Holiday chat with Taryn Elliott about Holiday Sparks and more galore

holiday sparks I am thrilled to welcome Taryn Elliot back to hang out with us here at The Book Tart. She’s my boo. 😉 I adore her, plus I love how she writes and the way she finds me yummy pictures of Dean/Jensen most every day.

She has a new story that I am crazy for called Holiday Sparks. I reviewed it HERE in a vlog… with a Santa hat!

We have a fun little chat about holidays, books and boys…. Ben, the star of Holiday Sparks, and Dean Winchester too. <g>

Grab one of the leftover Christmas cookies and enjoy the madness.

(((hugs))) Kat


Me: Hey Darlin’ come on it! ((((hugs))) It is so good to have you here again! Sit! Sit 😀 *collapses on couch *  I have lots of leftovers you can help me with… leftover Christmas cookies and meats and cheeses… We had duck with our Christmas meal. *shrugs* I’m not quite sure how I feel about duck. I don’t mind it- but I’m more of a turkey or ham fan actually. Lol What’s your holiday meal tradition?


Taryn: Hiya babes! *sags next to you on couch* I’m so glad this whirlwind year is just about over. But…as usual, I’m even happier to be here again. *reaches cookie3for sugar cookie* Maaaan, I’m such a sucker for Christmas cookies. Too bad I’m so lazy about making them these days. LOL

My dad used to cook a crazy meal every Christmas. It was always different. But the one thing that remained the same was that he did the menu, the planning, even the shopping. He really got a kick out of Christmas—and playing chef.

I remember the last Christmas that my dad created before he got really sick. It was probably our most elaborate. It totally took it out of him to fix it, but he was determined to make things perfect.


Me: Awwww… playing chef 🙂 Nice!

How have you been surviving this festive season? Did you feel like everything was under control or a teensy weensy bit stressed?


Taryn: I stressed a little because it’s been a tough year financially. Being an author definitely doesn’t allow for regular income, as well as the unfortunate economic climate. AKA…I was unemployed for part of the year. LOL

But there’s just me and my brother for the holidays. It’s very much a quiet season for us.


Me: Quiet can be good too… Things get so hectic and stressful! I actually broke out in hives. *shudders*  so with the NOT fun. I’m better now 😀

Tell me where the idea for Holiday Sparks came from pretty please? I adore Ben to the muchness *sigh* strong, smart and sweet to boot… with tattoos! Ben’s a huge Christmas fan too… *covers mouth* oops! Lol I could keep on and on about Ben but I’ll give you a chance to talk. 😛


Taryn: There was a call for Christmas stories around the writer-sphere that included a few Christmas Songs as inspiration. I originally wrote this as a shorter piece, but didn’t get great feedback from one of the editors I’d sent it into. But I loved the story and kept at it, lengthening it and adding a little more sexy as well as the family component that had been missing on the first go-round.

I thought it was going to have to wait until next year to be submitted again, but I took a chance on Ellora’s and asked my editor there if she could squeeze in a Christmas story read. She loved it and there you have it.

My hunky Elf and his Christmas Scrooge. I wanted an exuberant guy and a reticent girl to swap the typical roles that have been used and abused for holiday stories. Ben and Darcy grew out of that tiny little nugget of an idea.  



cookie2Me: Wow! I am so glad you kept tweaking it cause I LOVE the results! *sigh*  You know how much I adore Ben and Darcy’s story… I’d love to revisit them sometime. *grabs a Christmas cookie and takes a bite* Wooyou *swallows* Would you possibly write a story for Ben’s brother, John? Or something else where we could see Ben and Darcy again? *puppy eyes*


Taryn: LOL *hands glass of adult milk—aka White Russian* I’m so very glad Ben brought out the squees in you. I don’t know if I want to write John’s story. He doesn’t really speak to me. But I think Cesar, Ben’s partner at the tattoo shop, will have a story. That way you can see Brittzilla, Darcy and Ben again. Maybe even a tattooed wedding. 😉


Me: O_o Yum! I actually love White Russians! *slurp* I’d be good with Cesar… *nods* yep! I wants that!

What else do you have brewing in that head of yours? *sip* I heard something about a project with your critique partner in crime Cari Quinn… When that happens the two of you are totally invited for a double date on my couch! 😉


Tracey: I’ve got a book from Loose Id coming out in February called SUSPENDED. That’s a super sexy, super angsty road trip novel. And I do mean novel. That badboy is a long one!

