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Dark Dates (Cassandra Bick Chronicles 1)I am a geek and have always loved science fiction and fantasy and out of that has come my addiction to paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I like to have my imagination challenged and entertained. I love reading stories with something “other” in them and Dark Dates, by Tracey Sinclair, definitely gave me what I wanted! I was in the mood for an entertaining urban fantasy and  this book made me laugh and it surprised me too. My review is HERE. I am delighted to introduce you to the author, Tracey. She’s visiting with The Book Tart all the way from London… Which makes me think of that movie… what was it? Oh *nods* Colin Farrell’s remake of Total Recall (I was highly entertained counting the improbable close calls during the movie and the previews were great! :p) anyway, there’s this shuttle thingie that goes straight through the core of the world and pops out the other side, it’s from the UK to the States (I think) Tracey could be visiting me via that. On second thought, the Star Trek transporter device would be faster.  Or she could just slip on some virtual reality glasses like on Caprica. lol Well, however it happened I am very happy to have Tracey here for a chat. Oh! Tracey will give one lucky person a digital copy of her UF Dark Dates! The rafflecopter is at the bottom of the post 🙂

Me: Hello, hello Tracey, darling! Welcome to The Book Tart, please take a seat on my virtual couch and get comfy. Can I get you anything? Coffee, Tea, soda ummm I found an amusing list of Doctor Who themed drinks I’m dying to try <g>  we’re in V/R, I’m going to make the T.A.R.D.I.S. It has Dr. Pepper in it. 🙂

I adore your blog and noticed that we both just celebrated our birthdays at the end of September. Happy Birthday! I hope you had cupcakes, or cake or something delightfully decadent. I got The Avengers for a present *squee* I love everything Joss Whedon touches sooo… epic! I also got a beautiful orchid that I am desperately hoping I don’t murder. I have a black thumb. Or the thumb of someone who forgets to water a plant because she is reading or watching shows. *sigh* Did you get something as worrying as my plant or as fun as The Avengers by any chance?

Tracey: Happy belated birthday! I got lots of geeky gifts – including the Avengers, which I LOVE, and Cabin in The Woods, which I haven’t seen yet, and a Star Wars Moleskine notebook, as notebooks are my addiction. (Oh, and don’t worry about the orchid – I too have the gardening abilities of toxic waste, but I got an orchid a couple of years ago and it’s still alive – the trick is not to water it very often and don’t throw it out when it wilts, as they reflower after a few months in hibernation…)

Me: You’ll have to tell me about Cabin in the Woods… I’m kinda too scared to watch it :p And that is very good news about the orchid. 🙂

So … *grabs a handful of dark chocolate m&ms* want some? So anyway *munches* I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy Cassandra’s voice in Dark Dates. I was actually laughing out loud and I love her pop culture references, particularly her references to Buffy. *sigh* I miss that show… Anyway, where did the idea for a dating service for the undead come from? I love it by the way.

Tracey: It started out as a short story that I wrote to cheer up a friend; I was thinking particularly about how the old vampires would cope with the immediacy of our world and the idea of a vampire speed dating night popped into my head! Then it sort of grew from there…

Me: Can you tell me a bit about what you are working on now? Please say it’s a sequel in the Cassandra Bick Chronicles? *puppy eyes*

Tracey: Yes! I’m working on that at the moment and it should be out next year. There might also be some Dark Dates short stories in the works…

Me: O_o shorts stories would be fun!

I was ecstatic to read on your blog that you love Sam and Sybil from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld! Most of my family are huge Pratchett fans too. My dad has made me the keeper of the Pratchett books and I love all of them. I agree with you 110%  Sam and Sybil have a great relationship. They value each other and don’t try to change each other. Lol Sybil still works with dangerous chemical reactions (ie DRAGONS) and Sam works with dangerous criminals, but he comes home to Young Sam and Sybil and you know he would move heaven and earth to protect them as she would for him. When you are writing a romantic relationship do you take a little bit of something you’ve liked or felt and see how your characters respond?

Tracey: Yay! So glad to hear you are a Pratchett fan – I got such a great response to that post about Sam and Sybil, I’m glad it’s not just me. And yes, totally – though I think when I’m writing romantic relationships a lot of it is based on what I want, what I fantasise about, but also what I’m afraid of – you put your characters through that and see how they survive!

Me: See how they survive! <g>

Do you feel a bit more freedom in writing Cassandra’s relationships because the format is urban fantasy and the rules aren’t as set for relationships as they are in the romance genre? I like my happy ever after or at least the potential for one someday though… ummm, can you give us any hints for Cassandra’s path?

