Queen of Tarts review of Bring Me Back

bring me backQueen of Tarts Review of

Bring Me Back

by Karen Booth

Bring Me Back is brilliant! It’s heart wrenching, funny, sexy and a dream come true for it’s heroine Claire and for the readers who get swept up into the romance and drama of this book. I loved it! And it’s hero Chris….*sigh* I fell in love with him too.

court of reviews poster + queenI loved the opening scene. Claire is writing in her journal in 1986 about her crush on Chris Penmen, the guitarist of the British rock band Banks Forest and how much she loves him. It made me smile and reminisce.

Flash forward twenty-two years later and Claire is a single mom of a high school daughter and working as a music journalist. She gets a career making call when she’s asked to interview Christopher as he’s getting ready to release a solo album. If she can get him to open up it could be a Rolling Stone cover article!

Claire’s reaction is classic and I felt her excitement and panic at the thought of meeting her high school crush. It’s like a fantasy come to life. I blushed for her when she met Chris for the first time and had to keep from babbling like an idiot or staring at him to long. Christopher Penmen!

I love Chris! He’s talented, charming, confident. He’s also wounded and vulnerable. He’s been a musician for a few decades and is accustomed to the fame. He’s also British. Yum! He occasionally says cute British words that made me sigh and I could imagine his accent. Chris opens up to Claire and shares  painful details about his past that he hadn’t revealed before.

That’s the beginning of their friendship. There’s chemistry between the two of them and he puts his number into her phone and gets hers. Texts and phone conversations deepen their connection and lead to visits and more… I was so excited for Claire. I felt like my best friend was getting to live the dream of dating her rock star! 😉 I loved seeing them get closer emotionally and explore the possibilities of their relationship.

I felt like I knew Claire and Chris. They were very layered characters with problems and issues and they weren’t perfect. The secondary characters also helped ground this story. Claire’s relationship with her father isn’t very comfortable and it hurt sometimes to see her dealing with that. The relationship between Claire and her daughter Sam felt very real, warm and relatable and I recognised scenes and emotions from my own family life. I loved how Chris was with Sam and how accepting he was of Claire being a mom.

I liked how all the elements of her life and Chris’ and the challenges of dating someone famous and the obstacles that arise because of who they are were handled. I also loved the heat level in this story. There’s steamy sexy times and warmth and humor and snuggles. It was the perfect combination.

This book made me laugh out loud. It also made me cry. My stomach was in knots for part of their story and I raced through the last chapters desperate to know the ending. I absolutely positively love this book. It hit all my emotional buttons and entangled me.

Here are just a few of my favorite lines…

I caught a glimpse of his eyes and everything turned syrupy. I began searching for words, an intelligent response, and it happened—I became tangled up in his eyes, drawn into them because my mind was convinced there was nowhere else to go. The color was so astounding that it deserved its own name, calling them “green” would have been so dismissive, it couldn’t begin to capture the hypnotic nature of the hue. Apple, forest, grass, jade, emerald, moss, clover—somewhere, there had to be a name for his green.


♦ The heat radiated from him as he drew closer, time moving at a crawl, my mind moving at record speed. I desperately wanted the kiss, despite my miles-long list of doubts. I could feel it in my head before it happened—the protracted version of my teenage daydream.


♦ He groaned, quietly. “But that means nothing to me, seriously. You know, you don’t realize that you’re just as capable of breaking my heart as I am of breaking yours. We have to trust each other.” He granted me a fraction of a smile. “I would say more, but I’m afraid of digging myself a deeper hole.”


“It isn’t fair that I can’t get over you, that I wake up in the middle of the night and feel you next to me even when I know you’re not there.”


If you are a fan of drama, humor and heart with a wonderful blend of bittersweet and delicious sensuality, then you need to read Bring Me Back. I’ve added it to my absolute favorites, the ones I curl up with when I’m down and need to remember to love and laugh and believe in magic.

((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

♦ ebook provided for review for my honest opinion.


Release date: Jan. 19, 2013 |
Karen Booth (Author)
ASIN: B00B3J18ZS |
ISBN-13: B00B3J18ZS |
Format: eBook
Music critic Claire Abby is a single mom dreading her daughter’s departure for college and worried that turning forty will leave her career running on fumes. She’s floored when she lands a Rolling Stone cover story on 80s British rock legend Christopher Penman. She spent her teenage years fantasizing he was her boyfriend.
In person, Christopher is everything Claire feared he’d be–charming, witty and unwilling to address the rumors he’s dodged for a decade. Still, she contains her adolescent fantasies and manages to earn his trust, unearthing the truth and the devastating secret behind it. His blockbuster story is her first priority when she returns home, a nearly impossible task when Christopher starts calling and flirting. She knows she should maintain a professional distance. She knows she should focus on the story. She knows it would be best to simply walk away. But how can she say “no” to the man she could never forget?
“Fast-paced, sexy and altogether irresistible, Bring Me Back is made all the more appealing by Karen Booth’s inside knowledge of the music industry. A flat-out fabulous read!”-Celia Rivenbark, New York Times Bestselling author

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