Interview of Queen Kat by author Tracy Ellen: The couch is on the other foot + EPIC BIG Contest!

tracy ellen

*squee!* Guess who’s back? Tracy Ellen’s back! Click HERE to see the wild time from her last visit. 😉

I sent her that *points at invitation* to invite her to hang out with me here at The Book Tart and celebrate the release of her 2nd novel, Courted By Karma. (Oh! Hopefully my review will be done for this weekend!)

She replied that she wanted to interview me. 😀 Soooo…. *blush* ok…. I’ll try.

Let’s play.

Enjoy the silly… I do. 😛

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

A Date with Fate: The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod  by Tracy Ellen

PS. Make sure use the rafflecopter and enter her massive giveaway at the bottom of the post.

PPS. Tracy Ellen’s first book, A Date With Fate, is FREE Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 15th-17th. It’s one of my favorite books and I recommend it if you like silly, sassy, sexy fun! Click HERE for the Free 😉





Tracy’s reply to my invitation:

cherry heart

My darlingest Queen of Tartlandia,

*clapping and bouncing* 

I’d love to visit the Sofa of Silliness again! Cocktails are always fun, and I can never say no to cocktail wieners. <Cheeky grin>

The Giveaway sounds great and I’m tempted to sign up under an alias to win my own books and presents, but I know that’s not very fair to The Book Tart blog fans, now is it?

Speaking of fair …

My Queen, you only have to ask and I’ll give you the last key to my kingdom, but do you think it’s fair that I am to be the only one answering interview questions AGAIN?

I so agree with you, O Wise Woman of the West! What a great idea!

The first interview was Your Turn and now this second interview will be My Turn!  Yes, I promise to keep it very respectful and above the waist. *Both hands behind the back with all fingers crossed,  and all my toes crossed, too.* (Just teasing. My toes aren’t long enough to cross.)

Until Friday!

Respectfully yours,

Tracy Ellen


An interview with Kat, Queen of Tarts at The Book Tart Blog and Tracy Ellen,

indie author of The Anabel Axelrod series


The Couch is on the Other Foot.


Royal Rappin
Queen of Tart’s together with the Princess of Irrevelent Pundits
Romp and Circumcisions
Queen Kat sofa’d by her Subject
love love love!
Queen Kat and Tracy Ellen back together on the Davenport of Desire
The Minnesota Writer at Queen KittyKat’s Court



Tracy: Just who IS Kat? Who is the real woman behind the vintage clothes, the cute pixie hair, and the soft, melodious voice? What drives her to push cocktails and cupcakes upon writers lucky enough to be visiting her Davenport of Deliciousness? Just what IS her favorite genre of book, anyway?


Me: *giggles* You know darlin’ I adore you to the muchness! I say muchness and I think of Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter saying “You were much more muchier…” lol

You, my delectable Tracy are full of MUCHNESS! and in no danger of losing it, 😀 I dub you an honorable Tart of Tartlandia! *passes over a special cherry colored badge* wear it with pride hon.


Tracy: Be warned! Keep reading, and you will find out the answers to these questions, *points up* and much, muchier more. In fact, you may never think of Kat quite the same way again…


One more warning: Anything in parentheses (!) are my own thoughts, and it’s totally your choice to read my mind, or not. Please don’t hold me responsible.


photo 1 (2)Me: hmmmm, who is Kat? That is an excellent question that I am still discovering the answer to.

You might be a smidge surprised to know that I don’t always wear *whispers* dresses. I often wear jeans and sweaters… though I am fond of polka dots… and corsets 😉

And the hair? *ruffles short hair* I play with it. My mom always said it’s just hair, it grows. lol So my sisters and I cut, dye and occasionally shave it all off. I have about 10 wigs too. And though you didn’t ask, I LOVE costumes (they go with the wigs) I have a gajillion costumes or at least a dozen.


Oh! Favorite Genre? *snort* You can’t ask that! Right now it’s Anabel of course. She completely in a genre of her own. I love your books with a mad crazy passion. You make me giggle and sigh and snort.

“Honest Truly, you’re the answer to our wishes… *singing* Truly Scrumptious…Though we may seem presumptuous… “


Tracy’s first official Question One: All your adoring subjects know a love of buying books and reading inspired you to start your blog. Where do you find inspiration to come up with new ways to describe a book in your reviews? (See, this question is aboveboard and not naughty at all!)


