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Real Vamps coverI am ecstatic about today’s playdate! I have Will Belegon pinned to my virtual couch! *squee!* I adore Will! He writes erotic fiction/erotic romance and is launching a new series with Real Vampires Don’t Surf. I’m loving his vampires. We chat snacks, books, surfing, exotic dance names and kilts! He’s a doll. I might not let him leave.

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

PS. Don’t miss his contest! Bestest prize ever and I’m so thrilled. I can’t wait to see where it will be set… and you have no idea what I’m talking about. lol read! *points down*

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Banner-Extra2Me: Will hon! I am so happy you’re here. My red virtual couch needs you! 😀 It’s been forever since we really chatted. Oh! Can I get you anything? Coffee, tea, soda… something stronger? I think I want something festive… With an umbrella. 😛


Will: I’m addicted to coffee.  A pot a day usually, and that is less than I used to drink.  But if you’re going to be drinking something more festive, I’ll have a single malt scotch. I like beer and wine on occasion, especially Guinness, but scotch is my drink of choice.  On the rocks, just a splash of water.


Me: *hands Will his drink* I also have snacks. Feel free. *grabs a handful of Swedish Fish* Mmmmm I love thcandyese. Do you have a favorite snack? 


Will: The one major holdover from my less fit days is an indulgence in salty, crunchy snacks.  Chips, pretzels, crackers.  I sometimes crave chocolate-covered pretzels.  My favorite “store bought” snack is Jalapeno Cheddar Cheetos.  I have to be careful when I get them or I will eat the whole bag and end up with orange fingers.  I always feel guilty later and try to add in a few extra sit-ups and push-ups.


Me: Oh! I am so glad you have an snacky indulgence. Here, have some pretzels so I can watch you do some sit-ups later. 😉

So Will, you are known for writing erotic fiction and erotic romance. Why vampires? (By the way, I love vampires!)


Will: I first played with the idea of writing a vampire story a few years ago.  Phaze was doing a series about specific cities and I wanted Wicked Game (WVMP Radio, #1)to do San Diego.  Vampires were hot and I thought I would give them a try.  I loved the Anne Rice books and I had just recently been introduced to other vampire erotica and romance. Jeri Smith-Readys books about vampire disc jockeys might have been my first foray, and I also edited a vampire/shifter series by Wendy Stone.  Although I was interested in writing vampires in San Diego, I didn’t discover Jeanne Stein until after I started.  I stalled after a bit, because I hit a spot where I wasn’t sure how to handle a certain situation.  When that answer was revealed, the rest of the novel was finished surprisingly fast.



Me:Tell us a bit about Real Vampires Don’t Surf and did you ever come up with a series name for this world? 😛


Will: Real Vamps focuses on a small family, two sisters and the man one dated and the other married.  It was Jess and Leah that kept drawing me back, especially Jess.  She has hit a point in her life where everything is comfortable and she is kind of stuck.  Deep down, she wants to grow, but she hesitates to risk what she has. 

Jess is introduced to two men in a single night that both have the potential to jolt her out of her comfort zone.  The novel is what happens next, how it affects her…and everyone around her.  One of the things I’m proud of is that none of my major characters makes it through the book without change.

It’s not only vampires, though it started that way.  The tale grew in the telling.  There are vampiric influences.  But also magic, intrigue, centuries old secrets and even a lost order of knighthood.  

I think I have finally decided on a series name.  Emotive Magic. I thought about prefacing that with “Scrolls of” or “Tales of” or something, but I think we’ll just call them Emotive Magic, Book 1 and so forth…


Me: *Kermit flail* I love it! Emotive Magic! 😀

Kermit Flail
Kermit Flail


Do you surf? I’ve never hanged 10. I’ve kayaked. Does that count?


