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Happy endings romance giveaway hop


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♥ 1 2nd place winner: 2013 Fantasy Pinup Calendar (US)


2013_Cover calendarYes! I know it’s nearly February! I bought a few of these amazing calendars and I have 1 extra. Click HERE to see more of the amazing art work by Lee Moyer. Each month is a pinup representation of a fictional character. There is a page for Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Patricia Briggs, Jim Butcher, Ray Bradbury and Robin Hobb to name a few. I adore my calendar and think you will to.

Contest open: January 19th-26th 2013

Winners will be chosen from the rafflecopter entries on January 27th and notified via email and on this blog and have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.

How to enter: Leave me a comment telling me about a VACATION happy memory !

My Vacation Happy Ending Memory: I’m on vacation right now with my family in Montana where I grew up. I haven’t been home in a year! It is so wonderful to be with my dad and mom and sleep in the bed I grew up in. I am having such a wonderful time!

We’ve been shopping and watching movies and just enjoying being together. I am writing this as I’m curled up on a couch laughing and watching John Carter with my bother and a sister and friend doing our Mystery Science Theatre impression (we talk a lot during some movies!) My family ROCKS! I love them so much and I’m so happy they are my family.

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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111 Replies to “Happy Endings Giveaway Hop”

  1. Oh – vacay happy memory #1 is when we all went back to So. Cal for a few weeks one summer and hit all the tourist traps. We did Sea World and Disneyland, Coronado Beach, and the SD Zoo. It was a blast! 🙂

  2. It was a mini-vacation to RAW (Lora Leigh’s Reader Appreciation Weekend) and I got to me so many great authors! It was my first reader convention and have gone to 1 other and am awaiting August for my third.

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  3. Last July I went back home to Southern California to visit my sister and while I was there we attended the RWA Literacy Book signing. It was my sister’s first time at a book signing and I had such a blast seeing how thrilled she was. We got books, autographs, pictures with authors, lots of swag, and had a wonderful time. It was the highlight of the trip, although we did lots of other fun family things together.

  4. Me and my younger sister went to California for our second time but was our first visit to LA. Went there so see an international Korean boy band perform for their first time in the US. I’ll say I was happy to got to go and got to see them because we bought the tickets on my birthday ~and the fact that my sister cried over it, get us to go, paid by our loving parents. It was so much fun~ touring ( as in driving around) LA, Hollywood, Chinatown, Koreantown, and the beach~ Got to feel and see the beach and the ocean for the first time~! Wow, I can’t believe it was only a year ago. 🙂

  5. A few years back I went on a wonderful Caribbean cruise in the middle of winter. What a wonderful time to go! Every memory was grand until i had to return to the snow.

  6. My favorite vacation was just a weekend getaway where we took our son to Kings It was the first time we had gone anywhere as a family. He was still young about 5 but had such a fun time.


  7. A couple of years ago we took the kids to Oklahoma for a week it is where my hubby was born…. We took them to Turner Falls where he went as a kid and then we took them OKC memorial because it was a tradgedy they need to be aware of because it’s happening more and more these days which is sad…. we took them to the OKC zoo and then we drove up to Eufala Lake to spend time with his sister and just lounging around being Lake bums and doing family stuff!!!!


  8. Last year I went on a trip to the beach with some friends, we spent a hole week together and it was awesome 😀

  9. I got to attend the 2012 RWA Literacy Book Signing in Anaheim and meet my favorite authors for the first time and visit with those that I already knew. After the signing, we hung out together eating, talking, and just having a fun time. I was also able to meet and chat with a few authors I missed on book signing day later that week and that completed my vacation with wonderful memories.


  10. A while back, my grandparents had their 50th anniversary, and decided to take the entire family on an Alaskan cruise. It was so much fun- I never thought that I would like being on a boat for days on end 😛

  11. I went to a few places in France with some people from my school a few summers ago! It was such a great trip! I really loved Normandy, and Nice! Thanks for the chance! (:

  12. my happiest vacation was when the love of my life and I went to Tennessee and got married. we road our motorcycles through tn and ky it was so beautiful there. we went back a few years later with friends and rode more of it and it still looked great. thanks for the hop

  13. Seeing Cinderella’s castle at Disneyworld for the first time. I was 22 and it was like everything I ever wanted as a child was coming true! lol

  14. In 2011 I was laid off from my job. My husband and I were just getting to the point where we could afford a vacation when I lost my job. After being unemployed for several months, I was recalled back to my old job. The first thing I did was book a Hawaiian vacation for May of 2012. 🙂 It’s never the right time, sometimes you just have to do it! Hawaii was fantastic! We had a great time and are now paying off the credit card bills that went along with it.

