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The Purple Cloud (Penguin Classics)  by M. P. Shiel, John Sutherland
Release date: Nov. 27, 2012 |  Publisher: Penguin Classics  
ISBN: 0141196424 | ISBN-13: 9780141196428 | Format: Paperback
The first great science fiction novel of the twentieth century—now available from Penguin ClassicsStrange, macabre, and, fantastical, M. P. Shiel's The Purple Cloud is a landmark work that heralded the genre of apocalyptic fiction. It tells the grandly bleak story of Adam Jeffson—the first man to reach the North Pole and the last man left alive on earth. A sweet-smelling cloud of poisonous gas has devastated the world, and as Jeffson travels the stricken globe in search of human life, he slowly succumbs to madness, unleashing fire and destruction on his planet.A new introduction by literary scholar John Sutherland explores The Purple Cloud's apocalyptic themes and Shiel's colorful private life.

Utopia (Penguin Classics)  by Thomas More, Dominic Baker-Smith
Release date: Dec. 24, 2012 |  Publisher: Penguin Classics |  Genre: General Fiction
ISBN: 0141442328 | ISBN-13: 9780141442327 | Format: Paperback
A major new translation of Thomas More's popular work of philosophical fiction In his most famous and controversial book, Utopia, Thomas More imagines a perfect island nation where thousands live in peace and harmony, men and women are both educated, and all property is communal. Through dialogue and correspondence between the protagonist Raphael Hythloday and his friends and contemporaries, More explores the theories behind war, political disagreements, social quarrels, and wealth distribution and imagines the day-to-day lives of those citizens enjoying freedom from fear, oppression, violence, and suffering. Originally written in Latin, this vision of an ideal world is also a scathing satire of Europe in the sixteenth century and has been hugely influential since publication, shaping utopian fiction even today

Death of a Hero  by  Richard Aldington
Release date: Feb. 26, 2013 |  Publisher: Penguin Classics |  Genre: General Fiction
ISBN: 0143106872 | ISBN-13: 9780143106876 | Format: Paperback
One of the great World War I antiwar novels—honest, chilling, and brilliantly satirical Based on the author's experiences on the Western Front, Richard Aldington's first novel, Death of a Hero, finally joins the ranks of Penguin Classics. Our hero is George Winterbourne, who enlists in the British Expeditionary Army during the Great War and gets sent to France. After a rash of casualties leads to his promotion through the ranks, he grows increasingly cynical about the war and disillusioned by the hypocrisies of British society. Aldington's writing about Britain's ignorance of the tribulations of its soldiers is among the most biting ever published. Death of a Hero vividly evokes the morally degrading nature of combat as it rushes toward its astounding finish.

The Divine Comedy: Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)  by Dante Alighieri, Robin Kirkpatrick, Eric Drooker
Release date: Feb. 26, 2013 |  Publisher: Penguin Classics |  Genre: General Fiction
ISBN: 0143107194 | ISBN-13: 9780143107194 | Format: Paperback
A stunning 3-in-1 deluxe edition of one of the great works of Western literature An epic masterpiece and a foundational work of the Western canon, The Divine Comedy describes Dante's descent into Hell with Virgil as his guide; his ascent of Mount Purgatory and reunion with his dead love, Beatrice; and, finally, his arrival in Heaven. Examining questions of faith, desire, and enlightenment and furnished with semiautobiographical details, Dante's poem is a brilliantly nuanced and moving allegory of human redemption. This acclaimed blank verse translation is published here for the first time in a one-volume edition.

Come Along with Me: Classic Short Stories and an Unfinished Novel  by Shirley Jackson
Release date: Feb. 26, 2013 |  Publisher: Penguin Classics |  Genre: Romance
ISBN: 0143107119 | ISBN-13: 9780143107118 | Format: Paperback
A haunting and psychologically driven collection from Shirley Jackson that includes her best-known story "The Lottery" At last, Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" enters Penguin Classics, sixty-five years after it shocked America audiences and elicited the most responses of any piece in New Yorker history. In her gothic visions of small-town America, Jackson, the author of such masterworks as The Haunting of Hill House and We Have Always Lived in the Castle, turns an ordinary world into a supernatural nightmare. This eclectic collection goes beyond her horror writing, revealing the full spectrum of her literary genius. In addition to Come Along with Me, Jackson's unfinished novel about the quirky inner life of a lonely widow, it features sixteen short stories and three lectures she delivered during her last years.

