Book Birthday party for Hearts of Shadow with Kira Brady + Contest!

Hearts of Shadow (Deadglass, #2)I absolutely positively adore book birthdays! I’m all about the party… and the cupcakes. But most of all the new stories!

Today The Book Tart is celebrating with Kira Brady! The second full length novel in her Deadglass series, Hearts of Shadow, is out now! *Snoopy Dance*

I fell in love with her storytelling last summer when I read Hearts of Darkness, Click HERE for my vlog review, and I have been counting down the days till this sequel. (I’ll pop up my review later this week. I’m behind of everything because of my squirrel brain and the Romantic Times Booklover Con) *head/desk*

But, I can say if you like relatable characters,  paranormal romance, amazing world building and really awesome supernaturals…. plus steampunk elements, then read Kira Brady!

Enjoy our chat and enter to win a copy of Hearts of Shadow!

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts



Me: Kira! Come on in! *Kermit flail* I am so happy you are visiting The Book Tart. Oh! Speaking of happy…. Happy Book Birthday! Hearts of Shadow (Deadglass, #2)Hearts of Shadow is here. 😀 I have cupcakes to celebrate! I should really have tarts… But I like cupcakes better. 😛 Do you do something silly to celebrate your book releases?

Kira: For the first one I went out for fancy donuts with Mr. Kira at Lola’s in Downtown Seattle and then went to visit my book on the shelf at Barnes and Noble. It was quite a thrill. For this one I’m going to get coffee with author friend Anna Richland and then probably visit my book on the shelf again. It’s fun to see it sitting there on the shelves next to my favorite authors!


Me: Oooh I can just picture that! You prolly Kermit flail too. 😀

*collapses on couch and waves at cupcake tray* Help yourself hon. You deserves lotsa cupcakes! I can only imagine how busy your last year has been. Two full length novels and a novella in less than a year! Tell us a bit about your Deadglass series pretty please.


photo 2 (2)Kira: I’ve also had two babies since I started writing the Deadglass Trilogy. It’s been hella busy! The Deadglass Trilogy is set in a gritty, alternate Seattle where two warring shapeshifter races fight for control of the cracked Gate to the Land of the Dead. The Kivati – shifters who can Change into totem animals of Raven, Thunderbird, Crow, and Wolf – try to protect the Gate between worlds. The Drekar – immortal dragon shifters who eat human souls – seek to destroy it. In the first book, a human woman who has no knowledge of the supernatural must team up with a mercenary werewolf to save the Gate from falling. In the second book, the new Drekar Regent and his aptrgangr hunter race to stop a demigod from destroying the city. In the third book, the leader of the Kivati and the prophesized Crane brave hell itself to put the Gates back in order and stop the Babylonian goddess of Chaos once and for all.


Me:Oh My Goodness hon. phew! Babies and dragons…. Well, I am in awe of your juggling skills <g> keep writing!

And can I tell you how excited I am about Leif’s story Hearts of Shadow? This much! *spreads arms wide and almost bops Kira* oops! Lol Well I am very glad his story is your second full length book. 😀 And I adore Grace! Can you share anything about what you’re working on now? *puppy eyes*


Kira: I’m working on edits for Hearts of Chaos, book 3 in the Deadglass Trilogy. The next paranormal romance I plan to write is set in an alternate Philadelphia with mad science and a sinister Ben Franklin. I’m also writing a steampunk picture book with ghost airship pirates and a fierce young girl who foils their plans.


Me: Really? Alternate Philly and then a steampunk picture book! Woohoo! Sign me up 😉

*smooth polka dot skirt over knees* I adore crinoline and big skirts and bows. Lol I spend my mad money on books and dresses. Oh! I’ve heard we might share a similar love of vintage and retro clothing… True or false? (this is a test and there might be a grade!)


Kira: YES! I adore retro clothing, though I freely admit I don’t pay much attention to historical accuracy. Much like my books, I like to be inspired by history but just make stuff up when it comes to putting it together. I have a total crush on polka dot dresses.


Me: Yay! I am delighted to know that! I too have an plethora of polkadots… they call my name and beg to be in my closet 😀 I NEED them.

Now hold onto your hat it’s about to get silly in here. Lol

How could you compare your writing process to knitting socks?


Kira: Oh, it’s exactly the same! The best part is daydreaming the beginning: pouring through patterns to find the best one, visiting the yarn store and fingering all the yarn (heh). I love world building and coming up with a new book to write. Starting is easy; the excitement carries over for the first few hours and pages. But then as I near the middle, my enthusiasm fades. I begin to realize that I’ve picked a particularly difficult pattern and it very well might take me years to finish my project. I begin to dream of other patterns and stories I might start next. I need to power through. Once I reach the climax – turning the heel – I can see the end. This section is vibrant – lots of explosions and/or interesting stitches. I know I can finish this book/sock, and be rewarded by getting to brainstorm and start the new project. And finally, after much grief, I type “The End” and block the sock. I usually need a little bit of a breather before I start at the beginning to edit the book and start the second sock.


And I think to myself, “after all that effort, I really wish I’d knit something that people will actually see and admire, like a hat.” Or with a book, “Gee, I hope this gets on a bookstore shelf someday.”