Me: Oh! now the interview really starts? Hurumph! 🙂 what was all that before? Is this like the genie thing, you only get a certain amountP1020173 of questions and then poof? so you faked me out? Not that talking with you is a hardship. I love to chat!

What was your real question? I got distracted.

Oh! yes, lol ok I started The Book Tart in February 2012, though it’s been a glimmer in my eye since 2010 and I fondly called it my baby elephant. Side note- did you know Mum Elephants carry their babies for 22 months?!

Where was I?

Oops! ok, I started this blog because I am cuckoo for cocoa puffs Books! I buy about 20 physical books a month. *sigh* I don’t read as much as I used to now that I blog. But the bonus is that I’ve made lots of great new friends who love to read and are as cuckoo for books as me… or at least close.

ummm… I’m much more a chatter than a professional reviewer, so that’s how I review. I chat into a recorder then I sit down and transcribe my spaz out over a book I love and want to tell everyone about.


Question Two: You mentioned that you started reading romance in the mid-nineties. What the heck were you up to until then? (I hope you aren’t going to say you were too busy in school to read for pleasure. THAT is a despicable answer because what woman in her right mind can’t routinely blow off something very important in order to read?!? Being in a coma is the only acceptable answer to question two.)photo 1


Me: *hides behind pillow* Coma! Coma! Coma! lol

That’s the short answer. 😛 The longer one involves being in middle school and reading Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden and Anne of Green Gables until I started grabbing Silhouette romances off the paperback spinner at my library. Nora Robert’s wrote some delicious series romances and that’s what hooked me.


Question Three: Okay, I’m going to get the hard question out of the way right now, so you can quit worrying and enjoy the rest of the interview. (Please say you forgive me for bringing up science, or I’ll never forgive myself!) Similar to the heroine of my books, Anabel Axelrod, do you believe the concept of LOVE is basically chemically induced by our brains (the pimp) into our bloodstreams to insure women (the drug-addicted hookers) perpetuate the human race? Or do you believe in true love, soul mates, and sitting off into the sunset in two claw foot bathtubs?


Me: bwahahahah Sunset in two claw foot bathtubs! *chortles*

I think I lean closer to Anabel, which might be one of the reason I adore her. I like the idea of soul mates and Twu Wuv… But my Dread Pirate Roberts hasn’t shown up yet… So *pelts Tracy with a handful of gummy bears* NEXT QUESTION!


Question Four: Speaking of tubs…Do you prefer baths or showers? (…with Timothy Olyphant AFTER you make him ditch the bathing trunks and he justifies there is a God. OMG!)


Me: *distractedly* Timothy? Timothy come back! *stomps red healed shoe* I was having such a lovely dream.

Baths are my preference, though from expedience (ie. not managing my time well) I often resort to showers. Fortunately short hair doesn’t require much washing time. Baths are best because I can read in the tub. That is problematic with showers. 😀


Question Five: What is your favorite color? (…of all the sprinkles on the donut you’re breaking into pieces and feeding by tiny nibbling pieces to Jensen Ackles, since you have him tied to your bed and he can’t feed himself, the poor baby.)


Me:  *Kermit Flail* The Book Tart Kermit FlailJensen Ackles tied to my bed? OMG *suspicious stare* Can you read my mind?

He is my ultimate fantasy…. and I would feed him donuts with LIME green sprinkles. That and red are my fav colors. Which come to think of it is very Christmasy.

Santa? I wouldn’t say No to Dean Winchester under my tree. I’d say Yes! Yes! YES!



Question Six: If you had to choose, what is your favorite genre of book to read? (…out loud to Victor Webster in a prim voice reminiscent of Queen Elizabeth, so that the naked Canadian hottie feels completely welcome on your American loveseat.)


Me: I truly love words and stories. My favorite genre is ROMANCE! with all caps. I’m proud of that. I read outside that wide category but I prefer my stories to have lots and lots of heart…. heat doesn’t hurt either. 😉


Question Seven: (Speaking in my mind of loveseats), If you could choose to interview an author from any point in history on your Come Hither Couch blog, who would it be? (…Hmm… I wonder if Kat would be tempted to tie this author up on her Queen-sized bed next to Jensen Ackles, and keep him or/her as The Queen’s very own pet? Or was Kat raised with better manners than that?)


