Maid of Tarts review of Skylar Kade’s Heat Up The Night

Heat Up The Night (High-Stakes Doms, #1)Maid of Tarts Review of

Heat Up The Night

by Skylar Kade


Heat up the Night is a wonderful tale of love and trust and I found it very enjoyable.  Tovia is a strong beautiful woman with a few trust issues…


 Maid-_of_Tarts The sexy and hot Keilor is a man who believes in love and is not afraid to work for it.  The BDSM parts were engaging but not too heavy and Ms. Kade incorporates this lifestyle into the story quite effortlessly and gives the reader an understanding as why someone might choose it. The dialogue is sexy and believable and the love scenes are not only blazing hot but emotional as well.  I recommend this read to anyone whose looking to spend an evening curled up in a chair and be swept away into an erotic fantasy.


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The Maid of Tarts


♦ ebook provided for review for my honest opinion.


Heat Up The Night (High-Stakes Doms, #1)Heat Up The Night

Release date: May 27th 2013|
Publisher: OmniLit/All Romance Books LLC|
Genre: Romance
Skylar Kade(Author)


Format: eBook


Can they find love without losing themselves…Tovia Douglas has devoted her adult years to sheltering her mentally ill mother and ensuring her sister’s independence. When Tovia turns 27, those lost years come into sharp, painful focus and she decides it’s time to start enjoying life, starting with a little mental vacation through submission at her local kink club.Keilor Branson grew up believing in love at first sight. He just figured his other half would feel it too. Instead, feisty new submissive Tovia runs from their emotional connection. Determined, Keilor must chip away at her walls and prove that love is worth the risk.When family troubles lead to Tovia’s change of heart, their roles are reversed. Now she must prove to her man, her Master, that while love isn’t always perfect, they are perfect for each other

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