Not So Random Reading from Dark Dates by Tracey Sinclair

I recently devoured read Tracey Sinclair’s novellas, A Vampire Walks Into A Bar and A Vampire Christmas. I will review them soon. I promise!  *head/desk*

I love The Cassandra Bick Chronicles and I wanted to read a fun excerpt for my “Not So Random Reading” thingie.

I am still away from home so the setting is different. I was sitting in a window seat in New York when I filmed this and I pinned up my red curtain from home. <g> The sound and pic quality are not as good as normal. I had to load this to YouTube in a different format because when I tried the one I film in YouTube said it would take 800 minutes to upload!!! So, yes, there are some drawbacks to being in the Caribbean for another 5 days. Slow internet! (you pity me don’t you? lol)

Anyway- this is from Dark Dates by Tracey Sinclair. If you like urban fantasy you’ll love this book. If you like paranormal romance give it a try. Honestly? We romance readers are an adventurous bunch. I have found that we’ll try a variety of genre and if the story grabs us we just add it to our stack. 😀 I hope you add Dark Dates.

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