Spotlight on Tracey Sinclair’s Angel Falls + Excerpt + Contest!

 Tracey Sinclair is a darling who shares my love of snark and Supernatural and has never given up on The Book Tart even when I let the blog go mostly dark… I adore her and her  Cassandra Bick Chronicles and I’m so happy to share a fun excerpt from her new release Angel Falls and Tracey is giving one lucky reader of The Book Tart an ebook copy of Angel Falls! *points down* enjoy!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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Not So Random Reading from Dark Dates by Tracey Sinclair

I recently devoured read Tracey Sinclair’s novellas, A Vampire Walks Into A Bar and A Vampire Christmas. I will review them soon. I promise!  *head/desk*

I love The Cassandra Bick Chronicles and I wanted to read a fun excerpt for my “Not So Random Reading” thingie.

I am still away from home so the setting is different. I was sitting in a window seat in New York when I filmed this and I pinned up my red curtain from home. <g> The sound and pic quality are not as good as normal. I had to load this to YouTube in a different format because when I tried the one I film in YouTube said it would take 800 minutes to upload!!! So, yes, there are some drawbacks to being in the Caribbean for another 5 days. Slow internet! (you pity me don’t you? lol)

Anyway- this is from Dark Dates by Tracey Sinclair. If you like urban fantasy you’ll love this book. If you like paranormal romance give it a try. Honestly? We romance readers are an adventurous bunch. I have found that we’ll try a variety of genre and if the story grabs us we just add it to our stack. 😀 I hope you add Dark Dates.

Interview with Tracey Sinclair + Contest!

Dark Dates (Cassandra Bick Chronicles 1)I am a geek and have always loved science fiction and fantasy and out of that has come my addiction to paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I like to have my imagination challenged and entertained. I love reading stories with something “other” in them and Dark Dates, by Tracey Sinclair, definitely gave me what I wanted! I was in the mood for an entertaining urban fantasy and  this book made me laugh and it surprised me too. My review is HERE. I am delighted to introduce you to the author, Tracey. She’s visiting with The Book Tart all the way from London… Which makes me think of that movie… what was it? Oh *nods* Colin Farrell’s remake of Total Recall (I was highly entertained counting the improbable close calls during the movie and the previews were great! :p) anyway, there’s this shuttle thingie that goes straight through the core of the world and pops out the other side, it’s from the UK to the States (I think) Tracey could be visiting me via that. On second thought, the Star Trek transporter device would be faster.  Or she could just slip on some virtual reality glasses like on Caprica. lol Well, however it happened I am very happy to have Tracey here for a chat. Oh! Tracey will give one lucky person a digital copy of her UF Dark Dates! The rafflecopter is at the bottom of the post 🙂

Me: Hello, hello Tracey, darling! Welcome to The Book Tart, please take a seat on my virtual couch and get comfy. Can I get you anything? Coffee, Tea, soda ummm I found an amusing list of Doctor Who themed drinks I’m dying to try <g>  we’re in V/R, I’m going to make the T.A.R.D.I.S. It has Dr. Pepper in it. 🙂

I adore your blog and noticed that we both just celebrated our birthdays at the end of September. Happy Birthday! I hope you had cupcakes, or cake or something delightfully decadent. I got The Avengers for a present *squee* I love everything Joss Whedon touches sooo… epic! I also got a beautiful orchid that I am desperately hoping I don’t murder. I have a black thumb. Or the thumb of someone who forgets to water a plant because she is reading or watching shows. *sigh* Did you get something as worrying as my plant or as fun as The Avengers by any chance?

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Review of Dark Dates

Queen of Tarts Review of

Dark Dates by             Tracey Sinclair

I love to read paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I pick up a book from the different genres with certain expectations. The main one is that the story will have an element of the fantastical in it. Magic, supernatural beings, and/or psychic powers etc. The 2nd thing I expect is that in the PNR genre novel the romantic relationship will play a large roll in the story arc. And that the UF genre will be about the main protagonists journey and doesn’t promise you happy ever after. I like both types of stories. 🙂

Dark Dates is urban fantasy. I got a huge kick out of the heroine, Cassandra. She is a Sensitive and knows things about people… This story is written in first person, so you’re right there with Cass. I loved her humor and snark. I felt like we could be friends. She liked so many of the things I do, like cake and pretty, uncomfortable shoes and she must watch as much tv as I do with all her pop culture references to Buffy, Angel’s Wolfram & Hart and Supernatural’s Winchester boys. <g>

Cassandra owns a dating agency and uses her gift to help supernaturals find partners. I liked how she saw the underworld as not too separate from the overworld (us). “I realized they weren’t that different from anyone else. Some are bastards, some are sweeties – set aside by their nature they may be, but for the most part they are just like us… they were also a great business opportunity.” lol So Cass interviews vampires and finds out what they are hoping for then she and her assistant Medea (whom I adored!) throw mixer events for the paranormals and humans to connect. Now some of the powerful beings in town don’t like what she’s doing and start threatening her.

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