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Release date: May. 15, 2012 |  Publisher: Hyperion Book CH |  Genre: General Fiction
Katie Alender (Author)
ISBN: 1423134729 | ISBN-13: 9781423134725 | Format: Hardcover
It's been three months since Alexis helplessly witnessed Lydia Small's violent death, and all she wants is for her life to return to normal.

But normal people don’t see decaying bodies haunting photographs. Normal people don’t have to deal with regular intrusions from Lydia’s angry ghost, sometimes escalating to terrifying attacks.

At first, it seems that Lydia wants revenge on Alexis alone. But a girl from school disappears one night, and Alexis spots one of Lydia’s signature yellow roses lying on the girl’s dresser the next day. Soon, it becomes clear that several of Alexis’s friends are in danger, and that she's the only person who can save them. But as she tries to intervene, Alexis realizes that her enemy is a much more powerful ghost than she's ever faced before... and that its fate is tied to hers in ways she couldn't possibly imagine.

Not even in her worst nightmares. 

The Undertow by Jo Baker
Release date: May. 15, 2012 |  Publisher: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group |  Genre: Suspense
Jo Baker (Author)
ISBN: 0307958361 | ISBN-13: 9780307958365 | Format: eBook

The Cottage at Glass Beach by Heather Barbieri
Release date: May. 15, 2012 |  Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers |  Genre: General Fiction
ISBN: 0062107984 | ISBN-13: 9780062107985 | Format: eBook

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Release date: May. 15, 2012 |  Publisher: McSweeney's |  Genre: Literary
ISBN: 1936365596 | ISBN-13: 9781936365593 | Format: Hardcover
Follows four friends, all devout Catholics from poor, but proud, Italian families as they advance from adolescence to manhood, fighting the problems and uncertainty of youth, while attracted to the same hyper-sexual woman.

Nohow On: Company, Ill Seen Ill Said, and Worstward Ho  by Samuel Beckett
Release date: May. 15, 2012 |  Publisher: Grove Press  
ISBN: 0802144462 | ISBN-13: 9780802144461 | Format: Paperback
Collected here in one volume, Samuel Beckett’s three novels, which are among the most beautiful and disquieting of his later prose works, come together with the powerful resonance of his famous Three Novels: Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable.
In Company, a voice comes to “one on his back in the dark” and speaks to him, describing significant moments in life, and yet we are told it is all a fable, memories or figments devised or imagined for the sake of company. Ill Seen Ill Said focuses attention on an old woman in a cabin who is part of the objects, landscape, rhythms, and movements of an incomprehensible universe. And in Worstward Ho, Beckett explores a tentative, uncertain existence in a world devoid of rational meaning and purpose. Here is language pared down to its most expressive, confirming Beckett’s position as one of the great writers of our time.

Boys of Summer  by Steve Berman
Release date: May. 15, 2012 |  Publisher: Bold Strokes Books |  Genre: Romance
Steve Berman (Author)
ISBN: 1602826633 | ISBN-13: 9781602826632 | Format: Paperback
Walt Whitman referred to a "Mad, naked, Summer Night!" In the pages of Boys of Summer, acclaimed editor Steve Berman's latest anthology, talented authors and fresh voices reveal the allure and excitement of the season for gay teens. June always promises romance. July entices with its raw heat, and August offers a languid fire that will burn out before autumn's approach. These are stories of young love and adventure, when the sky's ceiling is a bright blue marvel, when another boy's laughter at the beach can distract from dull summer jobs.

The Columbus Affair by Steve Berry
Release date: May. 15, 2012 |  Publisher: Random House Publishing Group |  Genre: Suspense
Steve Berry (Author)
ISBN: 0345526538 | ISBN-13: 9780345526533 | Format: eBook

Working Parts  by Lucy Jane Bledsoe
Release date: May. 15, 2012 |  Publisher: Bywater Books |  Genre: General Fiction
ISBN: 1612940218 | ISBN-13: 9781612940212 | Format: Paperback
Praise for "Working Parts" "To witness this wonderfully original character find renewal in a previously alien landscape makes for a liberating and joyous excursion in reading."--"San Francisco Chronicle""Bledsoe's funny and sad, moving and thoughtful, smoothly written and eminently enjoyable first novel may prove to be her breakthrough."--"Booklist"""Working Parts "is fresh, engaging, witty, and deft."--Felice PicanoLori is an ace bicycle mechanic. She's smart and she can fix anything. She's also an expert at concealing the fact that she can't read. Her fellow mechanic Mickey has his own secret; he's a virgin. The two best friends strike a deal; Lori will learn to read and Mickey will learn to kiss. Unprepared for the emotional toll their pact brings, the friends struggle with changing their lives and with each other. "Working Parts "is a novel that explores the meaning of friendship and illuminates the dark places where our greatest fears lurk.Lucy Jane Bledsoe is the author of four novels, a collection of short fiction, a collection of narrative nonfiction, and six books for kids. Lucy has traveled to Antarctica three times, twice as a recipient of the National Science Foundation's Artists and Writers in Antarctica Fellowship. She is the recipient of the 2009 Sherwood Anderson Prize for Fiction, the 2009 Arts & Letters Fiction Prize, as well as a California Arts Council Fellowship, a PEN Syndicated Fiction Award, and an American Library Association Stonewall Award.

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Release date: May. 15, 2012 |  Publisher: Perfect Crime Books |  Genre: Mystery/Suspense, Mystery
ISBN: 1935797328 | ISBN-13: 9781935797326 | Format: Paperback

The Locket and the Flintlock  by Rebecca S. Buck
Release date: May. 15, 2012 |  Publisher: Bold Strokes Books |  Genre: General Fiction
ISBN: 1602826641 | ISBN-13: 9781602826649 | Format: Paperback
Will the masked outlaw who stole Lucia’s locket also claim her heart?

When Miss Lucia Foxe is robbed by a band of shadowy highwaymen, she does not realize this frightening event will change her life forever. Her brave quest to retrieve her stolen locket brings her into close contact with the thieves and their dashing and fearless masked leader, Len Hawkins. But there is more to Len than meets the eye. Beneath the robber’s mask lies a woman who, in her heart, is not really so very different from Lucia.

As their unlikely love grows against the backdrop of the poverty and violent protest of Regency England, Lucia learns how much more there is to the world than her upbringing has taught her. Len flirts with death every day, and eventually, an attempt at exacting revenge on her cruel father threatens to snatch her from Lucia’s arms.

Will Len survive her encounter with death and avoid the retribution of the agents of justice? And can respectable gentlewoman Lucia love Len enough to sacrifice everything she knows?

Total records in query: 84     Total pages: 9
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