Book Birthday Chat with Stuck On You author Cheryl Harper + Contest!

Stuck On You  by Cheryl HarperI adore the girls of the Kiss Me anthology! I met them around Valentine’s Day on twitter . Codi Gary and Jaclyn Hatcher have had The Book Tart Quickie treatment. 😉 They are all three full of the awesome!

Today is Cheryl Harper’s book birthday for her new book Stuck On You . I am in love! She is a complete hoot and I would totally wear a leopard swimsuit with her and rock a feather headdress if she did it too. lol

I can’t wait to visit the Rock’N’Rolla Hotel and read Stuck On You! Make sure you enter the contest *points down* and enjoy the madlibs too. lol

(((hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

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Me: Cheryl! You’re here you’re here! *sings* Happy Book Birthday to you, happy book birthday too youuuuu happy book birthday darlin’ Cheryl. Happy book birthday too-oo you! Cha-cha cha 😀 I have cupcakes! *Kermit flail* And I may have eaten a few already. Sit down hon and let’s chat boys and books! ‘Specially Stuck On You.


I adored your Kiss Me anthology with Codi Gary and Jaclyn Hatcher. I loved all the stories and have been eagerly waiting for more. I love your snark and heart and humor in your short story, Love Me Tender and bonus! it’s set around an Elvis themed hotel! *bounces on couch* Sooo Stuck On You is the first full length story in your Rock’N’Rolla Hotel series. Share a bit about it. Starting…. Now!

*takes a big bite of cupcake and looks at Cheryl expectantly*photo 2 (2)


Cheryl: Thanks so much for having me! Stuck On You is a mash-up reflecting my pop culture excesses. I dreamt up the Rock’n’Rolla Hotel as a place to strand the couple in “Love Me Tender.” As it usually does with me, the flake of an idea really snowballed and now I have this King-sized hotel which is perfect for some serious happily ever after. My heroine, Laura, is a waitress in a showgirl’s uniform with the heart of an accountant (but she might look a little like Kelly Monaco doing Dancing With the Stars). My hero, KT, is a ruggedly handsome and charming fish out of water who needs a little help finding his way. And around them…yeah, it’s like the American Idol of celebrity look-alikes, Elvis and otherwise. I hope it’s fun, funny, and sweet. Those are my favorite! Plus, there’s special promotional ebook pricing—99 CENTS! Give it a try while this price lasts. I hope you’ll love it!


Me: *squee!* That is a great sale! *click* all mine now… My precious!

Sooo…. Did you do any silly research things like try to wear a feather headdress or practice your imitation of Elton John? Do you have a favorite Elvis movie? Do you like peanut butter and banana sandwiches? Have you been to Vegas? *gasps for breath*


Cheryl: Ahem…well, it’s like this. I had only the basics in my head. The Elvis Googling has been intense. Feather headdresses, no, but if I had one, I’d totally wear it. Elton John, no. I do no impressions, but I do like wacky sunglasses. Favorite Elvis movie? Not really, but I have learned there’s a whole lot of hate in the world for Clambake. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches…I’ve made a study of these and my results are up on the blog this week. And Vegas…yes, I’ve been there. Of course, I can’t tell you about it. Because…well, you know.



Me: *looks for pillow to bop Cheryl with* gahhh! Such a tease. *splutters* I mean I know the Vegas things stay in Vegas. but. But. BUT! lol I’ll just have to imagine. 😛 I support The Elvis Googling! lol I support googling. *nods* It’s good to learn stuffs though sometimes I want a magic brain eraser! 😛

Please say you have more in store for the Rock’N’Rolla Hotel? *licks frosting off finger* I’m kinda messy…Oh! Oh! What do we get next from you? I know, this book birthday’s not even over and we want more. 😛


Cheryl: Next up is Can’t Help Falling in Love. In it, Tony, the tattooed ex-military hotel manager, faces off against Randa, a hotel heiress who’s got her own plans for the hotel. That’s coming up in August. And in December’s Santa, Bring My Baby Back to Me, you’ll meet Charlie. He’s been roped into performing weddings in the hotel.


