Queen of Tarts review of Lea Griffith’s Arrow To The Soul

Arrow to the Soul (No Mercy, #2)Queen of Tarts Review of

Arrow To The Soul

by Lea Griffith

I LOVE these books! A romance series with female assassins as the main protagonists? Intriguing premise and the stories deliver- and how! Bullet, Bone, Blade and Arrow have hellish histories and bonds of sisterhood formed in the same fire. They are First Team and their lives are full of death… And yet, Ms. Griffith writes these women so you see into their hearts and yearn for them to have better lives. Continue reading “Queen of Tarts review of Lea Griffith’s Arrow To The Soul”

Share The Love Blog Hop 3 ~ Lea Griffith!

share the loveShare The Love hop Part 3 with Herding Cats & Burning Soup’s  amazing blog hop! So do the hop-hop-hop this Valentine’s Day and bounce around to ALL the other blogs to meet people we think you outa know, love on ’em ie. follow via FB/Twitter for chances to win prizes!

Click HERE to see my first pick – Sidney Bristol.

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And my 3rd pick for a favorite author I want to *squee!* about is,,,

♥♥♥♥ Lea Griffith ♥♥♥♥♥

I’m going to spotlight at least 2 more authors and giveaway a minimum of 6 prizes. *points down* Details below.

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The Queen of Tarts Continue reading “Share The Love Blog Hop 3 ~ Lea Griffith!”