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Burn With Me (Fireborne, #1)I was lucky enough to get my hands on R.G. Alexander’s upcoming urban fantasy Burn With Me from Samhain August 27th. I love it so much!!! I read it in two sittings and am going to read it again before the sequel cause it’s THAT good. 🙂 I’m posting my vlog review on Saturday.

I invited R.G. to come play with me cause I luvs her. Enjoy our silly… and make sure you enter to win her contest just for us Tartlets. 🙂

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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Me: R.G! Darlin’ I’m so glad you’re here. *sigh* It’s snuggle time. 😉 I adore you to the muchness I hope you know.

You are made of awesomesauce! Like the sugar and spice and everything nice? Yep. You. Plus and extra dash of crazy. <G> Two new releases in one month? Have a cookie.

*shoves cookie plate at Rachel*

girl scout cookiesRandom question… Does your Cookie like Cookie Monster?


RG: The feeling is mutual  *takes cookie* As for my Cookie, he likes my Cookie Monster pajama bottoms lol, but the nickname leans more toward Gabby Hayes than Sesame Street. As in salty cook on the trail.  He trained as a chef (gotta love it) though he does-in fact-have a weakness for cookies as well-hence-the name 🙂


Me:<g> Love that! And more cookies….

So you’re first book August birthday was on August 17th for Big Bad John. I made you a commercial. 😉


RG: Oh goodness, am I blushing? Yes John is…well I don’t do many contemporaries, and I’ve never written a single contemporary that wasn’t ménage or more.  But John didn’t need anyone else’s help. You can ask Eden and Robin, my fellow Smutketeers, I was blushing and muttering about how dirty he was the whole time I was writing. *G* But he is also undeniably a hero. He’s always known what he wants. It’s always been Trudy. You can’t help but fall in love with that.


Big Bad JohnBig Bad John

Release date: August 17th, 2013 |
Series: It’s Bigger In Texas
R.G. Alexander (Author)


Kinda broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip…

Trudy Adams never planned on going home again. Not to that sleepy little Texas town where everyone knew her business and thought she was trouble. She ran away to California years ago, and now, after what has felt like a lifetime of struggling, her lucky break might finally be around the corner.

And then she got that email.

John Brown has been waiting patiently for Trudy to return, but his patience has run out. He’s had years to think about all the things he wants to do to her, and he’s willing to use her concern for her brother, her desire to help her best friend get her story, and every kinky fantasy Trudy has to show her who she belongs to.

The explosive chemistry between them is unmistakable. But will history and geography be obstacles they can’t overcome? When Trouble makes a two-week deal with Big Bad…anything can happen.

Warning: READ THIS! BDSM, explicit sex, voyeurism, accidental voyeurism, voyeurism OF voyeurism with a sprinkle of m/m, exhibitionism, ropes, cuffs, gratuitous spanking, skinny dipping, irresponsible use of pervertables…and a big, dirty man who will melt your heart.


 I am Not Junco - Range by J. A. Huss


♥ Buy this ebook from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | ARe


Me: And your second book this August is your new erotic urban fantasy Burn With Me out on the 27th. *sigh* I need to tell you how much I love, Love, LOVE Burn With Me! I am hooked now on Aziza’s and NEED more.

I love your fresh take on Jinn, your layered world building and how the story sang to me… of fire and death and life…

And now I’m singing More More More (didja hear the rebel yell in that?)


RG: I did. I’m SO HAPPY you liked it and I can’t wait to see your review vlog on Saturday! Aziza Jane is in me lol and I am working as we speak on giving you more!


Me: So hon… because I desperately need you to write faster I won’t keep you much longer. But I am going to ask you 10 very important question.



The Book Tart Quickie

1. What do you consider is the most important appliance in a house?

Coffee maker. Hands down. Which is weird because I keep breaking them and having to buy new ones. 😉


2. If you could see any band, which would you like to see?

I would like to see my imaginary band from the Rockband game- Iron Gypsy…and I would be the lead singer 🙂


3. Is it criminal to wear socks with sandals?

I would say yes, but my BIL did that when we met him, and he’s a pretty decent guy and got the girl in spite of his fashion. Eventually my sister convinced him to take his socks off, so he was never arrested for his crimes.


4. If you were ruler of your own country what would you call it?

HARD question! I can’t say Brigadoon or Atlantis-they’re already taken. And Rachelstan would just be vain. How about ChoYOwA? (Choose your own adventure) I would be a kind ruler and let the people choose whether they wanted to be good, evil or chaotic neutral 🙂 But everyone would be required to participate in the country’s annual Doctor Who marathons and spend Saturdays at the karaoke bars that I’ve placed on every corner. lol

 Oh *claps* I want to live there!

5. Do you know CPR?

I used to, all those years ago when I was a nurse. It’s been longer than I’m willing to admit and most of it has leaked out of my brain to be replaced with werewolves and chocolate pudding. I’m not certified, but I’m hoping the knowledge is still knocking around somewhere in my brain in case of emergency.


