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Fury of Seduction (Dragonfury Series #3)  by Coreene CallahanToday is Coreene’s book birthday! *singing* Happy birthday to you, happy birthday tooo you, happy birthday dear Coreene, Haaaapy birthdaaaaaaay too-ue youoooo! I made cupcakes 😀

Coreene Callahan is completely awesomesauce  and has been so nice about my spazzing out over her dragons. <g> I read Fury of Fire, the first book in her Dragonfury series, in July and vlogged about it HERE and well, umm *blush*I kinda stalked Coreene a bit, cause I adored the book so much and cause she rocks! She doesn’t scare easy! lol She generously let me read the 3rd book, Fury of Seduction (out today!) and came to visit my virtual couch. I <3 Coreene! If you love paranormal romance you will LOVE her Dragonfury series. My review of Fury of Seduction is next. Click HERE

I invite you to get comfy and listen in on my fun visit with Coreene. She is giving one lucky commentor on The Book Tart a print copy of Fury of Seduction too! International entries welcome. Contest at the bottom of our chat.



Hi Coreene! Come on in and lets get comfy on my virtual couch 🙂 I have snacks too! Oh, can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea? Hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows? Mmmm I love the changing seasons (and excuses for chocolate and marshmallows cause it helps you warm up! Lol) It’s starting to feel like winter… You’ve had a winter preview haven’t you? Do you still have snow?

Coreene: Hi Kat! Thanks so much for inviting me to visit today. *takes a seat on the virtual couch. Coffee would be lovely, thank you.* It’s great to be here, and…no, nary a snowflake in sight. Thank goodness! Otherwise, I would have killed myself on the walkway to your virtual front door in my new stilettos. Leopard print peep-toes. You like? (Did I mention I have a shoe obsession/addiction?)

Me: ooooh pretty shoes! I don’t just like, I love! Wants! 😛

Well… ummm in case you missed it earlier (I sang!) Happy Book Birthday! *places a tray of mini cupcakes on the coffee table* You, my darling- Rock the Casbah *singing* 🙂 You are the kind of writer I adore so much. You write unique and intricate stories with fascinating characters and heart and heat!  I am in awe that today is your 3rd book birthday of the year AND your 3rd installment of the Dragonfury adventures. *squee* Oh, sorry about your ears :p Can you tell me a bit about where your dragons come from and how you came to write them?


Coreene: Oh, my…*blushes*…thanks so much! I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the Dragonfury Novels. Each book is so much fun to write. The world Dragonkind inhabits, the guys, and the girls they fall in love with, keep me equal parts entertained and intrigued with all the naughty things they get up to!

So, anyway *reaches for a mini cupcakes* Where was I? Oh, right…dragons. I’ve had a love affair with dragons since I was thirteen and first saw one in a history book. I know, strange place to fall in love, but there you have it. I never imagined I would write about them, but while writing KNIGHT AWAKENED (book 1 in my paranormal historical series), three dragon showed up in the middle of it! I wasn’t expecting them. The trio simply barged in and made themselves at home—as dragon shape-shifters often do!—and I was hooked. Crazy curious. So I started digging, asking all kinds of questions and…boom! Bastian (the hero of FURY OF FIRE) walked into my head and premise for the Dragonfury Novels was born.

Me: <g> Well, I know I am not alone in my thankfullness that dragons roam your imagination. I love! Love! Love! your dragons.*daydreaming*  Each of the guys is so unique and their interaction with the members of the Nightfury pack feel so natural. And the girls! I relate to aspects of each of them and wanted to be their friend. (the guys, I just want :p) Myst, in Fury of Fire, Angela in Fury of Ice and Tania, the heroine of your new book Fury of Seduction, are each strong, independent women who have concerns and struggles that felt very real and familiar. Tania is very fresh in my mind right now and I particularly connected with her struggle to juggle work and relationships and the guilt that she was going to let something drop… I appreciated that your characters are flawed and feel so real. How do you develop your characters and how do you keep them straight? Do you have a character bible or a bulletin board with pictures? Do you cast actors for your people or does that mess you up? *gasps for breath* ummmm *blush* whichever of those you want to answer 😯


Coreene: As women, that’s a real concern, isn’t it? We all understand what it’s like to have to-do lists a mile long and so many things on the go it’s hard to keep up sometimes. I understand the frustrations, worries and challenges because I encounter and live with them too. So when I’m creating a character, I build each one from the ground up. I think about what makes him or her feel real, what personality traits allow me to connect on a person-to-person level. Which makes me…

