Google Giggle Hangout with Aaron M. Ritchey + Spotlight on Long Live The Suicide King

Google Giggle Hangout

with Aaron M. Ritchey!

 *Snoopy Dance* Yay!!! I am so ecstatic to welcome Aaron back to The Book Tart! We met a few years ago and I love his storytelling, dark, sardonic and shot though with hope. I savored his newest young adult novel Long Live The Suicide King and I’m looking forward to the next story he chooses to tell. I hope you grab a donut and settle in for our chat and then go get his books! 😀 Continue reading “Google Giggle Hangout with Aaron M. Ritchey + Spotlight on Long Live The Suicide King”

The Book Tart Episode 17 Review of The Never Prayer

I love to read YA novels and enjoyed Aaron Michael Ritchey’s The Never Prayer immensely. I loved the writing, it pulled me into Lena’s world and made me root for her. Click HERE for my written review and HERE to see my interview with Aaron 🙂 By the way, I sigh a lot in this video! *sigh* That would be because I filmed it at 2 am! :p

Interview with author Aaron Michael Ritchey + a giveaway!

The Never Prayer  by Aaron Michael RitcheyI met Aaron at the Romantic Times Book Convention in Chicago last spring at the Fairy ball (I have a great pic at the bottom of this interview) and we began emailing a bit this summer. I’m so glad I met him! I loved The Never Prayer. My review is after this post. Click HERE Where was I? Oh, yeah, Aaron asked for my honest opinion of his young adult novel and I said if I was going to do that I wanted to have my way with him on my virtual couch *tries to waggle eye brows* lol sooo, he was a good sport and agreed. I <3 this interview so much and hope you get a kick out of meeting Aaron and enjoy the hoops I make him jump through. And he is a great guy and giving 2 lucky commenters a copy of The Never Prayer!

Without further adieu….

Me: Hi Aaron! (((hugs))) Come in, come in. *scoops books and tv remote off the couch* have a seat on my virtual couch. 🙂 Can I get you anything? Really, skies the limit (it’s VR and all in our head anyway :p) I’m having a Starbuck’s green tea frappuccino WITH whip cream! Lol

So, Aaron… How’s your summer been? Gone on any roller coasters or camping trips?

Aaron: My summer has been outtakes from a 1980’s era music video about the rock star on the road, missing home, riding in the bus, pining over girls with really frizzy hair walking around in a cloud of hairspray.  I smell Aqua Net and I melt.  Seriously.

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Review of The Never Prayer

Queen of Tarts Review

 of The Never Prayer

 by Aaron Michael Ritchey

The Never Prayer is a paranormal YA novel with angels and demons, good and evil, despair and most of all- hope. It is a fast paced novel. I fell into the story and didn’t look up till I was finished. I loved Lena and wanted to see her succeed. She is making some poor choices because she feels she has no options left. Her parents have died and she and her little brother are staying with their aunt who can’t afford to keep them. Lena starts to run drugs. It’s all tied up with the red purse she uses for deliveries. She always promises herself it’s the last time, but when the end of the month rolls around and her aunt tells her they need more money or they’ll be out on the street… She pulls out that red purse.

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