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I’ve been in the beautiful state of Maine for a week already and I still have 13 days left. It’s absolutley gorgeous. We are staying right on the water. So it’s also muggy and buggy, the mosquitoes and horseflies are vicious! I had to adjust to being at sea level. I think I suffered from reverse altitude sickness… if that’s a thing? :p I live in the mountains of Colorado at about 7900′ above sea level. That’s my normal. I think there’s too much air near the water <g> I was so tired the first few days. I’m sure the humidity had nothing to do with it either. :p

We went out on a boat our second day here and saw a seal’s head (I’m sure the rest of him was under the water) and we watched some porpoises play around some lobster buoys for over 15 minutes. It was so fun!


I was excited about Tuesday, the 10th. Susan Elizabeth Phillips new book The Great Escape released that day. Normally I would have ordered it from Amazon because I don’t live anywhere close to a bookstore 🙁 but I thought, surely, at sea level <g> there will be more options, besides that, I didn’t have the delivery address for the place we’re staying.  Unfortunately the bookstore in Brunswick was the Borders Store and it’s long gone. I thought, that’s ok, Target will have her book, she’s a New York Times bestselling author and the book is in hardback. When I got off work Tuesday night I went into town positive I would be back soon book in hand. No! *wail* Target didn’t have it, the Hannafords’ grocery didn’t have it and I even checked Walmart. No one had the book. I was devastated (that’s fancy for sad. how many of you are familiar with the Fancy Nancy children’s books? I adore them!) It was late after my unsuccessful treasure hunt so I went back to my temporary home- heartbroken! I had been waiting for SEP to write Lucy’s story since she was introduced in the novel First Lady back in 2000! I did some googling and found out there is ONE Barnes and Noble in the entire state of Maine and it’s only 40 miles from where I’m staying. Yay! I was determined to go there the next day

I set out Wednesday night with my handy-dandy driving app to talk me through the trip to Augusta, ME. I have a horrible sense of direction… I have been lost in my home town. I think it has a lot to do with my reading on car trips throughout my childhood and only looking up when we arrived at our destination. The journey from point A to B was something I never paid attention to, still don’t really… The talking map app has saved me so much stress! you have no idea 🙂 The trip only took 45 minutes and there it was.  TA DA! Beautiful. I walked in and immediately found The Great Escape then I spent almost an hour in heaven wandering the store. I love bookstores, big ones, little ones… at long as they have a fiction section I’m happy. I came out with 8 new books! I added them all to the book widget on the right side of the screen… it’s under the Facebook box. 🙂 I had to pick up Jaci Burton’s The Perfect Play… So many people have commented on the Hot Jocks In July contest that I was curious 🙂 I also picked Thieftaker by D.B. Jackson, one review I read compared it to Harry Dresden…except in the Revolutionary War. I will post my review as soon as I read it. I drove home beyond thrilled with the results of my treasure hunt and my book booty <g>

I started reading The Great Escape and read until my eyes wouldn’t stay open… I had to get a few hours of sleep before work! I finished the book Thursday. It didn’t disappoint. The Great Escape is full of Susan Elizabeth’s trademark dialogue and characters. I will post my review this week… I find that I much prefer vlogging about books to writing about them… I LOVE talking about books but writing reviews is still a struggle for me. I actually chat into an old fashioned recorder then transcribe that into my reviews. I know *shaking head* I’m a dork! I really need to play with my Dragon Speaking Naturally program, it’s supposed to transcribe your speech to text but when I tried it a few years ago it seemed like a bother. I’ve been advised that I need to teach my dragon to recognize my speech… someday, I might be a mighty dragon tamer!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing my love of books. I am crazy for books and am so excited to have an outlet to share my obsession.

Be sure to look at my New Fiction Release database and scroll through the print titles out this month. There are more than 900 book releases!

Oh! on Wednesday, July 18th the Hot Summer Nights Giveaway Hop starts and I will be interviewing one of my favorite authors, Amy Lane. *squee* I am so thrilled that she is going to be here!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Book Tart

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  1. I just love the coast of Maine, Especially Wells beach! Hubby proposed over dinner at Litchfield’s while we were vacationing there 19yrs ago this month! Enjoy the rest of your time there!

    1. Ohhh! What a great memory! We are enjoying our time here so much 🙂 we were in Portland yesterday and had amazing ice cream from Mount Desert Island Ice Cream. Yum!

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