Tales of the German Imagination from the Brothers Grimm to Ingeborg Bachmann (Penguin Classics)  by Peter Wortsman
Release date: Feb. 26, 2013 |  Publisher: Penguin Classics |  Genre: Speculative Fiction
ISBN: 014119880X | ISBN-13: 9780141198804 | Format: Paperback
Spanning the Brothers Grimm to Kafka and beyond, a new collection of the most strange and fantastical German stories from the past 200 years Franz Kafka posthumously cornered the nightmare market in the twentieth century. Yet in our adulation of Kafka's wonderfully bizarre prose, English-language readers tend to overlook the fact that he was not spawned Athena-like from the cranium of German literature. Kafka had his precursors among the German Romantics, as well as his contemporaries working in kindred veins and his heirs in post–World War II Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. This rich and varied anthology gathers together many haunting stories, from the dark fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, to Kafka's own chilling satire "In the Penal Colony," to the surreal fantasies of Kurt Schwitter in "The Onion."

Botchan (Penguin Translated Texts)  by Natsume Soseki, J. Cohn
Release date: Mar. 26, 2013 |  Publisher: Penguin Classics |  Genre: General Fiction
ISBN: 014139188X | ISBN-13: 9780141391885 | Format: Paperback
One of Japan's most treasured novels—new to Penguin Classics A hilarious tale about a young man's rebellion against "the system" in a country school, Natsume Soseki's Botchan has enjoyed a timeless popularity in Japan. The setting is Japan's deep south, where the author himself spent some time teaching English in a boys' school. Into this conservative world, with its social proprieties and established pecking order, breezes Botchan, down from the big city and with scant respect for either his elders or his noisy young charges. The result is a light, funny, fast-paced novel.

Appointment in Samarra (Penguin Classics Deluxe Editio)  by John O'Hara
Release date: Apr. 30, 2013 |  Publisher: Penguin Classics |  Genre: General Fiction
John O'Hara (Author)
ISBN: 0143107070 | ISBN-13: 9780143107071 | Format: Paperback
The writer Fran Lebowitz called “the real F. Scott Fitzgerald” makes his Penguin Classics debut with this beautiful deluxe edition of his best-loved book One of the great novels of small-town American life, Appointment in Samarra is John O’Hara’s crowning achievement. In December 1930, just before Christmas, the Gibbsville, Pennsylvania, social circuit is electrified with parties and dances. At the center of the social elite stand Julian and Caroline English. But in one rash moment born inside a highball glass, Julian breaks with polite society and begins a rapid descent toward self-destruction.

Brimming with wealth and privilege, jealousy and infidelity, O’Hara’s iconic first novel is an unflinching look at the dark side of the American dream—and a lasting testament to the keen social intelligence if a major American writer.

Captains of the Sands  by Jorge Amado
Release date: May. 28, 2013 |  Publisher: Penguin Classics |  Genre: General Fiction
Jorge Amado (Author)
ISBN: 014310635X | ISBN-13: 9780143106357 | Format: Paperback
A Brazilian Lord of the Flies, about a group of boys who live by their wits and daring in the slums of Bahia They call themselves “Captains of the Sands,” a gang of orphans and runaways who live by their wits and daring in the torrid slums and sleazy back alleys of Bahia. Led by fifteen-year-old “Bullet,” the band—including a crafty liar named “Legless,” the intellectual “Professor,” and the sexually precocious “Cat”—pulls off heists and escapades against the right and privileged of Brazil. But when a public outcry demands the capture of the “little criminals,” the fate of these children becomes a poignant, intensely moving drama of love and freedom in a shackled land. Captains of the Sands captures the rich culture, vivid emotions, and wild landscape of Bahia with penetrating authenticity and brilliantly displays the genius of Brazil’s most acclaimed author.

The Violent Land  by Jorge Amado
Release date: May. 28, 2013 |  Publisher: Penguin Classics |  Genre: General Fiction
Jorge Amado (Author)
ISBN: 0143106376 | ISBN-13: 9780143106371 | Format: Paperback
From the great Brazilian author, an exotic tale of greed, madness, and a dispute between two powerful families over land on the cocoa-rich coast of Bahia The siren song of the lush, cocoa-growing forests of Bahia lures them all—the adventurers, the assassins, the gamblers, the brave and beautiful women. It is not a gentle song, but a song of greed, madness, and blood. It is a song that promises riches untold, or death for the price of a swig of rum . . . a song most cannot resist—until it is too late—not Margot, the golden blond prostitute who comes for love; not Cabral, the unscrupulous lawyer who works for one of the Cacao “colonels”; and not Juca, whose ruthless quest to reap the jungle’s harvest plants the seeds of his own destruction.

Total records in query: 27     Total pages: 3
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