  15. We have a cabin, on a mountain, in the middle of nowhere! My great-grandfather & his brothers bought it as a hunting & fishing cabin way back in the 1920’s. I love going there with my kids knowing they are the 5th generaton to enjoy it, showing them the things I did as a kid there.

  16. My whole family went to San Antonio a few years ago – 7 adults and 8 kids. We had fun going to Sea World, the Children’s Museum, and the Riverwalk. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    thompsonem3 at aol dot com

  17. I went with my family on vacation a couple of years ago. It was a last minute decision but totally worth it.

    thanks for the giveaway
    my1lulabug at yahoo dot com

  18. Was when we took two cars of family members to Virgina Beach rented a house on the beach and had a blast..That was 3 years ago..Great Giveaway..Thanks!!

  19. I loved family Summer vacations when I was a kid– we’d go to Lake George or Gilbert Lake NY and had a great time!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  20. Took a trip to Boston for 3 days it was interesting to see a big city since I’m from a small town.

  21. My favorite vacation memory is going to Mardi Gras. My dad was living in Louisiana at the time and he invited me down for a week. He took me by surprise by getting a hotel room in New Orleans right off of Bourbon Street so that I would be close to the excitement in my favorite city. It was a surprise vacation, and definitely the best. Mardi gras is such a blast!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  22. one of the best vacations i ever took was going to disneyland with just my mom. it was so much fun without any hubs or kids. thanks for the giveaway.

  23. My vacation memory is when my hubby and I visited Verona. We walked around the whole city trying to find Juliet’s house. We were so lost but we finally found it. We have an amazing photo of us kissing right in front of Juliet’s statue. It was so amazing. Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. I went to Virgin Gorda with my fiance for his sister’s wedding. The water was so warm and clear you could see your feet no matter how far you walked. My favorite memory was falling asleep for the night in the sand by the ocean by accident. Sand is THE most comfortable substance on earth to sleep on.

  25. I live in Central America, so our last trip was to Panama. We had a happy time at the Panama Canal showing history to our kids. Then spent a few days at the beach.

  26. I usually travel with friends but 2 summers ago I decided to have a vacation with my son and my sister. We went so an island and rented a boat to go island hopping. The beaches are so beautiful, unspoiled and not crowded. It was a laid back trip with the people I love and we’re going to do it again next summer.

    anne.j2 (at) gmail.com

  27. I loved going to London during Christmas 10 years ago. Our waiter had the entire Hard Rock Cafe sing happy birthday to me because it was my birthday, too. Thanks! katieamanda1(at)yahoo(dot)com

  28. My husband and I went to Las Vegas for our 10th anniversary. It was so much fun. Won a little money, spent a lot of money, saw some good shows, and found out I like Pina Colada. We are going back for our 20th. Just have to wait for the kids to grow up a bit more.

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  29. My favourite vacation memory was taking an airplane for the first time with my mom and brother to go and visit our family in another province 🙂 We hadn’t seen them in a very long time.
    oddball2003 at hotmail dot com

  30. Happiest vacation moment was when I was little and my parents took me and my brothers up the Yosemite to go camping (which is about 5 states away). We laughed so much and hiked all over. It is still one of my fondest memories as a child.

  31. going vacation to china with my parents and bros and sisters…
    thx u so much…

    chikojubilee at gmail dot com

  32. My first trip out of the country (and thus far, first visit) to the Bahamas… I was young, single, tanned, and had a week there with some good friends. It was beautiful, fun, relaxing, exciting, and memorable.

    (I would like to have a re-do on the Bahama-Mama fueled ‘Deserted Island Cruise’ we took, however. It killed my taste for rum. Still am not a fan. *sigh*)

  33. I have had some pretty great trips growing up with my dad in the army… Hubby was in the marines for 8 years… But i have to say the best vacation so far would have to be heading up to the mountain right along the NC/SC boarder in the smokey mountains pretty much every easter for the last 4 years to spend it with my husbands grandma and great uncle… It is a 4-5 day mini vacation with our boys in the woods having a campfire, seeing beautiful waterfalls and passing chimney rock and lake lure (dirty dancing was filmed there) everytime and stopping on the way two and from.