A nerd, I guess, because I love psychological profiles. Add that to the fact I’m fascinated by the study of human behavior, and you have the perfect storm…an overactive imagination coupled with an interest in the psychological impact of interpersonal relationships! Weird? Probably, but I can’t help myself, so before I write word one of a book I profile each of the main and secondary characters. I want to know their strengths, weakness, backgrounds, what they struggle with, how it affects them, what they think of themselves and the world around them…in other words, EVERYTHING! *I’m nosy that way*


Me: *bumps shoulders with Coreene* I’m a fan of your nosiness lol if that’s what makes your characters so multi-faceted and relatable, keep being nosy 😛

Coreene: I do keep a character bible of sorts filled with all the psycho-analytical stuff that makes my characters tick. I also have a vision board in my office. What’s a vision board? *oh, I’m so glad you asked!* It’s a fancy bulletin board pinned full of images, quotes, lists and all kinds of other things. I create one for every book I write, so each one is story specific. That way, if I get bogged down in the middle, I can turn to my vision board for not only inspiration, but answers too.

*phew…sorry, I was a bit long-winded there! Takes a sip of coffee*


Me: *snort* Never apologies for talking here 😉 I’m all for the chatting and would love to see your character bibles for your books… And the one you’re using now. *hint-hint* What can we look forward to from you next in the Dragonfury series and tell us a bit about your next book birthday at the beginning of December… I think you just like birthdays 🙂


Coreene: Okay, you caught me red-handed. I DO love birthdays! *sneaks red velvet cupcake with pink icing…yum!*

FURY OF DESIRE (book 4) is up next in the Dragonfury series. It’s Wick’s story, and I’m having a tremendous time writing about him. He’s the strong, silent type, and a tough nut to crack, but I love him all the more for it!


imageMe: *does the couch Kermit flail* oh! oh! really? Yay! Yay! I love Wick! Well, I love all the guys and they’re each so unique and have different qualities that I love but I have been intrigued by Wick for a while and am especially curious after he opened up and actually talks a smidge in Fury of Seduction. *flail* ummm *blush* ok… you may continue

Coreene: 😀

KNIGHT AWAKENED, the first book in my paranormal historical series, hits shelves (cyber and real) on December 4th, 2012! I’m really excited about sharing the story with readers. I’ve fallen head over heels for the characters and love all the trouble they get into. Par for the course when dealing with a group of elite assassins. But these guys are TROUBLE with whip cream and extra chocolate sprinkles on top (my favourite kind!).

Knight Awakened (Circle of Seven #1)  by Coreene CallahanMarked for death by the leader of their old order, they are not only fighting to survive, but to find new purpose in the world. They find it when the hero and heroine of Knight Awakened collide in a contest of wills so compelling that while writing the book all my well-laid plans went out the window. Xavian and Afina dictated the story’s path. I simply scrambled to keep up!

Me: mmmmm, I can’t wait to talk to readers about Knight Awakened in just a few short weeks… *dreaming*

Ok, I’m back

*pops a mini cupcake in my mouth* Re-ru? *swallows* Excuse me! 😛 Are you ready for Silly Time?

Coreene: Sure! The sillier the better!

Me: I just made up a word MICRODRAGOSATOR please create a definition and use the word in a sentence. 😛

Coreene: It’s a machine that Gage (the Nightfury’s gear-head and all around gadget lover) invented. A high-tech gun, it shrinks an enemy dragon’s head. Just point and shoot.

* Grabbing the microdragosator off the workbench, Gage pointed it at his friend’s head. “Keep messing with my stuff, and you’re gonna need a Voodoo high-priestess to unshrink your noggin.”

Me: Bwahahaha! unshrink your noggin! *chortles* I can just hear him saying that too. 🙂


lol Is your writing influenced at all by the eating habits of your children? And what about shoes?

Coreene: Not really. I’m not a foodie, so I don’t think about it much. Although, I must admit I eat a ridiculous amount of chocolate while writing!  Shoes, though, are a different story. I have a real problem resisting beautiful footwear. I gave Tania (the heroine of FURY OF SEDUCTION) the same affliction. I appreciate that about her! *grins* And while reading my books, you might notice that I toss in references to gorgeous shoes every now and then.

