Frantic Fridays ~ Beautiful Disaster?

Queen Frantic Fridays

Frantic Fridays

Beautiful Disaster?

Or a book collection turned into a less stress inducing library when my friend Dawn enforced order onto my chaos.

(The much longer title!) πŸ˜‰

From the mixed up desk of the

Queen of Tarts

Tartlandia, Far Far Away


And again I am frantic… I haven’t had time (or made time… my time management skills are lacking and my dry cleaners lost my Super Woman cape!) It has been over 6 weeks since my last Frantic post! Meep!

Sorry all… I’m still here… ish (hmmm I like overusing periods… don’t I? πŸ˜› ) This summer has been running me ragged. But I did have a lovely moment of peace. And the peace and joy keeps spreading. A few weeks ago one of my besties, Dawn of Day Dreaming Book Reviews, came to visit me in the mountains of Colorado and met my mountains of books.
photo 1 (2)
I admit it… I may have a slight, eensy weensie book collecting habit. It’s been better in the last few months (because I haven’t had time to shop!) I used to buy 20-30 new books a month and now I’m down to 3-8 a month… It wouldn’t have been so well… hoardy and dragon-ish if my reading kept up with my buying. But it doesn’t. Hence the stacks and piles in my beautiful disaster.
My loft stair is a good book shelf
My loft stair is a good book shelf



ummm this was stressing me out
ummm this was stressing me out
I just kept shoving books up here...
I just kept shoving books up here…

Dawn was able to visit me for a few days πŸ˜€ She fed me and had me buy a crock pot so I have to potential to eat meals and not just snack. She listened to me and snuggled with me, She taught me how to make a tutu, she did our pajama party book reading night, and she helped me dye my hair very red… but besides just hanging with me she enforced order onto my chaos! It was starting to overwhelm me. Dawn said I wasn’t maximizing my shelf space and somehow her tricky, puzzle brain mind got all my books neatly on shelves! It looks amazing! see? *points down*

photo 3
photo 5
photo 2
I am so blissed out that she did this for me! I needed the help. I would look around at all my book accumulating and feel a bit overwhelmed. I love looking at my books now and not tripping over them as much either. πŸ™‚
This weeks’ Frantic Friday is to celebrate the frantic JOY I feel at having my books on shelves! If I’d planned better I’d do a giveaway now because Dawn found some duplicates, but that’ll come the end of July when I’m back from this trip..
Enjoy your weekend! If you have pics of your books (and hopefully messy shelves) email them to me pretty please. I want to make sure I’m not alone in my collecting. πŸ™‚
photo 2 (3)
(((hugs))) Kat
The Queen of Tarts
(Who is NOT a hoarder but a collector πŸ˜€ )
PS. If you want to see my 10+ book shelves in my house click HERE

4 Replies to “Frantic Fridays ~ Beautiful Disaster?”

  1. I seriously bought a house because the front formal living room was the PERFECT SPOT for a giant BOOKCASE!!! (what’s the book equivalent to nomnomnom?)

    I overlooked the fact that the kitchen counter is on 1000% display to anyone who comes to my front door because — BOOKCASE!

    It took me a serious weekend, but BOOKCASE. (floor to ceiling, entire wall)

    books are the bestest…and friends who come help you organize are even better. it looks so pretty!

  2. I had a wonderful visit with you Miss Kat and look forward to coming back soon to help REALLY get you organized. But let me tell you all those pic don’t show you half of her book shelves! lol

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