    1. Awww thanks for the story! I am loving reading everone’s vacation memories 😀
      And thank you for visiting The Book Tart 🙂
      Now that you have any comment you make should post immediately I just have to approve all newbies


  34. I went to Scotland about 10 years ago and absolutely fell in love with that country! The whole trip is a happy memory 🙂

  35. My happy vacation was going to France and Spain for a month. I traveled through by car and stopped wherever I wanted to and did what I wanted to. It was so amazing and beautiful!

    Thanks for the great giveaway,

  36. Went to Florida in Nov. with my Husband and had a ton of fun. Went to Universal Studios, Saw the new Twilight, bunch of dinners, got couple massages, went to the Homestead Nascar Race, and awesome nights just relaxing it the hot tub.

  37. My happy vacation memory is when I went to visit my extended family in the Middle East. I don’t see them much, so it was a big deal itself that I was able to visit. The happiest and most memorable part, however, was the day that my cousins and I all went to see a famous historical monument that was a couple hours’ drive away. I remember having to much fun that day. Definitely a happy memory 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Husband and I wanted to go to a Ren Fair but it ended up being a snow storm and the fair got cancelled, so we spent the weekend in the hotel room 😀 at least it was fun, we had a hot tub!

  39. went to universal studios, and scooby doo proposed to me.. my brother in law who was later the best man at my wedding, said that my wedding was null and void because I was already married to scooby doo LOL

  40. One of my best vacation memories was as a kid, we went to Disneyland with some family members from the opposite coast. It happened to rain that particular day. Do you know that people pretty much flee the scene when it happens to drizzle? I remember being seriously stoked that it took us about 5-10 minutes to get on each ride. Maybe 15 minutes for the real popular ones. We bought ponchos, ate really bad food, and had an enormous amount of fun jumping in puddles. 😀

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. I went to Paris last year. It was incredible and romantic. I did go to the Eiffel tower(and freeze my ass on top) and it was breathtaking, and I visited the Louvre and walked for hours and hours and hours. It’s great, but HUGE! Did all the the fun, great things… Loved it!

  42. Going to Memphis for our honeymoon. I’m a huge Elvis fan & Graceland was my dream. That is the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

  43. The best vacation I ever had was going back to Switzerland, where I was born. We travelled to Zermatt by train, visited family and had a marvelous 3 weeks.

  44. my family went to california last summer and it was great, but it was SOO HOT!! (and it never rained which was awesome cause we got to sightsee everyday)

  45. My happy ending vacation was 5 years ago and around my 5th wedding anniversary. I currently reside in New Zealand and was married here but all of my family is in Canada. When we married my parents were unable to attend due to poor health. So 5 years ago we renewed our wedding vows in Canada with close family and friends in attendance and my dad was able to walk me down the aisle he looked so proud. The bonus was we had two young daughters and we had wedding rings hand crafted for them and included them in our ceremony. It is one of my most special holidays and one I will always cherish.

    Thanks for the giveaway, Love the pic from the calendar

    1. Kat?! Kat! *jumps up and down* we have the same name 🙂

      I am getting a kick out of all these great holiday stories. Thank you for sharing yours! Oh! The calendar is so gorgeous! If you click on the highlighted title of the calendar you can see a few more beautiful pictures,

      (((Hugs))) Kat

  46. When I was 13 I got to visit an aunt I didn’t know I had. She was so happy to see us and we had a great time. She even planned for us to go to Disney World together. I was a bit worried spending time with her but she was a great lady, we really clicked and it was a great happy vacation memory. 🙂

  47. Last May hubs and I went on vacation for 5 days by ourselves. We’d never done this before (no honeymoon or anything) and it was wonderful. We started out on Amelia Island FL and then went to Universal Studios for a day and a half. We had such a great time.

  48. That would be a summer vacation that our family had by the sea when I was a kid. It’s one of my happiest memories.

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  49. Hm that would have to be my familys road trip down to Tennesse back when it wasnt mandatory to have seatbelts on and we took out the center seat of our van that we were driving.

  50. My husbands work retreat we go on every summer. It’s nice to get a week away from the kids where we get plenty of alone time 🙂

  51. One of my favourite memories is of my parents taking a black pet lamb with us on a roadtrip to Rotorua & the mud pools & geothermal springs. Basil rode in a cardboard box on the back seat of our Hillman Hunter car & was fed his bottle of cow’s milk along the way. He enjoyed it :).

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