Red haired heroines, authors and me…

It takes a lot of work to maintain the luster of my salon given red hair… I’m NOT a natural red head :p that’s probably kind of obvious. <g> I’m a red head at heart, but not at the roots, mine are brunette. Brunette is a beautiful color and I was brunette until my twenties or so. At nineteen I started to go grey… I don’t know the percentage of grey, well, it’s actually white. When I stop coloring it someday, I am almost positive I will have a head of white hair like my grandmother and great grandmother. Which will be nice when I’m ready, but I’m soooo NOT ready!

I begun dying my hair and I thought as long as I was paying for color why not do something different. I started going red. At first just auburn highlights here and there. Then I went all over red with a short pixie cut. It was an orange-y red and really not good for my complexion. My skin can be rather reddish anyway, so tomato was not a good look for me! I have finally found a red that I am happy with for now. It’s bright and vibrant and I adore it… but it’s a lot of fracking work! When I wash my hair I have to use cool water. Red is one of the largest color molecules (I think) anyway, it washes out easy. As the girls who were my roomies at RT12 can tell you, I brought my own towel, a red one. So I wouldn’t stain the hotel towels red! If I go to bed with red hair, which I try not to do, if I’m not careful I will wake up and the sheets will look like someone was murdered in my bed! The collars of my pajamas are rather pink from wet hair. So, yeah, red is messy.

I love my red hair though. I am semi-seriously looking for a single attractive red haired male. 🙂 So my children could potentially be natural red heads. Of course I realize that hair color is soooo not a reason to marry someone, but the color would be a plus. :p

Here are some pictures from my last visit to the salon. My girl, Gianna looks like she is in the midst of Sweeney Todd-ing someone. To get my red, red, truly dyed red hair is time consuming. And to keep it is a chore. I use a special conditioner called Wen. I don’t know if it’s better than any other, but I like it. I found it from a tv infomercial. <g> I’m an infomercial girl. Do any of you get trapped in that. My siblings laugh at me. 🙂 I will be flipping through channels and the latest slicer/dicer/mixer thingie will be on and I will watch for a bit. And think “huh… that’s kinda cool” Oh! that set it and forget it one… I’ve watched that a few times. *shaking head* I know, silly. And NO I haven’t actually bought that one. I’ve bought some things from infomercials… I used to buy exercise stuff and I would try them out… and eventually they end up in my garage. I really want something easy. Easy-peasy lemon squeazy. I loath exercise! I want a magic pill, a magic bullet, something that would give me the benefits of the work out, without the sweat… It’s not that I’m lazy, or maybe it is. I just don’t find any joy in exercise. Where are my happy endorphins?! I know many of you do like it. And Yay! for you… I’m jealous, and I wish I would like doing it too. I’ve tried many things. I actually enjoyed Zumba. But the fact that I have to drive a half an hour to get to the exercise class then work out for and hour plus the time to get ready and clean up after, then go home. That’s two and a half hours of my day! Grrr! And it’s $15 a class. But I didn’t mind the workout, just the time hog it was. I like swing dancing… I’ve taken some classes and it’s a blast! But it’s hard to swing dance by oneself and I’m currently single. So, that one’s difficult. I keep pausing to watch infomercials to see if there’s something I will love. <g> I have tried to stop making impulse purchases via tv! But that is where I found the Wen conditioner… so it’s not all bad :p

And… I got off the subject of hair! I do that… My thoughts are like bunnies and they hop around and get distracted. Back to the subject of red hair. So, I wash my hair with cold water. And isn’t that a joy, to have cold water run down my back? I use a special towel, so it’s doesn’t look like I killed someone. I need to put a glaze on my hair every ten to fourteen days to keep it bright. And because I have dark hair (with grey.) I need to get my roots done. I stretch that out to every eight to ten weeks. But it really starts to bug me the last few weeks.. That’s no fun! Hair affects mood, and a bad hair day can affect the rest of your day! I just got my roots done and now my grey is gone and the brown roots too. Someday I might go back to my natural color… But for now I am loving my red.

I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite authors who are red heads.  So, some of my fav red head authors off the top of my dyed red head. <g> I amuse myself to no end. lol Ok, Jayne Ann Krentz is a red head.  Vicky Pettersson is a red head. Who else? Kelly Jamieson is strawberry blonde…Sherrilyn Kenyon is red. I know there’s more… Jeaniene Frost  and Kim Harrison are too. K.T. Grant is a self-proclaimed eccentric red head. <g>Oh! I want Trina M. Lee’s hair color!  Stephanie Perkins, who I met at the Romantic Times convention has glorious red hair. See our picture? Isn’t she a darling?  Who else? please tell if you thing of some more.  🙂

The popularity of red head heroines in fiction is out of proportion to the 4% that google says are naturally red head. Is it because we connect red hair with passion and feistiness? The red heads famed temper? This is a great list of some stereotypes about red heads.

