Book Birthday Party with Lanie Jordan… and Sour Patch Kids + Contest!

breed of envyOh wow! I LOVED Breed of Envy! I am a urban fantasy fan and when I stumbled across Lanie Jordan months ago on twitter I bought her first book, Breed of Innocence and have been anxiously awaiting Breed of Envy. It was worth the wait!

I made a vlog review for Lanie’s book birthday, and a character interview  too. *Snoopy Dance* Click HERE.  *whispers* I also made a character vid…I wear a lab coat!

Curl up… um bring your own sour patch kids!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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Banner-Extra2Me: Lanie my Lanie where for art thou ummm thee? I give up *collapse giggling on the couch* Come on in hon and snuggle on the couch. It’s a nice new couch… *pets the red velvet* Oh! I have a book birthday gift! Besides making you a vlog I have… *drumroll* sour patch kids! A bag for you and one for me. *beams*



Lanie: SQUEE! Kat, Kat! Love coming here! *bounces on new soft couch* And, gosh, more yummys. I’m totally blaming my re-snack-obsession of sour patch kids on you! I hadn’t had any in years before you mentioned them. And then I saw them in the store. It was like kismet. Or snackmet. *noms* We might need another bag or two before this is done… Would now be a good time to warn you I may never leave? Too late!


Me: <g> I’m ok with 3

Hon- I have to tell you how much I love what you’re doing with the Breed Chronicles. I love the journey Jade is on and seeing her face the challenges at the school at dealing with crap and drama and stupid heads. 😉 And Linc *sigh* we’ve both said it… but if I was younger or he was older…. *daydreams*

Lanie: Awh, thanks! I do love Jade and her journey, too. I was terrible at school—hated it, actually—so Jade is kind of…I guess the person I wanted to be in school. Brave, smart, snarky without being mean, funny. Love her! And Linc. *Dreamy sigh* Yeah, he’s the guy I probably would’ve wanted to date back then. Or now, if I were younger or he were older. Is he being added to our list of men to fight over along with Dean? Hmm. That list might get really long really fast. Is Alec or Angel on it? Maybe Spike?


Me: Mmmmm Yes lists! I like lists 😉 Dean √ Link  √ Spike  √ Angel… sometimes Alec aka Jensen Acles from Dark Angel? Hell yeah!


Do you have like binders full of women demons? I am in awe at the details and world building you have in the Breed books. *stares at Lanie’s head* what’s going on up in there? How do you come up with all the different species and the tech and the school schedule?!



Lanie: Well, most of my binders are electronic now, but I have notes and notes about everything—and calendars and images to keep things straight in my head. I work in Scrivener now (which is an awesome program, by the way) and use that for my world building bible. You can kind of get an idea of the info I have and how much note-taking is involved with this pic:


Me: oh! Cool! virtual note cards and stuff! Me likey


Lanie: Demons are one of the hardest things to come up with. I spend a good amount of time Googling different creates/insects/etc for details and names. I don’t mind if they’re totally different, but I want at least some basis of fact in there, too. The tech usually comes up on a need-to-have basis. And…honestly, I couldn’t tell you how I’ve thought of half the things I come up with, LOL. As for the school schedule…that’s one of the easier aspects, thankfully. 😀 Their schedule is kind of daunting, though. I’ve mentioned being scared of that world, right? Cause, really, I am. And next year? Oh, boy.


Me: As I was reading Breed of ENVY! (side note- I called it Breed of evil once! Envy makes way more sense as does the green tinge to the cover) Anyway as I was reading I was sucked into your story like into my fav tv shows… Like Buffy or Supernatural or *holds a pillow as a shield* Dark Angel. don’t bop me! I liked that show. 😛 I could visualize Jade’s life and I’m curious if it runs in your head like a movie too and do you have a big series arc and do you know how many books you’re hoping to tell her story in?


Lanie: Hey, I should’ve come to you for a title name! Breed of Evil is neat. Plus, my original cover was red (before I picked Envy as the title), so that would’ve made sense. *grin* I love Buffy, Supernatural, and Dark Angel, and I own them all on DVD! (So no bopping from me, promise! Ooh, maybe we could have a week-long marathon after this? Maybe two weeks. We’d probably chat. And giggle. A lot.)

Me: *Snoopy Dance* you too? I own all of those on DVD too! *fist bump* I sooo need a season marathon!


yodaLanie: I know some authors who do see their books as movies, and I have to say I envy those people. I don’t really see them that way, though. I just…know things. Lots and lots of things. Did I mention I have a rough calendar of the 20 years before the story actually starts? Lots of behind-the-scenes info, I have. 😀


Me: *shoves handful of sour patch kids in mouch* Yurrr *swallows* You are an evil tease!


Lanie: Yes, there’s a huge series arc that I have in my head (and written down!). All these little things that add up to bigger things. So, just because something seems small or inconsequential in the story, odds are it fits into place in the Big Scheme. And I’m not 100% sure on the number of books, I just know it’ll be somewhere between 6 and 10. (I have a rough idea for 10, but it may not work that way, but I know the entire story can’t really be told in anything less than 6 books.)