Me: You too? *wails* with how many lovers must I share my Jensen/Dean? But I was raised to share and I’m a very good girl. *crosses fingers*

hmmmm…. Wow! I’m totally stealing that question for the next author I pin down on my virtual couch…. I might interview Baroness Orczy . She created one of my favorite romantic heroes, The Scarlet Pimpernel. Plus, She was a BARONESS! And I’m a Queen so… we’d have a lot in common. *pops cupcake in mouth*


Question Eight: Just what DID happen to all the football players in Tartlandia? <Gulp> (Is it possible Queen Kat’s royal lineage can be traced back to Catherine the Great of Russia?)


Me: *blush* oh ummmmm Tod? I think he might be napping. He’s worn out poor darlin’


Tracy: Thank you, Kat, for inviting me to lounge around and visit on the Banquette of Banter, and for fairly giving me My Turn! You are such an honorable Queen!

*Hugs and Squeezes* Bye-Bye, Your Royal Sweetness!


Me: Eight official questions! lol That was brilliant my dear, but next time I’ll tie you down by Jensen or Tod or Timothy and ask you more silly things. 😀

It’s a bit different from this side of the couch. *Pets couch* fun though.

*kiss Kiss*



PS> Check out Tracy’s brand new adventure! *points down* Courted By Karma and the first book A Date With Fate is FREEEEEE! Click HERE to get it NOW (it should be free soon- March 15th-17th)

Also there’s an awesomesauce contest at the bottom of the post. 😉

Release date: Mar. 7, 2013
Tracy Ellen (Author)
ISBN-13: 9781482738094 |
 Format: eBook and print

ANABEL AXELROD IS BACK……and so is Luke Drake!

First it was Her Turn. Now it is His Turn.
Anabel’s life was sizzling, but now it’s red hot! Can she handle the heat?

Courted by Karma is the second volume in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod. The story picks up where A Date with Fate left us hanging on Tuesday night at 11:59 PM.

After her last crazy few days, Anabel’s hell bent on having nothing but a good time during the traditional upcoming Axelrod Women Weekend. Cousin Layla and some friends are flying in from Florida for a visit. Despite Chief Jack’s warning not to call him this year if they end up in jail again, the women plan to rock the town!

But first our girl has to survive some Russians, some Mexicans, some Parents, Thanksgiving, and her biggest challenge ever…Luke Drake.

And Mr. Secretive has plans of his own.

Will it ever be Our Turn for Luke and Anabel, or is it her karma to get burned by the smokin’ hot flames?

Author’s note: This story is for mature audiences. This series is sequential. For the optimum reading experience, please read A Date with Fate first and then Courted by Karma.

♥ Buy this ebook from: Amazon

♥ Buy this paperback from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | Books-A-Million | IndieBound

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


More Tracy

Meet Tracy Ellen. I wish I had super-impressive credentials to be an author, but I try hard not to lie. I do have half a brain, an insatiable hunger for books, sparkling conversations with the voices in my head, opinions on everything under the sun, opinions on the sun itself, true grit and determination, a strange sense of fair play, a stranger sense of humor, and the ability to laugh at myself. The latter has turned out to be quite a good thing since I often have reasons to do so.

A Date with Fate is my first novel. I’m seriously, passionately hooked on writing. As you read this, I’m happily listening to music that inspires chapters while typing away on my next book; regardless of attempts to tie me up.

I would love to hear from you. Did you know newbie indie authors thrive on attention? It’s true. Your thoughts and opinions matter, so drop by and check out my blog or face book.

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A Date With Fate Amazon | Kindle |

Courted By Karma Amazon | Kindle |

Tracy is generously giving away

3 prizes! yep. THREE!

  1. $25 Amazon gift card
  2. Print copies of A Date With Fate and Courted By Karma (US only)
  3. Ebook copies of A Date With Fate and Courted By Karma

A Date with Fate: The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod  by Tracy EllenCourted by Karma (The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod, #2)

Contest open to international entries

Open March 15th-22nd. 2013

To Enter use the Rafflecopter and tell us:

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Fav color?

Fav Genre?

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55 Replies to “Interview of Queen Kat by author Tracy Ellen: The couch is on the other foot + EPIC BIG Contest!”

  1. Today’s answer to the 3 questions is Showers, Blue, and PNR. But they can change daily, depending on (1) How much time I have to get clean, (2) my mood, and (3) what my current read’s genre is… 😉

  2. Great interview. Finally got to learn more about Kat 😉

    I prefer baths (nice place to read), but with my two children it’s impossible. Shower only until kids a grown.

    Fav Color- Burgundy

    Fav Genre – ROMANCE!!!!

