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book spotlightI’m a paranormal romance junkie and when I read the synopsis for Soul Magic I was intrigued… werewolves, magic, triad bonds and lots of yummy guys 😉 It is a Poppy Dennison story after all! Check it out *points down* It’s on my stack!

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The Queen of Tarts

Soul Magic (Triad, #3)Soul Magic

Release date: May 6th, 2013 |

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Poppy Dennison (Author)

Genre: M/M, Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1623805805|
ISBN-13: 9781623805807 |
Format: Paperback and eBook

Sequel to Mind Magic
Triad: Book Three

Blood runs soul-deep. Cormac hasn’t been the same since the night the High Moon Pack was attacked. With his magic weakened, he’s consumed by a bloodlust he hasn’t felt since he first became a vampire. His need to replenish his power makes him a danger to his last remaining family member, and his hunger makes him careless. And that’s just the beginning of his troubles. Feeding from pack beta Liam Benson was supposed to slake his appetite, not leave him craving more.

Simon Osborne and Gray Townsend are trying to fight a being history says shouldn’t exist—one with all three types of magic. The pack must use all of their resources to combat the mysterious triad, even turning to the shady Council of Mages for help. While Cormac struggles to reconcile his past failures with his current desires, Simon must attempt the impossible: an alliance between mind, body, and soul.

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2013 © Poppy Dennison

Cormac buried his face in his hands again. “I can’t stop. I’m so hungry. I need blood. I don’t want Simon to see me this way. I don’t want to look at him and see my next meal.”

“I know. But listen, you can’t do this to Simon. He’s a wreck. We can help you figure this out, but not if you shut yourself away from the pack, from Simon. If you’re worried you’ll hurt him, well, we need to figure out a way around that.”

“Such as? You seem to have all the answers.” Cormac’s snide tone nearly set off Liam’s tightly controlled anger.

Liam leaned forward and braced his elbows on his knees. “You feed from me. Get all full up, and we go over there and see how you react. If you’re craving his blood, then I get you right back out of there.”

“What if you can’t stop me?”

“You think you can get through me, Gray, and the rest of the pack? You think Simon can’t stop you? Between all of us, I’m not all that worried about it. We’ll make sure the kids aren’t around, just in case. I say we head over there, show him you’re okay, and see how you do. It’s the only way you’re going to have any peace of mind.”

“You make it sound simple. I don’t want to put Simon in danger. Especially not from me.”

Liam stood up and walked over to Cormac. He sat down next to him. “You’re putting him in danger by not being there. That thing that attacked us in the woods? You know what it is. You have information that can help us. Maybe in one of these books. And that man? He’s going to come back, Cormac. Who will protect Simon from that?”

Cormac’s gaze focused on Liam’s neck. He reached out and placed his hands on Liam’s shoulders. “Are you sure?”

“If this will get you back where you need to be….” Liam tilted his head. “Wait.” Cormac immediately stopped and lifted his eyes to Liam’s. “Is there somewhere… else? I don’t want Simon to see this right away. And I don’t want you using your mojo to heal me like you did the drunk guy.”

Cormac breathed deeply for a long moment. His gaze drifted down Liam’s body. “Other locations are more… intimate.”

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Liam watched as Cormac’s perusal stopped at his hip. Right. There weren’t that many spots with easy access to a major artery. He stood up and unbuttoned his pants, pausing over the tab of the zipper.

“We don’t have to do this.” Cormac reached out to stop Liam’s movement.

Liam pushed Cormac’s hand aside and slid the zipper down. “Yes, we do.”

Erotic visions sped through Liam’s mind. The idea of Cormac’s spiked hair at his crotch, his mouth busy sucking and feeding. Liam’s cock began to fill in response.

Cormac looked up at him and licked his lips. He guided the material off Liam’s hips until it fell in a pool at his feet. Cormac slipped off the couch and knelt. With another quick glance up to Liam’s face to check his willingness, he reached for Liam’s booted feet, untied the laces, and removed one shoe, then the other.

Liam’s breath began to come in gasps. His heart raced. Had he lost his mind? Perhaps. Somehow the risk of allowing a hungry vampire to feed from one of his most vulnerable parts seemed less critical and more desired.

Cormac guided Liam’s feet up one at a time and slipped his pants over his feet. He stood there in only his boxer briefs covering him from the waist down. Cormac leaned forward and buried his nose in the juncture of Liam’s thigh.

“The trust you place in me is awe-inspiring. I will not abuse it.” Cormac guided him back until Liam lay half-reclined on the couch.

His hand drifted down Liam’s chest to his stomach. Liam’s muscles clenched at the touch, his body trembling with nervous anticipation. Cormac bent and his breath brushed against the exposed skin of Liam’s thigh.

Liam parted his legs further, and Cormac pushed the fabric of his boxers up higher on his thigh. Liam grasped the couch cushion as Cormac’s lips skimmed his tender flesh before he bit down.

Liam gasped, the pain surprising him. Then the euphoria hit, and he buried his hand in Cormac’s hair, holding him in place.

Cormac groaned. The pleasure of the sensation drove Liam’s hips up. Cormac pressed his hands against Liam in reply, even as he continued to take deep draws of blood from the bite. He slipped his hand across to Liam’s aching cock, still trapped beneath the confines of his boxers. Cormac grasped him through the material and stroked him firmly in pace with each deep suck from Liam’s thigh.

Liam’s mind shattered. The combination of pleasure and pain overwhelmed him. He clenched Cormac’s hair tightly, his head tossing back and forth against the arm of the sofa. “Cormac,” he moaned when the sensations became more than he could bear.

Cormac quickened the pace of his fist, stroking harder and faster until Liam cried out. His hips arched again, his cock spurting his release. Cormac licked the bite closed, then pressed a gentle kiss to the angry wound.

He raised his head to stare up at Liam. Liam’s eyes barely seemed to function, dark spots covering his previously clear vision. Cormac leaned up and ran his fingers over Liam’s cheek. “Rest now,” he whispered.


Liam’s eyes closed. He couldn’t resist the urge. Cormac moved away from him, the cool air where a warm body had once been. Liam shivered until a blanket covered him.


“Shh,” Cormac said. He ran his fingers over Liam’s short-cropped hair. The soothing gesture helped Liam slip away.

More Poppy:

A sassy southern lady, Poppy Dennison developed an obsession with things that go bump in the night in her early years after a barn door flew off its hinges and nearly squashed her. Convinced it was a ghost trying to get her attention, she started looking for other strange and mysterious happenings around her. Not satisfied with what she found, Poppy has traveled to Greece, Malaysia and England to find inspiration for the burly bears and silver foxes that melt her butter. Her love of paranormal continues to flourish nearly thirty years later, and she writes steamy love stories about the very things that used to keep her up all night. If her childhood ghost is lucky, maybe one day she’ll give him his own happily ever after.

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