Me: <g> I did notice Tania’s pretty shoes and was jeolous of them and her purses! I’m glad your creativity is fueled by chocolate. You are a girl after my own heart. 😀

What is the 1st line on the 100 page of your new release?

Coreene: Hmm, let me go look. *hops off the couch to slip Fury of Seduction from Kat’s bookshelf* All right, here it is:

Flanked by rows of town houses, Tania slowed down.

Me: How could you compare your writing process to a hockey game?

Coreene: It’s a contact sport. Played at body-torqueing speed. I always stickhandle the story in the hopes of getting a breakaway. But when I lose control and race into the corner to dig out an important turning point, I generally get blindsided, then smacked around by a HUGE defenseman (aka…story problem) and, while in a crumbled heap on the ice, yell…“Why? Why, oh, why, couldn’t it be easy…just this once?!”


Me: *giggle* great comparison lol I am so glad you tough it out and tell the defenseman to work with you and get the story told !


Summarize your new novel A Fury of Seduction twitter style, 140 characters or less… Go!


Coreene: *gasps* That’s difficult!  But I think I’ll go with:

In love, as in war, great sacrifices must be made.


Me: *Wide eyed* good job! 50 characters and plenty of room to add a link to your site and the books’ page!


Now it’s time for The Book Tart Quickie

  1. Last tv show you watched?: Elementary (new take on Sherlock/Watson). I’m totally addicted! (*squee!* me too! Didn’t think I’d like it, but I do!)
  2. Fictional character you’d like to meet? Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings
  3. What are you wearing right now?:  My PJs (Guess I should’ve gotten dressed today, huh?)
  4. Super power you wish you had? The ability to become invisible. Can you imagine what I’d learn? (O_o)
  5. Favorite snack food?:  Chocolate!
  6. Night owl or morning person? : Morning person
  7. Ebook or print? Both. My book addiction doesn’t discriminate. (good one!)
  8. Ringtone on your phone? Old fashioned ring (boring, I know!) <g>
  9. The name of your favorite lipstick/lipgloss? Covergirl Lipstain. It doesn’t have a name, but the number is…415.
  10. What is your dream vacation? Clamoring around a castle in Scotland (or Wales!) (I’d tag along *sigh*)

Me: Coreene, you are a darling for chatting with me and putting up with my prying. I can’t wait to see what other stories you will share with us and please know that my couch is always open 🙂

Coreene: Thanks so much for inviting me to hang out with you today, Kat. I had a blast chatting with you! *eating your delicious cupcakes, too!*

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts



More Coreene

As the only girl on all guys hockey teams from age six through her college years, Coreene Callahan knows a thing or two about tough guys and loves to write about them. Call it kismet. Call it payback after years of locker room talk and ice rink antics, but whatever you call it, the action better be heart stopping, the magic electric, and the story wicked, good fun.

After graduating with honors in psychology and working as an interior designer, she finally succumbed to her overactive imagination and returned to her first love: writing. And when she’s not writing, she’s dreaming of magical worlds full of dragon-shifters, elite assassins, and romance that’s too hot to handle. Callahan currently lives in Canada with her family and writing buddy, a fun-loving golden retriever

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Book Birthday! Out today 11/13♥

Fury of Seduction by Coreene CallahanFury of Seduction

Release date: Nov. 13, 2012 |
Publisher: Montlake Romance |
Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1612182968 | ISBN-13: 9781612182964
Successful landscape designer Tania Solares prides herself on living by her own terms, relying on no man to provide for her. But her carefully controlled life takes a turn for the extraordinary when her inquiry into the disappearance of her best friend thrusts her between two warring factions of dragon-shifters. Suddenly Tania’s survival depends on Mac, a newly initiated dragon-warrior who will break every rule to keep her safe. Now that Tania knows the truth about Dragonkind, returning to her old life is too grave a risk. Ivar, leader of the Razorbacks, plots to decimate the human race, and Tania is just the tool he needs. Despite the danger, Mac cannot deny her a choice: Trade the independence she’s fought so hard to achieve for safety in a magical world, or turn her back on the man she’s grown to love in order to reclaim a freedom that might not last? It is an impossible choice. And yet a sacrifice must be made…
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♥♥♥♥Upcoming release! Out 12/4♥♥♥♥

