Interview with Keri Ford and her alter ego Charley Colins!

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TakenbyTrouble_CColins_MDYay! Keri’s here! I love Keri Ford aka Charley Colin’s romantic suspense In Her Sights . I vlog reviewed it a month ago click HERE. I’m eager to read her brand new one Taken By Trouble.  She is a hoot in our interview and I need to give her Keri Ford romances a go. 😀

Grab a cupcake- I have plenty, and listen in our our chat about Christmas sweaters, how writing is like the country fair and other very serious matters.

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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Banner-Extra2Me: Keri! Come on in! Welcome to The Book Tart. Take a seat on my virtual couch. It’s red. Lol I love red… *scoops books and knitting off the couch and nudges the remote to the end table* Can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea? Sweet tea? Soda? My drink of choice is Dr. Pepper.


Keri: Dr. Pepper sounds good to me!


Me: *hands Keri her drink and pulls the tray of cupcakes closer* Have one! Chocolate. I’m a sucker for anything chocolate.  So how are you hon? What’chu been up to?


Keri: Oh, thank you! I love chocolate! I’m great. I have Dr. Pepper and Chocolate cupcakes, so I’m even better now! Since I’mphoto having this interview, I’m getting to ignore the work in progress for a bit. Sometimes a breather is just what the writer needs.


Me: *blush* I am more familiar with you as Charley cause I was first introduced to your writing through your mystery/romantic suspense alter ego <g> And I LOVE In Her Sights and have Taken By Trouble waiting for me. How do you handle the Keri writing versus Charley? Do you wear different hats or socks? Lol I mean it’s all you but it is a different style…


Keri: Pftf! don’t be blushing! I don’t care how people find me (okay, I’ll take a pass on dead in a gutter), but I’m always thrilled to find new readers who like me.

I’m really not sure how I handle the different voices. You’ve read Lexie and she’s so dark and devious and mysterious. I don’t think you’ve gotten into my Keri Ford characters, but they’re all country fun and let’s make some pie! I guess in a way, writing with the different flavors gives me more creative flexibility.


Me: Pie? I LOVE pie! <g> I’ll check out your Keri books too. 😉 I mean *gulp* Look at that delish cover! *points down* yum!

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I honestly appreciate the heads up from authors when they switch it up with their writing. I get the need for change. Look at me and my hair! Long, short, red… um red. 😛

I like knowing when I pick up a Nora Roberts novel I can expect a contemporary or paranormal romance and when I pick up her J.D. Robb books I get a futuristic/police procedural/mystery/romance thingie. 😀 So when readers see Keri Ford, they get contemporary romance with heat and with Charley they get a more mystery focus…. right? Oh! And what can we look forward to from both of youse? <g>


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I’m so so so so thankful I made that choice. While Charley has gone over well and gained some wonderful reviews (yours included-thank you!), long time readers of Keri are struggling a bit more with Charley because she is far different.


Me: Well… As I can’t compare right now lol I’ll just say that I really really like your Charley suspense-y romance-y voice!

*licks frosting off thumb* Ok, it’s the time of the interview where I get a little crazy…er. I like to blame it on all the sugar. 😛


How could you compare writing to the midway at the fair? And what’s this about holiday sweaters? *giggles* I watched a youtube video on your facebook page about southern women and I can’t stop smiling.

Keri: Heh. I had to google this “midway at the  fair.” It’s just a county fair, doll. Unless it’s a big one, then it’s the state fair.

Writing is like that awesome high when you’re on a ride. You’re being yanked around on some crazy ride, you’re screaming. Your hair is flying and laughter, blaring music and a pounding heartbeat surrounds you as much as the cotton candy and funnel cake all over your fingers. Then another blink later, you’re home, blowing your nose and there’s this random black junk all over you’re boogers and “WTF have I got on my hands?!? Holy shit I’ve been eating with these things!” You shower, you’re clean. Everything is getting better. You snuggled in bed and for the next week you’re still blowing black boogers, but it’s clearing out so the light at the end of the tunnel is near.


Me: bwahahahah black boogers and dirty hands 🙂 love love love this analogy!


Keri: And yes! You got to have a Christmas sweater or shirt. Socks at the least. One of my little cousins has an epic awesome Christmas headband, complete with a six inch tall tree sticking off it.



Me: I just made up a word chelesaucy please make up a definition and use the word in a sentence. 😛


Keri: It’s a cheesy sauce you pour over green veggies. It’s a little spicy, all yellow and made with something fake that resembles cheese. Basically it’s like Velveeta with red pepper in it and there ain’t a chance in anywhere you can stop eating it.