Me: Yay! I love to hear that! *bounces on couch*

Ok *bites head off red sour patch kid* I always have to do silly stuff in my interviews. Well, more silly stuff. *contemplates eating green and orange sour patch kids together* But I used some of my bestest questions on your visit last fall.


Lanie: The silly stuff is the funnest! And don’t worry. I’ll make sure to have some new obsessions this year, so you’ll have plenty of Twitter-stalking info to use against me. I mean, info to question me about. 😀


Me: *innocent look* Stalk? Who moi?


Soooo What’s your favorite color? Do you watch reality tv? Did you ever wear florescent leg warmers? Do you like pickles? *gasps for breath*

How do you do with run on questions huh? ?


Lanie: LOL. I <3 you so. Your interviews are made of awesome! Blue is my favorite color. No to reality TV (there’s a reason I read/write paranormal stuff ;)). I don’t think I’ve ever worn leg warmers of any kind (don’t shun me!). And no, no pickles! But I do like cheese. (See, I’ll even give you a freebie! Just don’t ask why I chose cheese.)


Me: I love cheese too! And honestly? I haven’t gotten into reality tv either… though we’re about too *evil laugh*

I threatened er PROMISED we’d play a game of Madlibs… nope, not telling what it is. You can make your answers as naughty or nice as you’d like 😀

































bath tub




Me: *snicker* ok, I modified it a bit. It’s supposed to be females in the room but unless you’re at a bachelorette party? Lol I can’t wait to see the results….



Lanie: And I’m not ashamed to admit I’m both anxious and scared to see the results, too. Hold me? *whimpers and scoots closer to Kat*

Adult Mad Libs

Reality Show Drama

Did you miss the latest episode of The Real BOOK-wives of the CLOSET? Here’s a recap of all the HEAD stabbing behavior you don’t want to miss! So, remember how KAT wanted to give her sixteen-year-old daughter a pair of double D CALVES for her birthday? Turns out her dad is being sued for NURSE evasion and the bank is fore-RUNNING on their house! The girl threw a hissy fit and cried buckes of CATS. No plastic OCEAN for anyone, so sad! But wait! KAT is sweet-READING the doctor into a discount. So maybe this tale will have a MAGIC ending after all! Then, the single and ready to CALL MEL was seen at an ’80s party, she called TASHA a “fashion BATH TUB” Meow! Don’t forget to SHIVER next week!

bwahahahah! you picked me! I want to give me girl double D calves! lol I’m sweet reading a doctor to a discount? *catches breath! Ha! No plastic ocean for anyone 😉


It’s time for The Book Tart Quickie


You’ve done the quickie. Was it as good for you as it was for me? lol aww man! I’ve eaten half my sour patch kids. How did that happen? Share? ?


How about 10 random things about Lanie?


Can you juggle? Only work. 😀 And only sometimes.


What’s your birthday? May 31st. That’s soonish. I get a pressie, right?!

😯 I’m writing it down!


Can you solve a rubix cube? Never tried, really. But I bet I could. …er, not without help. Or Google.


How many pairs of shoes do you own? 3. (And one of those pairs is 6 years old.)

wow! that’s amazing and makes my closet seem overfull lol


Have you ever met any celebrities? Fabio. Does that count?

Of course it counts 😀


Have you been to Legoland? No. We should go!!

Yes! I wanna


What’s your favorite condiment? Pepper. Or salt. Or salt and pepper. (I had a dog named Pepper! /random)


Have you ever been skinny dipping? No. I’m totally boring!

*whispers* me neither


What color socks are you wearing? Black. (Which reinforces my boringness.)

NOT borring! *blows raspberry


What’s your favorite flavor of Pringles? Ah, Pringles. Cheddar cheese, of course!



Me: *claps* Yay! Lanie! I adore you to the muchness you know that right? May this be a completely awesomesauce book birthday and may my dreams come true and the next Breed Chronicles won’t be too far away. *nods* Yes. I wished on your birthday. 😛


Lanie: The adoreness (yeah, it should be adoration but pfft) goes both ways! And it’s already completely awesomesauce. Thanks so much for having me here again. Glad I didn’t bore you to death last time. *grin*


Pfft! It’s fine to wish on my book birthday because I’m hoping for the same thing! Two people + one wish = …something cool. LOL


Me: awww It will totally happen 😀

(((hugs))) Kat


breed of envyBreed Of Envy

Release date: February 22rd, 2013 |
Lanie Jordan (Author)
ISBN-13: 9781622371075 |
Format: eBook

Six months ago, Director Greene recruited me to the CGE to train to hunt demons.


Four months ago, I agreed to finish my first Phase in less than half the time.


Two months ago, I got bit by a vampire, almost died, and found out I have demon DNA.


Now… Demons aren’t the only thing I have to fight.


Because I’m changing, and that changes everything.

