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Fallen Angel  by Eden Bradley
Release date: Jun. 19, 2012 |  Publisher: HQN Books |  Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance
Eden Bradley (Author)
ISBN: 0373777175 | ISBN-13: 9780373777174 | Format: Mass Market Paperback
Was she heaven-sent...or more heartbreak waiting to happen? Haunted by a military mission that ended in personal tragedy, Declan Byrne still bears a soldier's scars. As a park ranger on  the secluded Mendocino coast, he guards his heart while standing ready for anything. Anything except a beautiful, ethereal woman with a mysterious past, falling from the cliffs to the rocks below.  Angel, as Declan decides to call her, has no memory  of what happened. But as her body heals, disturbing dreams emerge. In Declan's protective care, Angel feels safe to act on the undeniable passion between them, without the threats from old, unnameable demons. And, in time, she senses Declan needs her  as desperately as she needs him. But when her past returns  with a vengeance, Declan must decide just how much he's willing  to risk in order to keep the woman he loves safe.

The Dark Garden by Eden Bradley
Release date: May. 29, 2007 |  Publisher: Bantam  
Eden Bradley (Author)
ISBN: 0553589733 | ISBN-13: 9780553589733 | Format: Paperback
If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey . . . get ready to enter The Dark Garden.

A deliciously potent tale of one woman’s quest for self-discovery.

Rowan Cassidy likes to be in charge—especially in her personal life. As a mistress at Club Privé, the most exclusive bondage/S & M club on the West Coast, Rowan can live out her dominant fantasies safely, and with complete control—until the night Christian Thorne walks in. Self-confident and sophisticated, he’s a natural dominant if Rowan’s ever seen one. Yet she can’t stop thinking about him and imagining his touch.

Christian has returned home, hoping to break free from his dissatisfaction and malaise—and discovers the cure in Rowan. He’s dying to get his skilled hands on her and watch her surrender, to unlock the mystery of her that captivates him. Determined to be her master, he makes Rowan a daring proposition: give herself over to him for thirty days.

Rowan finds Christian’s offer terrifying—and impossible to resist. But abandoning herself to Christian’s power might be more than she can handle. . . . Or it might be the realization of her true nature and the dark garden within her. There will be only one way to find out. And once the game has begun, there’s no turning back.

Temptation's Edge  by Eden Bradley
Release date: Oct. 24, 2012 |  Publisher: Berkley Trade |  Genre: General Fiction
Eden Bradley (Author)
ISBN: 0425267601 | ISBN-13: 9780425267608 | Format: Paperback
From the author of The Dark Garden (written under the name Eden Bradley)...

What happens when you let yourself fall over the edge...and into temptation?

Mischa Kennon isn't one to take it lying down, at least not until she meets sexy Connor Galloway, a green-eyed Irishman with an air of authority she finds hard to resist. While performing duties as maid of honor to her best friend, Mischa indulges in a casual relationship with Connor. She's surprised by the thrill of his dominance, and lusts for more feisty battles before surrender.

It's all fun and games in the BDSM Pleasure Dome Club, until Mischa realizes Connor could master her heart. If she gives in to desire, will it be too much to handle, or will it open her to a kind of love she never thought possible?

Desire's Edge  by Eden Bradley
Release date: Oct. 24, 2012 |  Publisher: Berkley Trade |  Genre: General Fiction
Eden Bradley (Author)
ISBN: 0425267598 | ISBN-13: 9780425267592 | Format: Paperback
One woman discovers the freedom of giving in to desire in the latest from the author of Pleasure's Edge.
Sexual dominant Dante De Matteo knew Kara Crawford back in high school, but he never imagined her darkest fantasies would align so perfectly with his. When Dante lands a job at Kara's law firm, intense desire draws them closer while deep-rooted fears threaten to pull them apart- unless they can embrace both the pain and pleasure of love.

**Winner of the 2011 Holt Medallion Award!**

Pleasure's Edge  by Eden Bradley
Release date: Oct. 24, 2012 |  Publisher: Berkley Trade |  Genre: General Fiction
Eden Bradley (Author)
ISBN: 042526758X | ISBN-13: 9780425267585 | Format: Paperback
A sensual new novel of losing control-and finding the ultimate pleasure.

For beautiful erotica author Dylan Ivory, being in control is everything. Then she meets the man who is everything she is not...and everything she wants.

Alec Walker writes dark psychological thrillers-and he lives for thrills. His tastes extend into the bedroom as well, where he lets no rules bind his desires. The only thing he fears is true love...

While researching a book, Dylan interviews Alec-and longs to taste the temptation he offers. But he's a self-proclaimed dominant and she refuses to surrender control. Slowly, Alec shows her that by letting go and submitting to his every desire she can experience the ultimate pleasure. But to keep the woman who for the first time brings him to his knees, can Alec take the ultimate risk and surrender his heart?