Me: O8 Yay! That’s a busy schedule- I think you need another 1-1

Now let’s get down to business! These are things The Peoples need to know! Lol or really… me!


I just made up a word vegasative please make up a definition and use the word in a sentence *giggle*


Cheryl: Vegastive: able to blend in on the Strip

In my leopard-print swimsuit and feathered headdress, no one can argue that I am Vegasative.


Me:*chokes on cupcake crumbs and Cheryl helpfully thumps my back* You’ve gone native! bwahahahaha Vegasative! Perfect! 😉


If you had to choose between writing while wearing Elvis sideburns or while wearing a leopard print swimsuit, what would you pick and how could it help with your writing process?


Cheryl: I always wear a leopard-print swimsuit when I write. How did you know? Mainly it helps because I have to do less laundry, and I am a fan of anything that means less laundry. Plus, it goes better with the headdress I’ll be purchasing soon. Elvis sideburns are a danger. Just ask Lucky (*cough* Call out to the Kiss Me anthology…holla!).

Kiss Me: An Avon Books Valentine's Day Anthology  by Codi Gary, Cheryl Harper, Jaclyn Hatcher
Click For More


Me: Holla-back ;P I love Kiss Me! *head/desk* I need to write a review.

Oh! I am down with any less laundry ideas too. 😉

You didn’t think you were getting away without playing madlibs did you? *grabs Cheryl’s hem* come back! It’s fun… honest 😀 Just give me some words and make them as silly or sassy as you like.


Cheryl: I LOVE THIS SO HARD!!! Madlibs (and smiling) are my favorite! I’m channeling the King.



















Me: *Snorts* Love this!

Elvis’ Hound Dog

song mangled for Madlibs!

You ain’t nothin but a Chimpanzee
Swiveling all the time.
You ain’t nothin but a Chimpanzee
Swiveling all the time.
Well, you aint never caught a Peacock
And you ain’t no Banana of mine.

When they said you was Rhinestone classed,
Well, that was just a Shake.
When they said you was Rhinestone classed,
Well, that was just a Shake.
You ain’t never Snapped a rabbit
And you ain’t no friend of Building.


Me: *singing* You aint never caught a peacock and you ain’t no banana of mine. 😀


You are almost through hon…. But a few more quick questions that have been bounding around in my head…

The Book Tart Quickie

  1. Have you ever been canoeing/kayaking?: No, I don’t float.
  2. What’s your favorite snack food? Cheetos, the most perfect addiction in the world.
  3. Favorite lipgloss/lipstick?: Chocolate. (I don’t have a favorite lipstick or lip gloss so I’m answering the snack question again. I could totally answer that one all day.) Ooooh I LUVS you! And Chocolate is always the right answer.
  4. Have you ever built a snowman?:  (you’re from the south- I’m curious!) You bet! Southern kids learn to build ‘em small, build ‘em fast, and seize the day!
  5. Are you left or right handed?:  Right handed
  6. Ring tone on your phone?: Old fashioned telephone ring. It’s the only one I can hear over the blasting music in my car.
  7. What are you wearing right now? : Leopard-print bathing suit. Feathered headdress. I AM writing.
  8. What was the last song you danced to? I dance in my car while I drive. “Moves like Jagger” seems to pop up when I least expect it. Or Beastie Boys’ “Paul Revere” or Blake Shelton’s “Boys Round Here” or maybe Elvis’ “Stuck on You”. My music shuffle likes to keep me guessing.
  9. What’s your preferred playing piece in monopoly? The Scottie dog
  10. A fictional character you’d like to meet? Sherlock Holmes. No, really…Martin Freeman’s Watson. No, Rick Castle! I can’t choose!

Me: Awww you rock! Thank you so much for playing with me here at The Book Tart! I can’t wait for another playdate. Wanna take some cupcakes home?

*smishes* Kat


Cheryl: SO MUCH FUN!