Buy this ebook from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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More Fiesty Lanie

Lanie Jordan writes stories. Sometimes her characters drive her crazy, but then she gets her revenge by making their lives more difficult. Fictional payback is fun.

She loves reading, writing, watching TV, and listening to the same songs for months on end. The WWE is a not-so-secret secret obsession of hers, and she vows to one day write a story about wrestlers, just so she can claim watching it is for research.

Dean Winchester from Supernatural is one of her all-time favorite characters. Her friends would probably tell you she’s obsessed with all things Dean/Supernatural; she’s not, really. She just loves them a little. Okay, so it might be a tad more than a little, but if anyone ever finds out she’ll claim it was a blatant lie and that aliens wrote her bio.

And while she’s on the subject, she does believe in aliens and ghosts and things that go bump and boo in the night. You won’t find her admitting that she’s seen any of those things, of course, cause let’s face it, who would believe her? But she writes about them. And demons and angels and weirdo people who do weirdo things.

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23 Replies to “Book Birthday Party with Lanie Jordan… and Sour Patch Kids + Contest!”

  1. Nurse evasion is ugly. It shouldn’t happen, lol! Lanie–Congrats on the new release! I’m excited to grab it up. Great interview and I’m wishing you all the best!

  2. I loved English, especially the english teachers (not gonna lie… he was hot). In fact, I used to eat lunch with my favorite english teacher everyday instead of with students. He was super awesome and hilarious. I also took four english classes senior year, that’s how much I loved them!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

    1. Wow. That’s awesome you loved English enough to take four classes of it!

      I’ll admit, my favorite part of high school was the going home portion of the day, and sometimes my lunch break. *grin*

      Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by, Meghan!

  3. My favorite subject was English Lit. I love paranormal books. The Breed Chronicles look fascinating! Would love to win a copy. Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. Surprisingly, English wasn’t my best subject. I tested better in math, though it was my least favorite subject. I think I was just good at guessing. (But don’t tell anyone, shh.) 😀

      And I adore paranormal books, too! Aren’t they great?

      Thanks for dropping by, Booklady!

    1. If I had to pick a favorite class, I’d have to say it was Spanish, because I didn’t understand when I was getting yelled at, LOL.

      …unfortunately, I understood the “you’re in trouble” glares. Those are understandable in any language. *sigh*

      Thanks for commenting, Barbara!

    1. LOL. Personally, I was wondering about all the head stabbing and the double-D calve giving. 😉 And really, the bath tub fashion! You just watch–that’ll be the new Thing next year.

      Thanks for checking out the the chat, J. A.!

  4. Favorite subject in school was English but I always did way better in my History classes…so I loved them both. Breed of Envy sounds like an amazing book! Loved this post and the Adult Mad Lib…made me giggle on a Monday morning so that was a huge plus!

    1. I forgot about my art class during high school, so I think that’d probably be my favorite. (And I don’t remember a thing I did in the class, but I like artsy stuff, so that’s my reasoning, lol).

      Thanks for commenting, Dione! I’m glad you enjoyed the post and the Madlibs. It was a blast to do! 😀

  5. despite being dyslexic i really did like English b/c it ment i could read all SORTS of interesting books. that and i was able to stun a few teachers into silence who KNEW i had dyslexia and *associated* it with being stupid then found out *I* knew what big long words ment when asked to give definitions of the words even thou i couldn’t spell to save my life. and a few of the swifter teachers learned to call on me first if they wanted a word explained lol

    1. lol Hi Laurie!

      I love that! My mom has dyslexia and it took her awhile to acknowledge she wasn’t slow, her brain just sees things differently. I’m glad some of your teachers caught on!
      *mwah!* Kat

      1. lol i was even able to shut my middle school principal and a classroom full of boys up when i was able to tell said principal like WHY athletes have those black smudges under their eyes when playing sports and not one single boy could lol

    2. That’s a great story, Laurie! Glad you taught your teachers something. *grin*

      And exactly what Kat said. Seeing things differently, or even taking longer to understand them, doesn’t mean someone’s stupid. It just means they’re different and they process things differently. There’s nothing wrong with that.

      I’m not dyslexic, but sometimes I do have trouble grasping things–even simple things. I can’t tell you how often I got made fun of because I get left and right backward nearly half the time (among other things).

      Thanks so much for sharing and stopping by!

  6. Fav subject depended on the year… I went to 4 different high schools and had very different experiences…
    Sculpture and Pottery
    World History
    English – when taught by a former nun – a different year and I hated the teacher who I thought was stupid and the class was 🙁
    I am dyslexic too… and FYI, we compromise a more creative problem solver personality, which is why so many NASA employees are dyslexic…

    1. I went to a lot of different schools (before HS), so I know it’s hard. Especially when the different schools teach different things at different times. I was always playing catch up, it seemed.

      Thanks for commenting, Vanessa!

  7. A big thanks to everyone who commented!

    And another big thanks to The Queen of Tarts herself, Kat! As always, she’s a great host!

    Thanks so much, y’all. May all your TBR list continue to be filled with awesome books! 😀

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