Breaking Skye  by Eden Bradley
Release date: Feb. 4, 2013    
Eden Bradley (Author)
ISBN: B00BB2RVXK | ISBN-13: B00BB2RVXK | Format: eBook
Another scintillating BDSM romance from the author of SANCTUARY and THE DARK GARDEN!

When power play becomes more than just a game...

BDSM. Submission. Spanking...These are the things Skye has always craved, the desires she has never allowed herself to explore. Until now. She thought she was looking for a single experience, something to purge these strange yearnings from her system. Instead she finds a man whose absolute authority and stunning good looks leave her breathless, willing to do anything he asks of her. But only for one night...

Adam has other ideas. Skye could be the perfect submissive once he's done training her--for someone else. For him, that's always the way it's been. But Skye is different. Enticing. Intoxicating. Irresistible. Soon all he can think of is breaking Skye--and keeping her for himself.

~Includes tons of bonus content! Excerpts from five of Eden Bradley's books, plus added excerpts from authors R.G. Alexander and Robin L. Rotham!

*BREAKING SKYE was originally published in 2006-it has now been rewritten and doubled in length.

Forbidden Fruit<span  style=text-transform: capitalize; font-size: 16px;> [Unabridged]</span>  by Eden Bradley
Release date: Jan. 29, 2013    
Eden Bradley (Author)
ISBN: B00B103938 | ISBN-13: B00B103938 | Format: Audiobook

Getting Scrooged (The Smutketeers Present...A Kinky Christmas Carol)  by Eden Bradley
Release date: Dec. 9, 2012    
Eden Bradley (Author)
ISBN: B00ALOIZP2 | ISBN-13: B00ALOIZP2 | Format: eBook
The Smutketeers Present: A Kinky Christmas Carol Series!

Blinded to the Present...Avoiding the Future...Running from the Past

The Knight Family is a wealthy, powerful Chicago clan that knows everything there is to know about making money--but they have plenty to learn about love. In this three series novella--Eden Bradley's Getting Scrooged, Robin L Rotham's Not So Tiny Tim and R.G. Alexander's Marley in Chains--you'll meet Holly Knight, her nephew Tim, and her cousin Marley Knight-Williams as they face their ghosts, fulfill their fantasies and finally discover the magic of Christmas.


Blinded to the present...

Holly Knight doesn't have time for Christmas. As the head of Knight Enterprises in Chicago, she doesn't have time for anything, not even a personal life--other than her brief, secret liaisons with men who remain strangers. Until a new stranger comes to town...

Ebenezer Hall is a 'closer'. His job: negotiate a merger with a woman who is as notorious for being a hard-ass as he is for being a charmer no one can resist--and he's not above mixing business with pleasure as long as it'll get him what he wants.

The chemistry is sizzling hot, and things get even hotter when Ben's friends and long-time lovers Justin and Kit arrive in Chicago. Three gorgeous men are even more exciting than one, and Holly's body is sated in ways she's never even dreamed of. But she can't allow herself to be distracted for long--her priority is always business...and protecting her heart.

Can an infamous playboy and a hard-hearted corporate mogul ever admit to their heart's desires? Or will it take a little holiday magic for them to realize that all they want for Christmas is each other?

Warning: Contains all ingredients for the perfect kinky holiday: Three men demonstrating blow-job techniques--on each other--because the author couldn't resist. Neither can Holly. Neither will you. A little sensual domination, because Ben can't resist. Neither can Holly. Or Justin. Or Kit. Put it all together with some Christmas magic and mix--vigorously. Served hot. Best enjoyed with a side of sex toys.

Lovers  by Eden Bradley
Release date: Nov. 2, 2012 |  Publisher: Mills & Boon  
Eden Bradley (Author)
ISBN: 0263905802 | ISBN-13: 9780263905809 | Format: Paperback
I longed for a whole new life...but nothing prepared me for what I found Shy writer Bettina has clung for years to her safe, suburban world, until she receives a mysterious invitation to an infamous writers' retreat. Her urge to leap into the unknown is at once terrifying and irresistible. Shocked, yet wildly drawn to the lavish, pleasure-seeking lifestyle of those around her, Bettina knows that these eight weeks will change her forever. Swept up in a maelstrom of lust, obsession and jealousy, Bettina finds herself torn between her need for two very different people in a love triangle where she will either be cherished...or consumed.

The Dark Garden<span  style=text-transform: capitalize; font-size: 16px;> [Unabridged]</span>  by Eden Bradley
Release date: Sep. 4, 2012    
Eden Bradley (Author)
ISBN: B0095PDWME | ISBN-13: B0095PDWME | Format: Audiobook

Total records in query: 11     Total pages: 2
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