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2012 May 29

Devilishly Sexy (Devilishly 2)  by Kathy Love
Release date: May. 29, 2012 |  Publisher: Kensington |  Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance
Kathy Love (Author)
ISBN: 0758265883 | ISBN-13: 9780758265883 | Format: Paperback
Demon slayer Michael Archer longs for the old days when his work required a lot less strategizing and a lot more ass-kicking. Unfortunately, his current boss at "Hot!" magazine, a.k.a. Central Demon Intelligence, is more concerned with bad press than beheading...Hot! fashionista Liza McLane has been possessed by an exasperatingly chatty demon that can only be hushed by high doses of Benadryl. But when Michael spots her gulping a handful of pills, he assumes it's a suicide attempt. Next thing Liza knows, she's under Michael's sizzling watch...Now Michael's in the bind of his life. He's just saved a demon - who happens to be stuck inside a woman he's wildly attracted to - which goes against all his principles. What's a demon slayer to do?

Total records in query: 1     Total pages: 1
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