Christmas Traditions with La Revenant!

Christmas Traditions

Naughty or and Nice

Hello all, this is La Revenant stopping by to talk a bit about my holiday season and the traditions my husband, G, and I are beginning to create in our home. To begin with, we decorated our tree, whilst blasting Christmas Music on the stereo system.


After which, we set down to decorate our stockings with glitter glue and our very own artwork!



Next we made some sugar cookies and imbibed in a bit of holiday cheer, (i.e. Gluhwein, which is a spiced wine) yum!



The sugar cookie making is a tradition from G’s childhood and we felt it was a good time to carry on the festive act of baking cookies. We really got into, making ornaments, wreaths, snowman, stockings, and boobies and penises! LOL this nice tradition definitely took on a bit of a naughty twist.


image image










So tell me, what holiday traditions do you carry on each year?


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas filled with laughter, love, and some naughty and nice 😉


Much Love,


La Revenant


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