Lovestruck by…. Eve and Roarke. Contest!!!

Ok…. My second blog hop! Thank you to Under The Covers Book Blog and Bona Fide Reflections for organizing this giveaway hop with so many great blogs and websites that celebrate reading! Thank you for stopping by The Book Tart. My site is new, but I am happy to share. I love to read and chat about books. I am especially excited about the New Fiction Release database. You can take a look at the print titles for each month and narrow the list down by date too. My geeks are working on the ability to add e-book editions soon.

I just realized I was supposed to share with you what character or series I am lovestruck by…who has me completely smitten. It’s a really great idea for a post. It’s just that I am away from home right now and my stacks and mountains of books don’t travel well. Aack! So, as I was packing I grabbed the starting book and the most recent book in a series that popped into my mind first. And of course, as I was on the plane I was rethinking and wishing I had brought more books with me to share other favorites characters and series. Honestly, I don’t have an ultimate favorite! It really depends on my mood <g> But, do to circumstances beyond my control (Ha!) and the fact that my entire library wouldn’t possibly fit in my suitcase, I am going to share with you the characters that first came to my mind.

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