Cover Reveal for C.A. Szarek’s The Fae Ring

I adore fairies and paranormal romance and I’m so happy to be able to share C.A. Szarek’s cover for book 2 in her Highland Secret series! Take a look at The Fae Ring and at the series. Click HERE for my review of book 1 The Tartan MP3 Player. 🙂

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Cover Reveal

The Fae Ring

Title: The Fae King

Author: C.A. Szarek

Expected Publication Date: Late May/Early June

Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance

Series: Highland Secrets #2

Book Two in the time travel, fantasy romance trilogy, Highland Secrets!


She’s always been a dutiful daughter… 

Janet MacLeod has spent the last ten years dedicated to her clan, acting as the Lady of the castle—at the cost of her own happiness.

She aches every time she looks at her brothers, both happy with their wives, and wants nothing more than a love of her own. 

He’s a broken soldier…

Xander, a former Fae Warrior, sacrificed his wings and magic to live in the Human

Realm and became a traitor to his people.

When he finds Janet forlorn on the beach, Xander gives her a ring he’s had since childhood, not realizing it’ll reveal her as his fated mate.

The ring’s magic activates the Faery Stones, and Janet is sucked into the Fae Realm. Her life is in immediate danger, for the Fae sense—and seek to destroy—any human who dares step into their world.

Xander is the only one who can retrieve her, but he too, wears a target.

Can he rescue his soul-mate and return with her to the Human Realm or will temptation of great magic and the rebirth of his wings force him to abandon their destiny? Duncan promises to help Claire get home, even though his desire to have her wars with his vow.

Torn between familiarity of the present and what she wants in the past, can Claire help Duncan find his brother and get back to the future? Will she even want to?

Book 1
The Tartan MP3 Player (Highland Secrets, #1)
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Chrissy 002More C.A.

C.A. is originally from Ohio, but got to Texas as soon as she could. She is married and has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

She works with kids when she’s not writing.

She’s always wanted to be a writer and is overjoyed to share her stories with the world.

C.A. Szarek is also author of Collision Force, Chance Collision, and Sword’s Call and Love’s Call.

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