Renhala author Amy Joy Lutchen Guest Post + Contest!


*Kermit Flail* Oh! Oh! I am ecstatic to share today’s guest post. We all need to place an order… or find a genie… cause Amy Joy Lutchen is on to something big! I want one or three. I would place my order right now. Can you imagine the world after her product takes off… though honestly… unless it was some sort of sim-bot it would prolly take off for realsie on me. lol My grammar would scare most anyone away.

What am I talking about? *points down* Read it! bwahahahah Then check out Amy’s urban fantasy Renhala and enter her giveaway too.

(((hugs))) Kat
The Queen of Tarts

♥ Guest Post♥

The Product of Tomorrow!

by Amy Joy Lutchen

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