writing. I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster when I read a Junco story. Junco has become one of my favorite heroes. She is a hurt, angry, vulnerable, brave, smart, crazy, generous, loving woman. And she just wants the pain to stop. She is tired of being lied to, abused, taken advantage of and taken for granted. She has HAD enough!

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The Queen of Tarts Review of Flight: I Am Just Junco book 3

Flight (I Am Just Junco, #3)Queen of Tarts Review of


I Am Just Junco

by J.A. Huss

This series just does it for me. Pushes all my buttons.  The I Am Just Junco books make my stomach clench, make me tear up, make me wince, make me flinch and keep me on the edge of my seat. Junco grabbed my heart in a vice grip from the very first and never lets go. Flight is the 3rd book in this science fiction series and the clamp is particularly tight and twisty for this journey. Continue reading “The Queen of Tarts Review of Flight: I Am Just Junco book 3”

The Book Tart Episode 36 ~ Review of J.A. Huss’ Range

The Junco series by J.A. Huss has become, not just one of my favorite science fiction series, one of my favorite series ever! I am addicted! The fourth book, Range, will be available April 1st, 2013.*Snoopy Dance*

Read the Junco series if  you are a fan of science fiction or just a fan of strong world building and a main protagonist that won’t let you forget her, intriguing secondary characters, danger, romance, death, destruction, snark and perseverance.

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The Queen of Tarts review of Fledge

Queen of Tarts Review of


by J.A. Huss

Fledge is the second book in the I Am Just Junco series science fiction series. I suspected when I read Clutch that these books could become some of my favs and they have. Click HERE for my review of the first book. I am completely hooked on this series. I love the world building and the characters. I especially love Junco. These books are told in her voice. And what a voice it is. She’s a smart ass with a dirty mouth and more heart and determination than one body should be able to hold.

Fledge picks up right where Clutch left off…. I’m going to try NOT to be spoilery 😉 and some of these plot points are in the synopsis anyway…

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Interview with J.A. Huss + Contest!!!

Clutch By J. A. HussI ♥ Junco

I love science fiction and I’m a bit of a geek. <g> I stumbled upon the I Am Just Junco books about 2 months ago and I am so glad I did. It’s an addicting series and I’m hooked on Junco and her adventures. I’m going to be stalking the author, J.A. Huss, until spring when the 4th book comes out.

I adore J.A. almost as much as I love her characters 😛 She lives in Colorado too and we need to get together for real, live, (non-virtual) hot chocolate soon. The reason we haven’t yet is Colorado is a big state! ok? lol

She rocks. She’s creative and funny and supportive and just plain nice! I am so happy that she’s visiting The Book Tart this week and I can pick her brain a bit about the future of Junco and ask her silly questions.

She is very generously offering one lucky commenter a signed set of all three of her books plus swag! Make sure you enter the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post. I’m tossing in a digital set, cause I love this series and so the contest is open to International entries too.

Grab yourself some hot chocolate (don’t forget the marshmallows!) and settle in for a fun chat. 😀

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Review of Clutch by J.A. Huss + EPIC Contest!

Now Scheduling I love to read science fiction fantasy and urban fantasy so when I read the synopsis for this series I was intrigued. I’m so thankful I followed up on my impulse. I LOVED the first book!!! My review is below. I am rather kicking myself for not signing up for the rest of the tour. :p But I enjoyed Clutch so much I have already bought the sequels. The author, J.A. Huss is running a great contest all month. The Rafflecopter is at the bottom of the post. Make sure you enter for a chance to win 1 of 2 $50 gift cards and 3 autographed copies of Clutch. She is also giving everyone who signs up for her newsletter this first story, Clutch, free! I know *shakes head* an abundance of riches. She rocks! Ok, here’s my review….

Queen of Tarts Review

of Clutch by J.A. Huss


Clutch is a fast paced, addicting, science fiction adventure that hooked me from the start. When I first read about the book and saw that the heroine was 19 years old I assumed it was a YA novel. Ummm… It’s NOT! Junco is a damaged, tough, messed up cookie and she has a mouth on her like a sailor. She swears all the time. :p There’s also violence and adult situations (not as much as I’d hoped for :p but the beginnings of a romance).

Junco’s tough, she takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. I liked Junco, actually I adored Junco! This is a first person novel… That’s not my favorite perspective normally, but for this story I was immediately sucked into Junco’s head and her world and held on tight for the ride. This is an adventure story, a vengeance story and a mystery and even the sparks of a love story… Its a story with science, politics, war, lies, intrigue and destiny. The world building felt so organic and real. The pieces of her life are stacked up naturally and never felt like “So Bob,” kind of details. 🙂 Everything seemed to flow and because her world is not so unfamiliar from ours I was able to easily suspend disbelief and enjoy this tale of humans in a possible future, aliens with wings, gene splicing and cloning and a host of other fascinating details.

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