Will: I grew up in San Diego, lived all my life around the surf culture…but I’ve never actually surfed.  I’ve body surfed, done my share of boogie boarding.  Multiple friends of mine lived this life and it is their influences I draw on, as well as my own experiences. If you grow up in San Diego, or parts of Orange County, even parts of L.A., you can’t help but know the basics.  Plenty of people offered to teach me.  But my interests have always been more… nocturnal. 

I’d like to kayak.  I’ve never done that either.  So you have that one up on me.

Me: Ha! 😛


Will: Now, the book includes a few scenes that did draw on my sports experience. I’ve fenced competitively, am a martial artist and have a good working knowledge of edged weaponry.  That came into play. Having competitive combat experience is invaluable in setting up a fight scene.    I’ve consulted for other authors before, and used it in my editing, but this was the first time I ever really used that knowledge in a book of my own.  


Me: 😯 Fencing and martial arts? *daydreams* hmmmm 

Now that you’ve intrigued us with vampires and surfing can we convince you to share an expert. *puppy eyes*


Will: I don’t think there is any expertise on the crossover of the two. It’s part of what attracted me and got me re-booted on this after it had lain fallow for a few years.  The uniqueness of the setting and the incongruous mixture of sun-loving surf culture with forced nocturnalism.  That and the breakthrough in my head that led to the solving of my roadblock and is the meaning beneath the name of the series.

But I know enough from bodysurfing and listening to friends to tell you that surfing requires two things; balance and focus.  Those are the keys.  There are a lot of other things that come into play; strength, timing, practice.  But balance and focus seem pre-eminent.


Me: *snicker* I actually meant excerpt! But I liked this insight into your work too . 😀

Thank you for the tease and now I’m in the mood to play more… Get ready for the silly.


How could you compare your writing process to skinny dipping in a pond?


Will: When you first dive in, you have to keep moving.  Pause too long and the chill will drive you right out.  But if you move around a  bit and take a few strokes, you get comfy.  Then it is stopping that is hard.


Me: <g> Nice! And don’t stop… writing or skinny dipping 😛


I just made up a word oowoe please make up a definition and use the word in a sentence. 🙂


Will: *grin*  Oowoe is the regret that comes after you express admiration in an inappropriate situation.  

As he stood and stepped from the water, her breath escaped in a slight, admiring whistle. He turned and she was filled with oowoe.  Not only had the sound given away her hiding place, but his face was revealed and she knew him… though, back then, he hadn’t had those shoulders.


Me: Time to get a little personal. If you were an exotic dancer what would your stage name be?


Will: Senor Benedict.  It is open to several kinds of double entendre and might entice someone to read Shakespeare.  Or at least go see the new Joss Wheadon version of Much Ado About Nothing.


Me: Love! And now don’t be surprised if I call you Senor Benedict. Oh! Oh! I am so excited about Wheadon’s Much Ado About Nothing. I’ve been waiting and waiting…. and waiting!

Thanks for playing with me here at The Book Tart. Don’t be a stranger k?


Will: I never want to be a stranger.  I hope that everything works out for me to get to New Orleans for next RT, because you and I have some serious catching up to do on the dance floor.


Me: Yay! We need to dance! I am so thankful I met you at RT09

Alessia, Me and Will

Oh! Oh! Are you going to any events readers can bump into you soon? I wouldn’t mind seeing your legs again (did ya’ll know he is a kilt wearer- are you as curious as I am what’s under those kilts?)


Will: It’s going to be awhile before I get out there again. Too much going on in the everyday world.  I could run into a surprise opportunity.  If so, I promise to let you and your readers know. And if you tell me are coming, I will promise to wear the kilt.  As for what I wear underneath? Those queries will only be answered in person. *wink*

Speaking of which, real life has interceded and I am going to be AFK when this gets posted.  But please, anyone that has questions… I will respond.  I promise.  It just will be later in the evening.