  3. What great fun here ladies! I love it when tables are turned and the interviewer gets interviewed. How ya feelin’ Kat? Answers are: baths (I love to read books in a steaming bubble bath), colour – red, and genre – well paranormal romance, of course! 🙂

    1. Hey darlin!
      I’m a bit nervous! lol didn’t expect that… It’s a bit funny on this side of the interview :p

      Thanks for stopping in!

    1. You don’t have to choose just one! 😛 lol La Revenant takes shower/baths Or ummmm….New Decree!
      In my kingdom of Tartlandia you can get squeaky clean whichever way you’re in the mood for 😉


  4. Mwahahaha! Queen-Kermit-flail gif should be saved for future generations of Tartlandia babies.

    Thank you Tracy for putting our QofTs under the microscope. I enjoy hearing her chatter. Coma answer is being held under suspicion.

    Sadly, after I left home I lost access to the claw-footed-tub of my youth. Baths aren’t the same without it and I start feeling more grimy than not. Blech. I’ll take “shower”, please, for $500.

    Fav color may be brown because it goes with my eyes. My eyes are brown because I’m full of….. Colorado brownies.

    For genre I’ll take -ugh. I DON’T KNOW! Psychological Thrillers? I like at least one serving of danger in most of my books (Jane Austen may be the exception here). Snark plus danger a plus.

    And now I’m off to get my free Anabel Axlerod!



  5. Ummm…. showers. 🙂 Favorite colors are blue and green. And really? ONE genre?! I don’t think I can choose a favorite there. I love too many of them. 🙂

    1. Hi Brandy! Welcome to the madness 😀
      lol I can’t really pick one genre either! I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

      (((hugs))) Kat

  6. *twirls cane offhandedly* Goodness gracious, The Queen’s being interviewed? The world’s gone topsy-turvy, up is down, left is sideways, Elephants are pink! (those last two were tricky, actually. In Tartlandia, left is always sideways and Elephants come in multiple colors).

    As to the questions.

    A shower, for expedience.

    My favorite color would have to be Royal Blue. Or grey, no . . . Let’s go Royal Blue. Yes.

    And a favorite genre? *sighs* must I? Ah, I must. My favorite genre would be fantasy.

  7. What fun. Kat you have the funnest blog! I wish I were as fun as you.

    Answers: I like showers most of the time. I always feel as if I am wasting time in a bath. Unless I am really cold. Then there is nothing like a bath. Or if I need a bath and have a glass of champagne.

    Color – my favorite is the color blue you see at twilight.

    Genre: Romance, Erotica, And Witchy. Yuppers, that is more than one. Mom always said my mind was in the gutter and that i was a little heathen – right on both counts!

    Downloaded the first book.

    1. Steph!

      Hey hon 😀 Thanks for popping in and I love that you love my silly. I think you’re fun too hon.

      Your mom sounds like a riot! lol lots of genres is good.


  8. *Yawn* “My brother and sisters of the Queen’s court, you all arise very early.” No worries though, La Rev is making an appearance…or am I? Am I really here or am I there or am I everywhere or nowhere at all?

    First and foremost, welcome back Tracy!!!! It is marvelous to have you back in Tartlandia for another visit. We missed you. We like the court to be full of much muchier chatter and fun and you definitely fulfill those criteria.

    Continuing onto the questions. I mainly take shower/baths 😀 Why settle for one when one can have both.

    I would have to say my favorite color is a dark green but sometimes I enjoy a nice light green too.

    And as for my favorite genre, that is easy, Zombie! and don’t tell me that is not a genre because I say it is.

    (Smiles maniacally because I have all of the purple elephant guns. My preciouses)

    1. Dang it! I need those guns La Rev! We have a purple elephant infestation! (though, the infestation wouldn’t be as bad if people would stop causing asphyxiation in the gray elephants…)

      1. PoTs it isn’t my fault the grey elephants don’t like the polkadot ties I have been putting on them. I think they look rather smashing in those ties even if said ties are a wee bit small. I do think it is queer how all the elephants wearing my ties are turning that odd shade of color but never-mind all that. And as for the infestation, maybe you only think there is an infestation. How can you be sure what you perceive to be an infestation is in reality an actual infestation?

        1. O.o
          La Rev, you and the Hatter go hand-in-hand.

          Now if you’ll excuse me-
          *takes up lilac elephant gun and chambers round*
          -I need to go see some rampaging elephants high on neckties.