Me: Oh! remember to enter the contest!

Also Codi Gary has a giveaway to win Cheryl’s book too. Click HERE

Stuck On YouStuck On You

Release date: Apr. 30, 2013 |
Publisher: Avon Impulse |
Genre: Romance
Cheryl Harper (Author)
ISBN: 0062276379 |
ISBN-13: 9780062276377 |
Format: Mass Market Paperback


Take a chance on love in the limelight with Cheryl Harper’s fun and flirty new series set in the wacky Elvis-themed Rock’n’Rolla Hotel.

Big shot producer KT Masters never apologizes. Especially not to showgirl waitresses. But when he tears Laura Charles’s feathered costume and she gives him a piece of her mind, it sets him aflame. In fact, between Laura’s feisty temper and how damn good she looks in that little number, KT wouldn’t mind seeing a lot more of that costume . . . balled up next to his bed, that is.Despite KT’s arrogant attitude, Laura can’t help but be drawn to him. And when he offers her the fling of a lifetime—a week spent in his gorgeous celebrity arms—she’s willing to play along . . . just so long as her heart stays out of it.But as things heat up between them, going back to the way things were isn’t so easy. Could their passion be the real thing . . . or just a vacation from reality?

♥ Buy this mass market paperback from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | Books-A-Million | Chapters | IndieBound

♥ Buy this ebook from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


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Cheryl HarperMore Cheryl

I am a lifelong Southern girl with a nice drawl, not quite so thick you’d have a hard time understanding but decent enough you might stop and ask me where I’m from. I spend my days staring out the window and fighting the urge to bolt from the chair I’m leaving fingernail marks in because I’m sure I’m failing miserably not quite reaching my potential. I hope someday soon that’ll get better (but I’m not holding my breath). I like romance. I like laughter. And when the two meet, I fall in love.

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Book Birthday CONTEST

Now- May 1st

Cheryl is giving one lucky commenter a

PRINT copy of Stuck On You

(US only)

Stuck On You  by Cheryl Harper

I’m giving one commenter

an digital copy of Stuck On You

 (PS. the ebook is on sale for .99)

To enter use the rafflecopter and leave us a comment telling us:

What’s a fav Elvis song or movie or memory?


Good Luck

You can get more entries by following us on twitter and following Cheryl’s blog 🙂 International entries welcome. Void in whole or in part where prohibited. Further Terms & Conditions detailed in the Rafflecopter

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13 Replies to “Book Birthday Chat with Stuck On You author Cheryl Harper + Contest!”

  1. Can’t Help Falling In Love With You is my favorite Elvis song. Hubby and I danced our first dance at our wedding to this song! Awww memories! 🙂

  2. My mom was a huge fan of Elvis while I was growing up. There didn’t seem to be a day that went by that one of his records wasn’t on the turn table. Does anyone else remember that beautiful “blue” album? Yeah, I wasn’t allowed to touch it, or even breathe on it. But it was so pretty, especially when you held it up to the light. 🙂

  3. Kat, I love it here. I’m going to stretch out on the couch and stay for a bit, okay? I love the Elvis talk. My mom had a ginormous stereo unit that took up most of the kitchen (in my memory) and so many albums. I remember the sound. It was amazing. My best Elvis memory was my first trip to Graceland. I was young-ish and it just seemed so magic. And sad. And magic.

    1. rotflol I am having the bestest time! You are a delicious, delightful and de-wonderful playdate!
      Happy Book Birthday darlin’
      (like my alteration?)

  4. What jumps out at me is playing Hound Dog over and over at home. That is the first thing I thought of when I read what you wanted comments on. I also enjoyed the “kitchy” Elvis movies … swoon worthy!!

  5. Good post and theme…lol….I guess my favorite Elvis song is Can’t Help Falling In Love With You and my favorite movie is Change of Habit with Mary Tyler Moore

  6. Easy question. My favorite Elvis song is definitely ‘Little Sister.’ I am a Little Sister so of course I would love it!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

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