New Releases, January 15th

I am in Montana on my vacation! *Snoopy Dance* I’m staying with my parents and brother in the house I grew up in. 😀 and I’m sleeping in my old bedroom. It’s so nice to be here. 😀 Sooo, I’m going to try and keep this short. I’ve been busy shopping with my mom, watching movies with my brother and hanging with my dad. My family rocks!

Ummm… <g> It’s Tuesday again and I’m actually in a town that has 2, count ’em! 2 book stores! There’s a Barnes and Noble AND a Hastings Books. I’m going shopping sometime today because I can. 😛

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(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

Here are the 9 that caught my eye. Click on the covers for more info

January 15th

Level 2 (Memory Chronicles)  by Lenore AppelhansThe Aylesford Skull (Langdon St. Ives)  by James P. BlaylockThe Whisperer  by Donato Carrisi






Vortex: A Tempest Novel (Tempest Trilogy)  by Julie CrossTouch of Death  by Kelly HashwayGlamour in Glass  by Mary Robinette Kowal








Wisdom's Kiss  by Catherine Gilbert MurdockBeautiful Scars  by Shiloh WalkerNight of the Tiger  by N.J. Walters














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