6. Have you ever written a love letter?

I actually have a story about that. When I was seventeen I was a friend’s Cyrano. She had a crush on older college guy and she was shy. I sent him a love poem/letter every day for two weeks, putting everything she felt for him and all the things I’d imagined she might in those letters. I got very into my role as matchmaker. By all accounts he was extremely curious and impressed. My only regret is that it didn’t end as well as it had in the movies after the balcony scene. But I gave it my best shot. I’ve also written one or two to Cookie…luckily those all had happy endings.


7. Do you believe in ghosts?

I could give you standard Wizard of Oz response “I do believe in spooks. I do. I do.” But I’ll just say yes. I believe that there IS something in the corner of your eye, there are probably fairies AND aliens, that ‘there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy,’ that we know only a fraction of what is possible to be known about what goes on outside of our tiny little life bubbles. And I believe in magic. How could I not? If we don’t leave a little room for the impossible in our lives…well, what would be the point?


8. This question is invisible. Here is my invisible answer…


9. What’s your favorite type of foreign food?

Indian. I love the spice 🙂


10: Can you play poker?

Technically yes, but I am REALLY REALLY bad at it. A train wreck, apparently I am all tells and no technique. You should never let me play for money. Seriously. Promise me!

NOLA Strip poker time! *rubs hands together* 😉


11. What has been your worst haircut/style?

This is the last question? We’re going to end it with my short, cauliflower hair episode? Or that time I tried to cut my own hair in the bathroom and it was always uneven so I ended up having a curly skullcap with one big poof bang in the front? You should never let me cut my hair short again. Seriously. Promise me!! (lol)

I promise! I will keep the short hair for me. You keep your beautiful long hair. ♥




Thank you for playing with me. Now go write more Aziza and the Fireborne series pretty please with a cherry on top.

(((hugs))) Kat


RG: Hugs back and thank you for having me on! *writing now*

Giveaway!! I will give away anything but my computer…reader’s choice of an ebook from my backlist or a $10 Amazon gift card

Me: *Kermit Flail* Oh! Oh! Thanks hon! rafflecopter at the bottom of the post. 😀

Burn With Me (Fireborne, #1)Burn With Me

Release date: August 27th , 2013 |
Publisher: Samhain|
Genre: Urban Fantasy
R.G. Alexander (Author)
Format: eBook


Aziza Jane Stewart is living on borrowed time, and making a few mistakes in London seems like a good way to go out with a bang. But when two compelling strangers draw her into an ancient conflict, she realizes her curse isn’t about death at all…it’s about the power within her.

The sexy giant following her says he can smell trouble on her skin, the smokeless fire and magic of the demons he was born and bred to hunt. Brandon may be an enforcer, but his reaction to her is anything but adversarial. Ram, her new Jinn shadow, will do whatever it takes to come between them, and he’s just as hard for Aziza to resist.

When her dark family legacy burns to the surface, whom can Aziza trust? The alpha male who pushes all her hot buttons, the Jinn who seduces her in dreams, or the emerging Fireborne within? As danger circles closer, she must learn to embrace her newfound powers—and trust someone with her heart—before she becomes the final casualty.

Warning: Explicit content, magic, danger, voyeurism, chains, a secret ménage and carnal deeds of devilish debauchery at every other turn. Basically…fasten your seatbelts and get ready to burn.

Buy this book from: Samhain*| Amazon | Barnes & Noble |

* Temporary sale from Samhain $3.85 !!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

RG Alexander-Rachel GraceMore Rachel

Best-selling, award-winning romance author R.G. Alexander aka Rachel Grace has been called “a true storyteller” who creates “complex, humorous and heartbreaking characters” and vast and expansive worlds. She has written in the paranormal, sci-fi fantasy, and contemporary erotic romance genres for Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, and Berkley Heat.

Since her first story released in February 2008, RG has penned over 23 stories, served on the board for the Passionate Ink Chapter of Romance Writer’s of America, is a current moderator for the award-winning writer’s forum Romance Divas, and has been on several character and worldbuilding panels at The Romantic Times Convention. She is a founding member of a successful group blog of erotic romance authors known as The Smutketeers, who graced the cover of RT Book Reviews in 2011, and were mentioned in a scholarly article for promoting positive feminine sexuality.

She has a appeared several times on Dissident Radio’s shows Breaking Taboos and Rebel Goddess.

Email: r.g.alexander@hotmail.com

Play With Me

Smutketeers Facebook Twitter  Goodreads YouTube


RG Alexander’s books can be purchased here:

Samhain, Ellora’s Cave, Amazon, and B&N

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



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What: Rachel is giving away reader’s choice of an ebook from her backlist or a $10 Amazon gift card

When: Now-August 31st

Who: International entries welcome.

