Going Public… In Shorts with Cris Dukehart + Mark Twain + Contest!


Oh My Goodness! Oh My Goodness! Did you know June is Audio Book Month? *nods* yep 😀


I am beyond thrilled to be a stop for the Going Public… In Shorts project. (the love child of XE Sands and Spoken Freely and may I say what a beautiful, bouncing bundle of joy it is 😉 )


All June Going Public… In Shorts participating narrators are giving us gifts! Lovingly recorded works of public domain or shared via creative commons are being released into the world wide web and free to enjoy for the week of their birth (hmmm running out of new baby comparisons! ) The recordings are also available for purchase via Blackstone Audio and Downpour with the proceeds benefiting children’s literacy.


The Book Tart was matched with Cris Dukehart! *Kermit Flail* She rocks the Casbah and we had a pajama party Google Giggle Hangout *points down somewhere in post* to chat about voice work, sweat, love letters and naked pictures. Ha! See? She’s awesome and the narrators of today’s release.




Eve’s Diary by Mark Twain. Listen!  *points down again* Enjoy! Then consider making a purchase and keeping it for future enjoyment and to help out a great cause!


(((hugs))) Kat
The Queen of Tarts
PS. Cris’ publisher Tantor has sponsored a contest to win Jennifer Ashley’s Tiger Magic audio book! Details at bottom

Interview with Xe Sands + audio book contest!


Me: Xe! Darlin’ come on in! I’m so excited that you are visiting The Book Tart. Get comfy please on my virtual couch. Oh! Can I get you something to drink? Water, soda, coffee, something bubbly? We need to take care of your voice! I like it a lot 😀

Xe: Hey Kat! Thanks so much for having me – I think we’re about to have a bit of fun…as for something to drink…hmm. Well, after the crazy hours I’ve been keeping and the whirlwind of APAC and the Audies, makes me wish that I liked wine! But I’ll just take some Throat Coat Tea with lemon and honey, please.

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