Me: lol Chelasaucy sounds like my kinda topping. I’m a cheese girl 😀


Ok, we’re gonna play a game of Madlibs… nope, not telling what it is. You can make your answers as naughty or nice as you’d like 😀 try to make them random-ish. The sillier the better. It doesn’t work as well when the words are all in the same family…






























Me: *snorts* I’m such a DORK! I just realized I have two copies of this madlibs book! And I wrote your name in one book and another author in the other book! *head/desk*

soooo…. This is the same madlibs as one last week. But your words are different and that makes it completely different! lol


Adult Mad Libs

Weekend Getaway

You and sweetheart are off to ARKANSAS for a DRAB weekend getaway. When you check in to your rustic bed and PORCUPINE, you discover there’s no hot SHAMPOO in the bathroom, and the bed is extremely PURPLE. No sooner do you turn out the SEATS than the innkeeper’s dog begins DIGGING CONSEQUENTLY and doesn’t stop all night. Neither of you can sleep. In the morning, you’re both so tired you can barely deep your TOES open. Things go from bad to DEAD as your honey has an ITCHY reaction to the breakfast and ends up at the nearest emergency LAMP. But all’s well that ends well. After all, if you can survive this EASY weekend, you can survive any GLASS together!

*giggles* Bed and Porcupine and haha an extremely Purple bed! 😀 from Bad to dead lol


You’ve been a darling and we’re almost done but….. *drumroll*

It’s time for The Book Tart Quickie!

  1. Favorite fictional villian?: Ursula. Man, she was all tentacles and epic singing with her creepy eels! I loved and hated her.
  2. Last tv show you watched (or tivo’d?) I think it was Elementary. The TV is always on, but that’s the last one I remember actively parking it for and getting excited about
  3. Favorite lipgloss/lipstick?:  lipgloss.
  4. Favorite donuts?:  none—spudnuts! They’re special, they’re deep fried, they’re made with potato flour and a local store in town is one of the few places in the country who serves them
  5. Go to karaoke song?:  I haven’t done it yet, but I have Laura Bell Bundy’s Giddy On Up on my radar
  6. Do you sing in the car?:  Of course!
  7. Do you collect anything? : Christmas Ornaments
  8. Dream vacation destination?. One of those 2week long Trans-Atlantic cruises that takes me to London and then I get to spend 2more weeks in England and Scotland! Then of course, a 2wk cruise back because who wants to be sardined in an airplane for that long?
  9. Favorite meal to cook… or takeout? While I do cook a lot, baking is where my heart is. So I’ll just go with Pie (but I really have lots of favorites). For takeout there’s this Chinese place in town. It’s one price for a to-go plate and I load up from the buffet!
  10. What are you wearing right now? Faded and bleached out stretch pants and a purple under armor shirt. I’m actually in clothes (bra and everything!) because I just got my kid from school.


Me: Thanks for playing here at The Book Tart Keri! You’re welcome to come hang out on my couch anytime. 😀


Keri: Thank you! This was so much fun and I’d love to come back anytime!


(((hugs))) Kat

Release date: February 3rd, 2013 |
Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press
Keri Ford writing as Charley Colins (Author)
ISBN-13: 9781622371075  |
Format: eBook


Keri Ford writing as Charley Colins
It’s not every day a girl takes out the trash and is nearly run over for it, but that’s exactly what happens to Sara Livingston. Manager and waitress at a bar, Sara typically spends her days serving drinks and turning up the TV volume on the latest sports game, a job that is quite enough to make her mostly liked by all. When she’s dropped into a game of cat and mouse with a stalker, she has no idea who could be behind the wheel of the truck or why they want her flattened on the pavement.
With her private eye brother out of town, she’s relying on her brother’s coworker, Clark Russells, to keep her from eating asphalt.
Buy this ebook from: Amazon | Turquoise Morning Press

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Keri Ford was raised in South Arkansas on a farm surrounded by family, horses, cows, donkeys, ostriches, emus, chickens, ducks, Canadian Geese, and enough dogs one would think they were a pound…and then she bought a Cosmopolitan when she was twenty-two. She doesn’t recall the fantastic sex tip that drew her to the magazine, but she vividly remembers reading an excerpt of Christina’s Skye’s Code Name: Princess. One elevator scene and quick thought of, I didn’t know people wrote stuff like this… and her life would never be the same.

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  1. Thanks for the great interview!! I forgot to mention it at the end, but I’ll do a giveaway of my latest Charley release, TAKEN BY TROUBLE, to someone who leaves me a comment. thanks!

  2. Goshers I almost peed myself while watching that video! Too funny!!!!! Bless her heart… hahahaha… I lived in the Tennessee Valley, but am at home in Seattle now but I do have a million of those holiday sweaters.

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