How: Use the rafflecopter and tell us:

What is something on your Bucket List?

(Aziza’s is working on her bucket list at the beginning of Burn With Me)
Void in whole or in part where prohibited.

Further Terms & Conditions detailed in the Rafflecopter


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36 Replies to “Quickie 10 with R.G. Alexander + Spotlight on Burn With Me + Random Reading + Contest!”

  1. Congrats on the release of Big, Bad John ( I gots mine 😉 ) & upcoming release of Burn With Me, RG.

    A biggie on my bucket list is to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans . 1 year & 3 months ?? till I can retire from the state & check things off the bucket list.

    Mindy 🙂

    1. Thank you!

      And New Orleans? You know the RT reader’s convention in 2014 is in New Orleans right? You know the Smutketeers are going. We will make our own Mardi Gras! lol You should come!

  2. Kat, First let me say I love your blog & your vlog for RG was awesome. I wanted to read the books before your Vlog & now I want to read them this minute. 🙂
    RG, you have become one of my top five authors & I can’t get enough of your books. I just have to find more hours to read all of them. 😉

    My bucket list, hmmm..there’s so much to choose from. I guess I have to go with a trip back to Europe, Germany for Oktober Fest. I hear they can be wild & crazy fun. I think the DH & I need a wild & crazy holiday. 🙂

    1. Gail,
      You just made me beam! I’m honored and so happy you’re enjoying my books.

      And doesn’t Kat rock? She sang me the sexiest birthday song ever-you should check out her Youtube channel 🙂

      And Oktoberfest! You like to live on the edge I see lol-it does sound like fun doesn’t it?

  3. The top thing on my Bucket List would be to FINALLY get married to my beloved, Italian Stallion Fiance’. We have had to put off the wedding until our finances are better, and he can find a job that pays more than the minimum or just above minimum wage. He just graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, but is having a hard time finding work in the field–believe it or not.

    I just adored the Vlog! I also adore RG, but she already knows that. ;P

    1. I understand putting that off until you can do it right-Cookie and I were, well broke doesn’t begin to describe what we were when we first got married lol
      My wedding just reinforced what a gift friends can be. One made our cake with Cookie. One made our ice sculpture. One was a florist and we got to pick out fantastic bouquets from her inventory (thank goodness) And we had all our guests take pictures. It was the best Stone Soup ever…

      And thank you 🙂 If you keep telling me someday I’ll believe it lmao

      1. That is how our wedding will be. We even had the corner bar offer to let us use the bar for the reception for free. That way, we don’t have to pay for booze or a hall, and they still make money! LOL Also, my sis-in-heart, Kally Jo Surbeck went and got her License to marry us, so she will fly here to Michigan to do that. She is truly the sister I never had and always prayed for! I used to make cakes and naughty chocolates for a living, so I could make our wedding cake. We are going to have it family style and everyone brings a dish. 🙂

        You KNOW you are awesomesauce, woman! I don’t care if I have to tell you that every day, YOU ARE!!! BELIEVE IT!

  4. I am very excited for the release of Burn With Me and have pre ordered my copy! I have Big Bad John and will be reading soon. Great interview! My bucket list item would be a European tour! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Just started BIG BAD JOHN today, and I can tell it’s going to be fun! Lately, I’ve been wanting to go to Vienna, so that’s one for the list…

  6. Burn with Me definitely sounds like a book I could get into. Not to mention, Big Bad John,….Oh yes! I can definitely get into that one.

    As for my bucket list…I would love to go to Ireland. I will have to find a traveling buddy as my husband will not get on a plane. Puts a bit of a kink in my plans.

  7. My bucket list is huge! But one thing on there I KNOW I can accomplish is getting a tattoo-hopefully next month for my birthday!! I can check getting a nose ring off my list got that done last month 🙂
    Both books sound GREAT!!!
    Ashley A

  8. Hrm, well I do have a mental bucket list of sorts.
    Couple months back got to slash one thing off ( I always wanted to be mentioned in a published book’s acknowledgements and that came true)

    But I would like to get this WIP finished and maybe published.

    What I really want, why its on my bucketlist but I doubt would ever happen, to visit Scotland or Ireland. Either or.

  9. RG, loved both books, can’t wait for more Aziza. My bucket list is short (’cause I’m old, darlin’) but would still love to finish my WIP.


  10. On my bucket list among many others is a cross-country train tour of Canada, so much beauty to see there.

    I must get Big Bad John and Aziza!

  11. Congrats on the publication of Burn With Me! It sounds like an exciting book. On my bucket list is a vacation in Australia. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. Congrats on your new releases, RG!

    My bucket list includes going to France, Australia and RT convention. Yay! I was able to fulfill my dream of attending RT this year and will get to do it again next year in NOLA! I can’t wait to see you again (I met you briefly at RT book fair in LA).

    Thanks for giveaway 🙂

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