Frantic Fridays ~ Saving The Book Tart…

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Frantic Fridays

Saving The Book Tart

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My life is WAY out of control right now. But I am so very thankful for the book loving community who have given me virtual hugs, made me grin and even made me cry happy tears, and to impose some order on a small corner of my world… This Blog. It’s always been a labor of love and I was afraid it would crumble. Awesomesauce friends (old and new) are helping me Save The Book Tart From Moving Madness! 😛 I’m giving away a $40 gift card and more prizes are getting added every day along with excerpts and guest posts and well… lotsa virtual hugs. See?

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I’m moving next weekend! Gahhh! And I’m not even close to ready… There’s the packing and looking for a new job details.  I’m trying to calm down and be patient while the repair work very slowly moves forward on the house I am planning to make into a home with my Bookstore Beau… And that I’ll be moving into NEXT weekend! 😯

This is the living room after the ceiling and insulation fell down on June 30th.


We had to get a personal loan to pay for the asbestos abatement because the insurance says it’s not covered. 🙁  But Hazardous Waste Technology, INC. of Colorado Springs, gave us a contract with an amazing military discount that minimized the financial pain. They cleaned up the asbestos and now the living room is ready for repairs.
Suiting up to deal with the asbestos
The safety entrance for the guys to clean up the asbestos. They went through the kitchen. Like our bulletin board wall?

Now the asbestos  is gone! (Kermit flail!) All the insulation is cleaned up and the ceiling is cut back to the wall. It’s frustrating to see what’s happening via facetime/photos from my Beau and wishing I could help move things along. It WILL be fixed. It’s just taking longer than I’d hoped.

I am excited about moving to Colorado Springs to be with my Beau. Even with all this drama *points up* I still get a goofy smile when I think about him and this next step in our life together.
And I’ve rambled! But. I wanted ya’ll to know I’m getting my feet under me and moving forward with the help of YOU! Thank you again. Please stop by and support the authors who’ve reached out to help me get back up after being knocked for a loop. Remember to click HERE to enter my Save The Book Tart From Moving Madness event.
(((hugs))) Kat
The Queen of Tarts


3 Replies to “Frantic Fridays ~ Saving The Book Tart…”

  1. Glad stuff is moving forward and I think the house will be amazing. And, it’s better that the asbestos is out now than when you would be selling the house and find out. If that wasn’t in the real estate engineer inspection report when you bought the house when they know a house built before whatever the year you mentioned before would contain it, you may have recourse there. Of course, sometimes it’s better to let it go and just move on.

    Sorry you’re having a tough time. But also it’s an exciting time for you. You’re engaged and moving in together!!!! YAY! I know things are going to be beautiful for you.


  2. Thanks for the update … looks like everything is moving forward to a perfect conclusion … I know, slower than you prefer … but forward is awesome. Good luck with the move next week. 🙂

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