And yes, Cari and I are VERY excited about a new project. We’re writing a teaser novella to see if there’s any interest in the four book series we have brewing in our minds of mayhem. It will be completely under our control with art, website, and writing under our purview alone.

It’s an experiment of sorts. Every writer wants to write that book…or in this case, books…that will be theirs from beginning to end. No editor or agent changes, no hemming and hawing about well…that won’t be received well or you’re really taking a chance with that storyline.

That’s what we want to do. Take a chance and blow past our boundaries and see if we can find a little magic. Self-publishing gives the writer a chance to put themselves all the way out there. We both have grown a following—Cari more than me—and have the opportunity to shove our baby out there and see what happens. It might fall flat, or it might soar. We’re willing to see how it goes.


Me: Oh! Yay! I want to see a little Cari + Taryn magic too!


Ah... To wake up to this? *swoon*Let’s talk about one of our passions… Dean Winchester! *swoon* Do you know how much I look forward to your #DailyDean on twitter? (Click HERE to join the fun) It brightens my day! I love all the yumminess that you share… Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester on Supernatural makes the world a more beautiful and bearable place.


Taryn: I do love to find my #DailyDean and kill you girls via twitter. Heh. That man is just beyond lovely and funny and interestinConsider it done.g. His surly Dean Winchester is one of my all-time favorite male characters on television. I do miss a little of his traits in the first few seasons, but with what those characters have been through? Yeah…goofy-charming, funny comments aren’t necessarily going to be the first things out of Dean’s mouth. Biting and sarcastic? Yeah, that’s more like him right now. But that’s fine. Especially when you see that rawness he portrays when he really opens up. Oh, my poor abused heart. Being a Supernatural fan ain’t easy.


Me: I can’t believe you have first dibs though! Grr-argh! Lol Tell me again when you first saw Jensen? Oh! Oh! And let’s share your tumblr goodness if people want more deliciousness.


Taryn: I soooo have first dibs! Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives was my first taste of Jensen. Oh that blonde, green-eyed sweetheart of the 90’s. He was one of the twins from Marlena and Roman Brady. His sister was a bit more on the wicked side, but Eric got into his fair share of trouble. Oh, soap operas, you were my foundation for writing romance. LOL

Yes, I’m a bit of a fan girl when it comes to television. Okay, bit might be a lie. Overzealous crazy person? Maaaaybe. If you’re interested in seeing that side of me you can follow me on Tumblr— Sunlight Kisses. Be forewarned. There is many a show-shipping, naughty, and funny that goes on there. NSFW sometimes too. 😉  


Me: I just spent the last half hour playing around on youtube watching Supernatural fan vids! Ummmm yeah… I so did not plan on losing a half hour- but it was fun. lol Please tell me I’m not alone?


Taryn: Oh please. I lost four hours one night. Hell, what am I saying…try nine. I was watching videos from one of the various Fan Con shows they do. Holy CRAP are they funny. And Jensen has a biting wit that will flay the panties off us mere mortal women.

I love that he’s actually a little shy up there. But when he’s with Jared Padalecki –aka Sam Winchester—he’s a freaking riot.


Two of my favorites:

Jared and Jensen


Me: Thank you *giggles*

Jensen and Misha


 Me: You trying to kill me?  *thud*

Taryn: Seee. God, they’re such guys. And me? I like guys better than girls 80% of the time. They amuse me beyond belief. This is why I want to be a set-girl, prop girl, whatever. Holy Crap they must be a trip to be around on the set.

Ahem. See. I totally get obsessed. LOL To know me is to love me, folks.


Me: huh? *gazing at the screen* You said something? *wipes drool* Holy Hanna that was good! 😉


Ok, I’ve been teasing you about the Madlibs and threatening to make you play. *evil eyebrow quirk… ok both brows raised* dun-dun-dun! Here goes… Make your answers as naughty or nice as you’d like and I’ll give you the results afterwards. No fair peaking first *hides Madlibs book* That spoils the fun! It’s kinda long… but it’s so worth it

NOTE: This madlibs is from AngeariaLiveJournal

she has some pretty hysterical results for this madlibs.

Check them out!