  9. Greetings to my favorite Courtiers in all the Lands! It is so fun to be back!

    First, I have a lilac elephant gun. Will that do? Here, it’s on the couch, because I don’t like to keep guns in my hands for too long. I start getting ideas. Which leads me to psycho-thrillers. I LOVE to shower with a good pyscho-thriller.

    However, Romance and Zombies are my favorite genre, and this is the swear to God truth. In fact, I yearn to write a zombie romance. Would it sell? And I’m not talking funny stuff, but seriously getting chased by zombies while my heroine chases a man she’s interested in…

    Much like my dear PoT’s, while I do enjoy the color brownie brown-brown, I am already on record loving ocean blue. Can I have TWO fav colors in Tartlandia?

    1. *snicker* A lilac elephant gun? lovely dear. We can fly around targeting the purlpe elephants and when they pass out we can loosen their polka dot ties 😛

      Oh! I would totally read your Zomie Romance mashup!

      Yes- Have 2 fav colors darling… or three!

      *smishes* I am so happy to have you here again!

      1. Queen Kat–

        I always have fun visiting with you, and snorting and snickering. (The candy throwing got a little dangerous…just sayin’). Thank you for the birthday party invite for Courted by Karma, and for hosting a Giveaway. I loved couching it on the other foot for a change. ;}

        Goodbye, Tartlandia! *blows a kiss*

        Tracy the Honorary Tart

  10. Personally, i find it most prevocative to shower with tracy ellen. Of course blue and blue would be my favorite colors as a result of frolicking together in close quarters. Total agreement with the Queen that book reading should be left to tubbing. But as far as my favorite Romance Novel… hummm… To Sir With Love!

  11. Tracy! I adore that your Sir dropped in to say hi 😉

    *waves madly* Hi Greg!

    I totally think someone should invent a solution to the hardship of reading in the shower for when time is fleeting and books still MUST be read. 😀


  12. OMG! Besides getting to see the *kermit flail* again (truly one of my favorite daytime treats!) I also get to think of Kat, feeding Jensen Ackles lime green sprinkled doughnuts as he’s tied to the bed…

    *happy sigh* Truly a wonderful interview– I’m thrilled to be a servant to the Queen…

    1. Amy Amy Amy! Hey darlin’ lol I’m so happy you stopped by 🙂

      I agree… Jensen tied on my bed PLUS donuts makes a delicious fantasy 😉


  13. I love baths.I always dream reading a good book in a bath with bubles.Fav color is blue or violet.
    I read everything I catch in my hand.Let’s say I like more psichological books.

    I take showers on a regular basis but loooove to take a bath to relax and pamper myself.
    Depends on my mood… often pink, orange, green, purple, black… different colors for different moods…
    Also depends on my mood, or to a degree on what I am currently reading or just read. I read almost everything. The only thing I don’t much like are those true crime books that leave me feeling dirty and as though violence against real people who truly suffered was glorified. Whereas in any variety of fiction, no matter how real it feels.. I am entertained. Fantasy, romance, scifi, mysteries… love am all!!

  15. It was so much fun reading all the comments – you’re all hilarious!
    Down to business –
    Definitely 2 hour bubble baths with wine and a book, any shade of purple and pink or brown and black, depending on the destination, and I read pretty much anything but enjoy horror and paranormal the most, with a mystery or thriller thrown in for contrast. Thanks a million for the great giveaway!!

  16. Love your interview, you are funny 🙂
    As for the questions, I prefer bath, my favorite color is blue and my favorite genre is paranormal romance!
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  17. Showers. Even though I have a huge 2 person tub with the jets, I always take showers.

    Favorite color is teal blue! Girls in my wedding wore this color 24 yrs ago before it was even popular!

    Favortie Genre is romance. Any way I can get it…contemporary, historical, erotic, mystery…give it all to me!

    Already got first book and can’t wait to read it!

  18. That was fun! 🙂
    Bath or shower. .depends on my mood if I’m really stressed out and tired then it’s bath… to relax 🙂
    I love all berry colors and wine tones and about genre.. no specific one.. but usually I read contemporary of fantasy fiction or non fiction.. also love classics like Bronte, Bulgakov..etc 🙂

  19. I like both, but showers are my favorite.
    Paranormal romance and young adult books.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Love the interview ladies!!! Not only is your interview chemistry hilarious but I love the Timothy Olephant in Justified comment 😉

  21. Showers! Blue! Once it has romance in it I love it, I’m a huge romance fan, I can’t choose a fav genre since I love them all!

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