But worth it just the same. 🙂


 Me: *sigh* oohhh that’s perfect. I can totally picture that. And yes! finish the Book/Sock… maybe you can knit a sock with books on it? ;P Easy peasy… not! lol


I just made up a word unjap please make up a definition and use the word in a sentence. 😛


Kira: Unjap: a rare species of kelpie that resembles a dragonfly, luring its victims in with its pretty aerial acrobatics. Landing on its victim’s finger, it gives the bite of death, which turns the blood in its victim’s veins into water. The victim’s heart effectively drowns.


She watched the sparkling blue dragonfly twirl through the late autumn air. She reached out her finger, needing to touch that bit of magic still in the world, the gift of flight, the jewel of insect wings in the sun. The dragonfly landed. For a moment she didn’t breathe, afraid to scare the little creature. Too late, she saw the fangs and knew fear. Not a dragonfly then, but an unjap, and she, another willing lure. Despite her grandmother’s stern warnings: beware the woods. Two pinpricks on her skin, and then death poured in. Her heart, which only a few moments ago had felt so light, spluttered as the blood in her veins turned to water. She fell, eyes still on the glimmering wings. Her last sight was the fairy twirling into the air in another splendiferous summersault. Beauty defined.


 Me: *shivers* beautifully macabre. “Two pinpricks on her skin, and then death poured in.”

I do love your way with words. AND I’m staying away from Unjaps!


It’s time for

The Book Tart Quickie

  1. Do you believe in Sasquatch? Of course.
  2. Do you like TV talent shows? I don’t watch TV.
  3. What’s the cleverest word you know? Litter, as in a wheel-less vehicle carried by humans.
  4. Can you summersault? My three year old is trying to teach me.
  5. What is your fav candy? Charleston Chews
  6. Are you scared of spiders? Only poisonous ones. Luckily, we have no poisonous animals here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
  7. Do you like rain? I’m a native Seattleitte. My veins run with rain instead of blood.
  8. Who’s your favorite Villain/Baddie? Maleficent
  9. Have you ever wielded a sword? I’ve picked one up. Does that count? Yes!
  10. Do you own a lava lamp? No.


Me: Thank you darlin’ for having a play date with me. I am eager for more stories and adventures you tell. Oh! Can you take some cupcakes home with you?… I will eat them all. 😛

Kira: Thank you for having me! The cupcakes were delicious. 😀


(((hugs))) Kat


PS. Go forth and enter Kira’s giveaway for a chance to win her new book Hearts of Shadow! *points down* 😀


(Deadglass Book 2)

Release date: May. 7, 2013 |

Publisher: Zebra |

Genre:  Romance

Kira Brady (Author)
ISBN: 1420124579 |
ISBN-13: 9781420124576 |
Format: Mass Market Paperback and eBook
Grace Mercer’s unmatched wraith-killing ability made her the unofficial defender of a city shattered by supernatural catastrophe. So there’s no way she’ll allow the new regent of Seattle’s most powerful dragon shifter clan to “protect” her
from a vicious evil stalking the ruined streets—and keep her from the freedom she’s risked everything to earn.Leif’s science-honed instincts tell him Grace is the key to keeping shifters and humans safe. But helping this wary fighter channel her untapped power is burning away the dragon’s sensual self-control and putting a crucial alliance at risk. Soon the only chance Leif and Grace will have to save their world will be a dangerously fragile link that could forever unite their souls…or consume all in a storm of destruction.
♥ Buy this mass market paperback from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | Books-A-Million | Chapters | IndieBound
♥ Buy this ebook from: Amazon| Barnes & Noble

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More books by Kira

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More Kira:

A native Seattleitte, Kira spent her childhood hiking the rainy forests of the Pacific Northwest and drying out by the fire with a good book and a mug of something hot. She graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania, where she met her real life Prince Charming and promptly dragged him back to sunless Seattle. She fell in love with historic, haunted cities in graduate school. Now she writes about the twisted cities of her imagination, where wraiths and shape-shifters stalk the night and love redeems even the darkest heart. When not writing, she can be found drinking inordinately large mugs of Assam tea, knitting wool socks, and raising a wee heroine and hero-in-training.


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Now- May 15th, 2013

What:  a Print copy (US only) of

Hearts of Shadow from Kira Brady!

How: Use the rafflecopter and answer

One (or more) of the Quickie 10 questions Kira answered 🙂

*points up*



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    1. Mmmm I love Baby Ruth too! And Snickers… and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups… And well lol I have lots of favs 😛

      xoxo, Kat

    1. I am! meep! I loath them… I know they are good for eating bad bags and their webs can be pretty… but I watched Arachnaphobia as a child and was SCARRED for life! lol
      (((hugs))) Kat

  1. Wow, very happy to meet Kira! I’ll definitely have to look up those books–they sound awesome!

    As for sommersaulting, I CAN, but now I have to add it to the ever-growing list of things that make me motion sick! 🙁 (Including but not limited to: riding in the car on winding roads, swinging–I KNOW!–huge bummer!, and some amusement park rides…)

    No lava lamps here, but I know the kids would love one or several 😉

    1. Awww hon 🙁 no summersaults?! lol I rarely do them either… hurts my neck! I don’t to the tuck quite right!
      (((hugs))) Kat
      PS> I think you’ll love the Deadglass series!

  2. Do I own a lava lamp? No…I never cared for them even in the olden days…well, when they were popular in the 70’s? Maybe it was the 60’s.

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