1. Character’s name Dean Winchester
2. Character’s name Taryn Elliott (what, I can be a character dammit)
3. Verb, action Fu…um. No, can’t use that one. Kissed?
4. Place, location Dean’s hotel room (what? He doesn’t have a bedroom. Lol )
5. Character’s name Dean
6. Adjective fiercely
7. Character’s name Taryn
8. Possessive pronoun MINE
9. Verb, action run
10. Character’s name Dean
11. Verb, action chased
12. Noun battered, ass hugging jeans
13. Character’s name Dean
14. Verb hug(ged)
15. Plural noun salt guns
16. Verb bang(ed)
17. repeat 15 salt guns
18. Character’s name Taryn
19. Character’s name Dean
20. Noun naughty writer
21. Character’s name Taryn
22. noun (event) Supernatural cast party
23. noun handcuffs
24. Character’s name Dean
25. Verb Sucked
26. Noun white dress shirt
27. Character’s name Taryn
28. Character’s name Dean
29. Verb  licked
30. Preposition between
31. Noun bed

Man….I can’t even tell if those are good or not. LOL!


Me: Bwahahahah *gasps* ha-he-he ohhhh yes, this works. 😀 From now on You, my darlin’ Taryn, are my homegirl! 😀


(1) Dean Winchester  is my homeboy and (2) Taryn
is my homegirl! (lol), and I love it when they (3) KISSED in (4) DEAN’S HOTEL ROOM 

Confession: sometimes, when I’m feeling down, I wish I was more like (5) DEAN because (s)he is (6) Fiercely, but then I get distracted by the realization that I want to jump (7) TARYN ‘s bones. UNF. UNFFFFFFFF.

Watching (8) MINE (9) RUN is a massive turn-on. But taking it to a more serious level, (10) DEAN taught me a valuable lesson when (s)he (11) CHASED away (12) BATTERED, ASS HUGGING JEANS.

But okay, back to what’s really important in fandom (because this is what we
really care about and we all know it): (13) DEAN is the sexiest creature on the face of the planet and I want to 14) HUG till the (15) SALT GUNS come home and then I’ll (16) BANG the (17) SALT GUNS.

You know what’s sad, tho? (18) TARYN is an unsung hero who never got enough love, and let’s not forget that (19) DEAN is the most misunderstood character on the face (hand, booty, whole shebang?) of the fictional multiverse and that’s a (20) NAUGHTY WRITER against nature.

(21) TARYN never got enough screen time and I wish we’d found out what happened to himher after the (22) SUPERNATURAL CAST party of (23) HANDCUFFS.

And I know a lot of people are gonna disagree with me, but I truly and honestly believe that the bravest thing (24) DEAN ever did was (25) SUCKED the (26) WHITE DRESS SHIRT in the name of love.

But my favorite thing among all the things (!) is when (27) TARYN and (28) DEAN (29) LICKED (30) BETWEEN the (31) BED.



Me: *snickers* He chased away battered, ass hugging jeans! *chokes* And he IS the sexiest creature on the planet! 😉


Thank you for playing with me hon! *smishes* oh! *hands Taryn a to go box of cookies* please take these home! All I ask is more stories, k?

Open invitation to crash my couch any time you want.

Xoxo, Kat

The Queen of Tarts


Taryn: *MUAH* You always make these interview blog thingies a blast! Imagine us on a couch for real? Cripes, the trouble we’d get into!! LOL I’m so glad you loved Ben and I adore how we get to squee over characters both book form and television.

I can’t wait to see if you liked Shane in SUSPENDED just as much.


Me: I can’t wait either! Write Faster! (that’s my new umm… royal command for you! 😛 )

Holiday Sparks

Release date: Dec. 21, 2012 |
Taryn Elliott (Author)
ISBN: 9781419943904 |
Format: eBook


Darcy Tucker hates Christmas. Being lead supervisor at a department store shows her the very worst of humanity. When her holiday display is demolished, she turns for help to the least likely person she knows—her hot, tattooed tenant, who seems to get off on the very idea of Christmas. Maybe she can get him to decorate the store and stop decorating her house.Tattoo artist Ben Hartley may not look jolly, but Christmas is his favorite holiday. When Darcy gets in a jam and reveals her vulnerable side, he finally learns more about the sexy woman behind the cool façade.Thrown in close quarters to fix her store, Ben and Darcy realize the only chilly thing between them is the temperature outside. One supremely hot kiss leads to a night full of passionate surprises. Now Ben must show her there’s more to life than work, and that the season of hope is full of sexy possibilities with or without a Christmas tree.
Buy this ebook from: Amazon | Ellora’s Cave



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