And again, speaking of… comments, this time.  Kat and I discussed an interesting game.  One of the goals of my Emotive Magic series is to expand horizons… not just types of paranormal situations, but literal horizons.  In the comments, please tell me a physical location you would like to see me set a short story in my Emotive Magic world.  Kat and I will pick a spot and everyone who comments and has an email attached will get a free copy.  San Diego is, of course, the setting of my current book.  And Ireland has already been chosen for the next one.  So try to add a new one to those two. *grin*


Me: Oh My Goodness! Will honey, you rock the Casbah!

ok, all ya’ll suggest a place for Will to set a short story in his Emotive Magic series and one of those locations will become the setting of a special novella!  *Snoopy Dance*

(((hugs))) Kat



Real Vamps coverReal Vampires Don’t Surf

Release date: june 14th, 2013|
Will Belegon (Author)

Format: ebook

Two men, one night.  Jess’s life will never be the same.  The anything but ordinary surfer girl finds herself caught up in a romantic world of magic, intrigue and danger whose existence she never suspected.  A world in which former Navy SEALs, Russian businessmen, street racers and ancient orders of chivalry all coexist and crossover, but never in the way anyone expects.


 I am Not Junco - Range by J. A. Huss


Buy this ebook from: Amazon| ARe |  Barnes & Noble* | Smashwords
*will be updated as soon as available


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More Will:

Will Belegon is an author/editor of erotic and romantic novellas and short stories. His primary publisher is Phaze, but he also has work available from Charles River Press and eXessica. His poetry has appeared at Oysters & Chocolate and Clean Sheets. He has read his work to nightclub audiences in New York City or to an audience of four at one a.m. in San Diego. He is always working on something new. Unfortunately, it is not always after finishing something else, thus the constant growth of his Work In Process file. His most recent release with co-author Alessia Brio is At Last, a tale of a chance meeting on a historic day. In addition, he writes about the Chargers and Padres, coaches Little League and gets constantly manipulated by his two reasons for being, his children.

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What: Will Belegon is going to write us a short story!

Best gift ever! I’m so excited! 😀

When: Contest open now- June 21stHow: To receive a copy of this special story just leave Will and me a comment with:

A location for him to set this story…

Not San Diego or Ireland though!

Oh! and your email so he can send you the story after it’s written 😀

…again, I think this is my favorite prize ever. 😀

16 Replies to “Interview with Will Belegon + Contest!”

    1. One vote for Romania… hmmm. Pretty traditional setting for vamps. Might have to find a twist or a less well-known paranormal situation. *grin*.I actually like it when people give me a challenge…

  1. Hmmm… How about a place that’s completely opposite San Diego or Ireland? I’m thinking desert-y, like Phoenix or the Grand Canyon. 😉

    1. Phoenix. I would probably look into something regarding the mythology of the desert tribes. Apache, Navajo. Maybe I could think about explaining abandoned cliff dwellings.

    1. I love New Orleans… but, as a setting, it will be a bit further down the line in this world. Simply put, it is too popular as a home for paranormal. Part of my own motivation in this is the idea of unique or at least underused locations. New Orleans is so rich in history and culture that it will be too tempting eventually, but I intend to let it lie fallow for awhile.

  2. So, comments are far enough done… I’ll get an opinion from Kat and we will choose together between the Arizona desert and Mykonos, Greece. I can see possibilities in both locations, relating to spiritual traditions and mythology. New Orleans and Romania, indeed all of eastern Europe, are well traveled ground. Not to say I won’t eventually walk those paths, just not yet. Portland, Maine is interesting… but anything involving the paranormal and that part of the country instantly defaults me to Stephen King. *shrug*

  3. I woke up with the beginnings of a story linking a brother and sister of the Aravaipa Apaches to the characters in RVDS. This is going to be turned in to the short story due to all of you here, and will also serve as a bridge piece to the RVDS sequel. *grin*

    1. oohhh! Love this idea! and the fact that you’ll be able to use it to spring board to a sequel? even better! write like the wind 🙂
      (((hugs))) Kat

  4. Checking in to say that I am working on this and you all WILL get a copy (at least if you left us a way to send it.) These characters may end up being much more than “throwaway” promo. They are growing on me.

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