Anne of Green Gables Boxed Set (Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island) The first of the fictional red head heroines I can think of is Anne of Green Gables of course! I grew up reading Anne with and “e” and adored her.

“You’d find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair… People who haven’t red hair don’t know what trouble is.” – Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Some others are Cat from Jeaniene Frosts’ Night Hunters books and Rachel Morgan, from Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series. I went to my collection and pulled a few books with covers featuring gorgeous red haired heroines. *snort* I just realized that all of these titles are fantasy/urban fantasy titles.


Firelight (Darkest London, #1) Shadow Kin (The Half-Light City, #1)Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress, #1)Dead on the Delta (Annabelle Lee, #1)  Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, #1)





Having dyed red hair is like having a baby. It takes time and attention and money, and I do it out of love. I feel like me with red hair. I’m the Red head Kat. To sum up, let me reiterate. I love red hair. I very much enjoy reading books with red head main characters. Well, ok, honestly, I just enjoy reading books with smart, relatable heroines, not TSTL ones.

If you think of any other red head authors or heroines I would love to be know about them! I should make a list…. *off to google* Oh! I just found a Goodreads list. <g> 65 books listed, And none of the ones I posted. So tell me more! <g> I really, really want to know.


(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen Of Tarts


7 Replies to “Red haired heroines, authors and me…”

  1. I loved this post! I’ve always loved red hair – my BFF has gorgeous red hair, though she’s a natural blonde, and it looks great on her – and I have a book coming out soon from Loose Id, Test Shot, where the heroine’s a redhead. I think I’ve had several books with redheaded heroines…at least auburn. And I’ve had a couple books with auburn-haired heroes, like Ex Appeal and Reveal Me. I love me some red hair! Eric Stoltz in Some Kind of Wonderful…yum!

    Btw, I love the look of your blog! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Thank you! my website is still a baby… 3 months old to be precise. I am tickled pink (or red) :p that you found me. I will definately check out your books.

      Visit again!

  2. Fabulous post – the red hair AND the infomercials, both! 😉 I *love* your red hair – its beautiful!
     I, too, am a greying brunette who dyes. Though mine started at 16 – and wasn’t that a lovely thing for my younger sister to point out to me?! I was actually born a red-head (like Grandpa!), but it turned brown fairly quickly – though I still have the fair, prone-to-sunburn skin, lucky me. 
    I’ve always home-dyed, starting with the different boxed kinds from the drugstore/Walmart, but for the past couple years I’ve been going the beauty supply route & mix my own. (But even there, I’ve gotten lazy – I just use Ion’s light burgundy brown & add Gray Magic to it.) 
    I have been thinking about salon dyeing, but wasn’t sure I could justify the cost. However, I’ve recently made some changes in my life (quit smoking, so all that $ no longer ‘goes up in smoke’, and got a small promotion & raise at work), so I think I can swing it. The benefits of having someone else do it (no mess/drips in my bathroom, no more dyeing my forehead/neck/ears, and knowing all the grey really is covered),  are surely worth the cost, too. I just need to find a good colorist AND stop being a pinch-penny scaredy cat! :-p


    P.S. I *may* have bought a thing or two off infomercials, too… 😉

    1. Hi Hon!
      lol I know! the hair dye splatter in the bathroom is a big problem! I’ve learned that when I put a glaze on my hair and make a bit of a mess, nail polish remover will get it off the floor as long as I didn’t drip it on the rug. If you go to a salon and do something fun I’d love a pic 🙂

      You make my day, with your tweets and comments 🙂 I appreciate how supportive you are of my baby website,
      Thank you so much! (((hugs))) Kat

      PS. Do you go to the Romantic Times Book Convention?

      1. Hi Kat,

        🙂 I might take a pic, if it should happen… perhaps… maybe… dunno… I don’t usually let pictures of me get taken!

        I went to the RT book-signing last year, but only because it was in my backyard (so-to-speak). I’d like to attend RT or AAD or one of the reader-oriented conventions, but for now my budget has other likes. :p

        Actually, I was thinking about going to the RWA signing, but there’s too many reasons NOT to go, but mostly:
        Where & when it’s at – Anaheim on a Wednesday night? yuck.
        The cost – between gas and the parking fee? yuck again.
        The convoluted signing layout – What happened to alphabetical?? yuck times infinity.

        Oh well…

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