Release date: Dec. 4, 2012 |
 Publisher: Montlake Romance
ISBN: B007FU89CY | ISBN-13: B007FU89CY | Format:Print/ eBook
In AD 1331, warlord Vladimir Barbu seizes control of Transylvania. But in spite of his bloody triumph, his claim to the throne remains out of reach. The king of Hungary opposes his rule, the Transylvanian people despise his brutal ways, and the high priestess needed to crown him has vanished without a trace. But Barbu hasn’t come this far only to be thwarted by a woman. He unleashes his best hunters to track her down and bring her to him—dead or alive. For Xavian Ramir, killing is the only life he has ever known. Torn from his family when he was a child, he was trained from an early age to be an elite assassin. But now he longs for somehing more, vowing to start anew after one last job. The bounty on his target’s head is enough to set him up for good—if he can resist the long-dead conscience that stirs to life when he meets his beautiful mark. Afina Lazar never wanted to become high priestess, but the brutal murders of her beloved mother and sister leave her no choice. Now she is running for her life, desperate to protect the magical amulet entrusted to her care. But when Barbu’s assassin comes for her, she realizes her only chance of stopping the warlord’s rise to power is to convince this enigmatic—and handsome—hunter that she is more valuable alive than dead. Dramatic and fast-paced, Knight Awakened is a stirring love story between two people searching for a second chance in a magical world of assassins, warlords, unearthly beasts, and nonstop adventure.
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  1. Hi, Coreene! Congrats on your third book birthday! And another next month! Wow, go you! If I had a superpower, I’d have the ability to teleport…then I could visit all my friends all over the world, whenever I wanted to, without waiting on those pesky lines at the airport.

    Canada, Italy, Texas, California, Australia…I’d be all over the place!

    Fun interview. Going to make cupcakes now. 😉


      1. I wanna teleport! *whine* just imagine all the travel time we’d save and the friends and fam we could pop in on 🙂
        (((hugs))) Kat
        Ooo what flavor cupcakes are you making? 😉

  2. Let’s hear it for Elementary!!!! And I like dragons too!!


    Oh, right, superpower. I think I’d like to be able to communicate with dogs…then I could find out why my bestest-beastie finds opening cabinets and pulling out trash cans to be such a good pastime.

    1. Lol to understand what animals are thinking when they rip up a seemingly unthreatening cushion or eat stuff from the counter…would be handy 😀

      I am behind on Elementary!!! 🙁
      I need to catch up so we can chat about it 🙂
      Have a cupcake, Kat

  3. Congrats on the new release. Fury Of Seduction sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it. I’d like to be able to read people’s and animal’s minds. I could learn a lot. You got me with the cupcakes. I’m off to make some.

  4. Before I start fangirling about the super powers, I just wanted to thank you for making this giveaway international, I really appreciate that! 🙂
    So, the super power. I think I`ll go with invisibility – you can go wherever & whenever you want; if someone`s getting on your nerves you turn on the invisibility & just disappear; and you can totally live without mind reading ability cause you can follow people their every step and see what they`re up to. And yeah, you might even be able to rob some banks, lol 😀
    Thanks again and congrats on the new release! 🙂


  5. I would like to control the weather. That way there would be many sunny days ahead and rain when we needed it. The mountains full of snow for skiing.
    But I could us it as protection and safety. I could put out fires.

  6. I’d like to be able to teleport and bring anyone I’m touching with me – it would be so awesome not to have to get stuck in traffic or sit on a plane for hours to get somewhere. 😀

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  7. I would love to be able to read people’s minds! Yes I know that seems to be a popular one chosen, but I have an almost 12 year old daughter that I just don’t get sometimes! I would love to hear what is going through her mind….. Like I said she is only almost 12 and already has had like 3 “boyfriends” this year! lol I am not ready for my babies to grow up 🙁

  8. I would really like to be able to time-travel. There are so many eras I’d want to visit! Imagine seeing dinosaurs…roar! 😀


  9. For me, on my lazy days I would really love to be able to move things with my mind. That would make my multitasking so much better.

  10. Thanks for the awesome interview! If I could have any super power, it would be the ability to physically and mentally heal people.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

    ehaney578 at aol dot com

    1. lol I’m with you! I prefer NOT knowing what someone is thinking… I would really love to telaport myself. I could visit my fam all the time and no more long drives to get to town… Oh and I could get to book stores whenever I wanted. 🙂
      (((hugs))) Kat

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