The Book Tart Quickie with Nina Croft + Contest!

Tin CatOh My Goodness! Ok… I absolutely positively LOVE paranormal romance and I just finished reading Nina Croft’s delicious new book Bittersweet Blood. Click HERE for my review.

I am ecstatic to have her visit The Book Tart. She’s a darling and a fan of Firefly (which makes me love her more!)

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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Banner-Extra2Me: Nina! Come on in hon! Take a seat and relax for a bit on my cozy virtual couch. *sigh* It’s very soft and perfect for chatting and reading and lounging. Oh! Can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea? Soda? Something celebratory? 😀


Nina: A glass of red wine would be nice, thank you.


Me: *hands Nina her drink and sinks into the cushions* Oh! I almost forgot! Help yourself to some Girl Scout cookies! Seriously, you would be doing me a favor. *munches a Samoa* Tell me about your newest release Bittersweet Blood. It’s the first in a new series right?


Nina: Yes, Bittersweet Blood is book one in my series: The Order.

The series is a blend of paranormal romance and urban fantasy and follows the activities, romantic and otherwise, of The Order of the Shadow Accords, the organization that polices the supernatural world. Mainly, they ensure that the periodic wars between demons and fae don’t get out of hand and end up destroying the Earth and mankind.

The Order is run by vampires, but they employ a whole range of other supernatural creatures, werewolves, witches…

Here’s the blurb for Bittersweet Blood:


Bittersweet Blood (The Order, #1)Bittersweet Blood

(The Order)

Release date: Feb. 17, 2013 |
Publisher: Entangled Edge
Nina Croft (Author)
ISBN-13: B00BH6IN5A |
Format: eBook
Tara Collins just wants to be normal. Everyone else wants her dead.
Tara’s eccentric aunt raised her to be fearful of the world and follow the rules. But after her aunt’s death, Tara is ready to take control and experience life for the first time. But she quickly discovers that everything she’s been told is a web of lies. Determined to solve the mystery of who she is truly, she hires private investigator to help her uncover the truth.
Christian Roth is more than your average PI. A vampire and ex-demon hunter, Christian lives among the humans, trying to be “normal.” But recently, things seem to be falling apart. There’s a crazed demon hell-bent on revenge hunting him down and a fae assassin on the loose with an unknown target. Plus, the Order he abandoned desperately needs his help.
As the secrets of Tara’s past collide with the problems in Christian’s present, she finds herself fighting her attraction to the dark and mysterious investigator. Falling in love does not fit into her plans at all, but Tara soon learns that some rules are meant to be broken.
♥ Buy this ebook from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Me: Well, I love paranormal romance and vampires and fantasy oh my!  And I LOVED Bittersweet Blood!

What’s can we look forward to next? *whispers sequel, sequel, sequel*


Nina: Book two in the series, Bittersweet Magic, releases next month and it’s probably my favorite of my books to date, and Book three, Bittersweet Darkness, is due out in August this year.


Me:  Yay! Yay! Yay!  *Snoopy dance*


Ok darling. It’s time for a the rapid fire question portion of this playdate. The fate of the world and everything *bursts out laughing* ok, ok…. Just the fate of my curiosity depends on your answers. I am a Kat you know. 😉


The Book Tart Quickie

  1. What’s the highest you’ve ever jumped into the water from? About 15m off a rope bridge into a river on the island of Sumatra.
  2. Have you ever been the recipient of a practical joke? Loads of times. Sadly I’m very gullible. I remember one particular one, which involved a boat, a bridge and me ending up stranded on the wrong side of the river.
  3. Who was the last person to send you a text message? My husband.
  4. What’s your favorite Sci-fi film/program etc? That’s so hard, but probably Firefly and Serenity. Oh! I love you! My fav too. Can’t Stop The Signal 😉
  5. What’s the cleverest word you know? Gargantuan – I love that word!  ooo! Me too 😀
  6. What are cooler? Dinosaurs or Dragons? Easy – Dragons.
  7. Have you ever ridden a tractor? Yes – in Africa. Our land Rover got stuck and we had to pull it out with a tractor – I drove.  Nice!
  8. Have you ever licked a battery? Yes – my hair is still standing on end!
  9. Who’s your favorite movie action hero? Another hard one, but I’ll go with Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones.
  10. What’s the worst pickup line you’ve heard? Okay, so I cheated here and looked some up (Hey I’ve been out of circulation for a long time!) – this one would definitely (not) work for me “how about you sit on my lap and we’ll talk about the first thing that pops up”  *snort* Yep! That would NOT work lol


Me: Thank you so much for hanging out with me at The Book Tart! Come back and play again k?


(((hugs))) Kat


Nina: Thanks for having me! And if anyone would like a chance to win an ecopy of Bittersweet Blood, then just comment and answer one of Kat’s quickie questions!


Me: Oh! Wow! Thanks hon 😀

(ya’ll want this book!  So answer a silly question and one of you will get lucky :P)


Nina CroftMore Nina

Nina Croft grew up in the north of England. After training as an accountant, she spent four years working as a volunteer in Zambia which left her with a love of the sun and a dislike of 9-5 work. She then spent a number of years mixing travel (whenever possible) with work (whenever necessary) but has now settled down to a life of writing and picking almonds on a remote farm in the mountains of southern Spain.

Nina’s writing mixes romance with elements of the paranormal and science fiction.

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Nina Croft is giving one lucky commenter an ebook of Bittersweet Blood!

Just leave a comment answering:

one of my silly quickie questions

Contest open Now-March 24th
Open to International Entries
Good Luck!

19 Replies to “The Book Tart Quickie with Nina Croft + Contest!”

  1. Great interview. Here are my answers to a couple of quickie questions:
    What are cooler? Dinosaurs or Dragons? Definitely Dragons! They can fly and breath fire, much cooler than Dinosaurs.
    What’s your favorite Sci-fi film/program etc? I would agree with Nina, Firefly and Serenity are the best. But then there’s Babylon 5, Farscape, all the Star Treks, Star Wars, oh my it is hard to choose just one.

  2. Congratulations on the new book! Love paranormal romance. Enjoyed the interview. Thanks for sharing.
    Dragons are cooler than dinosaurs.

  3. Who was the last person to send you a text message?
    An old roomie.

    What’s your favorite Sci-fi film/program etc?
    Hello, I so cannot choose!

    What are cooler? Dinosaurs or Dragons?
    Total duh – Dragons.

    Have you ever licked a battery?

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