The Queen of Tarts Review of Flight: I Am Just Junco book 3

Flight (I Am Just Junco, #3)Queen of Tarts Review of


I Am Just Junco

by J.A. Huss

This series just does it for me. Pushes all my buttons.  The I Am Just Junco books make my stomach clench, make me tear up, make me wince, make me flinch and keep me on the edge of my seat. Junco grabbed my heart in a vice grip from the very first and never lets go. Flight is the 3rd book in this science fiction series and the clamp is particularly tight and twisty for this journey.

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Junco is a heroine who is tormented and tortured, used and abused and yet… she still keeps going. In Flight she has to deal with the fallout of her actions in the previous book and the revelation that there are too many secrets, too many schemes that she was unaware of and a battle is brewing. Wrongs need to be righted.

I admire her tenacity and attitude. And boy does she have attitude to spare! 🙂 She swears. A LOT. But that’s just Junco. And from her, it works. The story is told in an interesting fashion. There are flashback dream sequences. Junco has holes in her memory, because of the trauma of her past she was made to forget… So she could continue to soldier on.  But the memories are returning in bits and pieces and she has to decide what and who she can believe.

Trust. Truth. Choice. That’s what Flight was about for me. Junco calls herself the gullible girl. She believes because she wants to have something and someone to hold onto. I ached for her as she discovers all the lies and coverups that the people she should be able to depend on have told her. She wants to have the power of choice! So many things were taken from her by force.

Once again, I got sucked into her world and I loved seeing more of the secondary characters in her life. Lucan, the leader with plans for Junco. Tier, the Avian she loves.  Her genetic siblings. Her teammates… Isten, Asher, Gideon. Oh my! *sigh* They are layered and full of shades of gray. I loved and hated each of them at times. None of the characters are plastic or filler. They are all important.

This story is fast paced and full of action. The science fiction elements of this world are fantastic and engrossing. I loved learning more about the Avian race, angels, demons, genetics, mutants, and the end times prophecies that Junco is told she has an important roll to play out.


Just a few of my fav lines… and like always in a  J.A. Huss book I highlighted like a crazy person. *blush* 125 notes! So much love for Junco. 😉


♥  “No. I’m not a good girl, that’s common knowledge. I’m a monster, just like you, just like my father, just like my mother. We’re all monsters here.”


How the hell do they do it? Do what, Junco? Make me love them no matter what. I feel Sera’s hesitation but I know she will answer so I’m patient. You want to believe, Junco. It’s that simple. I don’t like that answer so the conversation is over.


“I don’t miss the obvious, ya know. I’m just not interested in knowing certain things. Once it gets in here,” I tap my head, “it never leaves, Lucan. It’s there for good. So, if it makes my life more complicated and I don’t need it to survive at the moment, then I ignore it and let the answers come to me in their own time. I’m extraordinarily patient in that respect.”


It’s always been about choices, hasn’t it? All my life I’ve felt powerless against those who tried to control me. They never asked, simply shifted me by force. Holding me down,


“God knows it’s not your fault, Junco. God knows.” He pulls me against him again. “You’re not bad.” He says it more to himself than he does to me. “I’m just like a lion, Gideon. I do what prairie lions do out on the scrub. I kill.” “The lion has to kill, Junco. If the lion stopped killing it would die. Do you want to die?” I shake my head as I lean into him. “I’ll be a lion if I can live.”


That clamp on my heart I mentioned? Well… this book ripped me up. I cried. I was righteously angry on her behalf and rooting her on as she took the actions she could. I was flipping pages as fast as possible and I highly recommend Flight. But don’t read it without reading the previous books! If you are just starting this adventure you are in luck because book 4, Range, is out now and you won’t have to wait anxiously for the sequel to Flight like I had to. 😛


I have to say again how much I adore Junco. I am on her side. I want her to have the power to make choices as she finds out more about her past and the prophecy. I yearn to see her survive and patch up the broken pieces of her soul and find some peace.


((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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Yep. Mad, crazy love for this series.


ebook provided for review for my honest opinion. 

lol Nope. I bought it and need to buy the print copies of this series. 🙂


Release date: Sep. 22, 2012 |
Publisher: Flight
J. A. Huss (Author)
ISBN: 1936413132 |
ISBN-13: 9781936413133 |
Format: Paperback and eBook


There’s a new twist on an old prophecy and this one brings the End of Days. Junco must make a choice – human or avian? Only one race will survive. Lucan has secrets and the lies are flowing like a mountain river during spring thaw. But he needs Junco to cooperate just a little bit longer or it all falls apart. The Siblings on Earth are waiting for the Seventh to return and pull their clutch together. But Earth has secrets too – secrets that change everything. Junco has survived against impossible odds, but the cost of survival is higher than she ever imagined. Luck is about to catch up with Junco Coot and her debt must be paid.

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  1. I enjoyed the first book of this series but it’s been a while since I read it…I think I need to re-read it before I move onto the other books …I did like Junco the character a lot too!

    1. Yes! Yes! Get ’em now and add to your TBR pile. They’re only $0.99 each till the 7th. Oh! and you can win them too. Make sure you enter. Big contest from the author and she’s giving one commenter here on today’s character interview post a ebook of their choice from the Junco series.


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