Tracey: I’ve never been one for writing about traditional relationships, but yes, the urban fantasy genre does give me a lot of freedom. Re: Cassandra, I’m really not sure – the characters tend to go their own way and surprise me – but I think a lot of the next book is about her working through her own desires, and how what she wants and needs isn’t necessarily what she thinks she wants. At the moment neither Cain nor Laclos can give her the ‘happy ever after’ that all women are raised to believe in… so where does that leave her, and them? I’m having a lot of fun finding out.

Me: I can’t wait to see what happens next for Cassandra…

What are some of your fav tv shows? I’m hoping Buffy was a fav of yours lol I’m also a fan of Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, and Fringe to name a few…though the first 2 are off the air. The powers that be seem to enjoy torturing me and canceling shows I like. I need some new shows! Are there some shows you want to recommend that I can put on my want list till they come to the states? 😉

Tracey: Oh, I love Buffy, Battlestar and Farscape – Fringe is on my ‘to watch’ list – and of course I loved Firefly, so I feel your pain about cancellation. I currently love The Vampire Diaries – it’s totally my guilty pleasure – and enjoy True Blood and Supernatural, though the last seasons of both have gone off the boil a bit for me. I also love Leverage, which is enormous geeky fun, but my favourite recent show has to Game of Thrones. The next thing on my ‘to watch’ list is the UK vampire/ghost series Being Human, which I have heard is great, so maybe you should check that out… the lead vampire is very hot indeedy.

Me: Just looked him up… Aidan Turner…Yummm!

Ok, *hiccup* My Tardis drink just went to my head,  (It’s my excuse for the next few questions!)

It’s silly time!

Yes I said that like “It’s Hammer Time” :p Thank goodness I don’t have those silly pants!


What would you want to do a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?

Tracey: Meet Han Solo and get to fly the Millennium Falcon.

Me: I just made up a word Winooze please come up with a definition for the word and use it in a sentence.

Tracey: How about… I had a little too much to drink at lunch so need a winooze to recover…

Me: *snicker*

How could you compare your writing process to a zombie apocalypse?

Tracey: It’s messy and a lot of it takes place after dark…

Me: Nice one!

Summarize Dark Dates Twitter style in 140 characters or less… Go!

Tracey: Cool chicks, hot guys and sexy, snarky vampire fun.

Me: You’ve been a trooper and we’re almost done, have some more chocolate *passes bowl*

It’s time for The Book Tart Quickie

  1. Past or future fav costume?: – Dark Phoenix, the X-Men comic books
  2. What are you wearing right now? – tunic dress and leggings (my Sunday outfit!)
  3. Snack food craving?:  Cheese on toast
  4. Laptop or PC?: laptop
  5. Chocolate or vanilla?: ooh – can I have both? Very good quality vanilla if not
  6. Favorite villain?: Crowley in Supernatural
  7. Angel or Spike? Angel for looks, Spike for snark
  8. Spicy or mild? Mild. I’m a wimp!
  9. Ebook or print? Gah – both! I can’t give up either.
  10. A fictional character you’d like to meet? I’d like to get drunk with Starbuck (Kara Thrace). That would be a night out!

I would come with you to hang with Starbuck 🙂

Thank you again Tracey for stopping by The Book Tart! I hope I didn’t scare you off and you’ll visit again. 😉

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

Tracey: Thanks so much for the interview – I can’t believe we have so much in common! It was great fun.



Tracey Sinclair works as freelance copywriter, editor and legal directories consultant.  A diverse and slightly wandering career has included writing factsheets for small businesses, creating web content for law firms, subtitling film and TV and editing one of the UK’s largest legal directories. A keen blogger, she regularly writes for online theatre site Exeunt and science fiction site Unleash the Fanboy and her blog Body of a Geek Goddess was shortlisted in the Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards 2011. Her work has been published in a number of magazines and anthologies and her short play Bystanders was premiered in 2011 as part of the CP Players New Writing Season at Baron’s Court Theatre, London. She has published two small press books (Doll and No Love is This, both Kennedy & Boyd) and is now dipping a toe in the digital self-publishing world with her new urban fantasy novel, Dark Dates.


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  1. Does Once Upon a Time count as Sci-Fi? It is my favorite of shows currently being produced. If we drop back to time past I would say Firefly (Too short!) or X-Files ( My bent toward seeing conspiracies continues to this day).

    1. It totally counts under the fantasy option :p
      Have I told you lately that you rock? You do ! Thanks hon for supporting my little site 🙂
      xoxo Kat

    1. I love that series! Did you watch Caprica? It had potential… Cancelled too soon. Thank you so much for saying hi!
      (((hugs))) Kat

    1. I really think it had potential though- I loved the ideas behind it and Eric Stoltz and Esai Morales I thought did such a great job with their characters… But I really! really miss Battlestar 🙁

  2. I don’t know if these qualify as sci-fi exactly, but my favorites are X-Files, Buffy TVS, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. I’m more into the paranormal themed shows.:)

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