Real Wives of Texas Ranchers with heroines from Leah Braemel + Cynthia D’Alba + Contest!

real house wives1Ha! I LOVES This! Leah Braemel and Cynthia D’Alba give us The Real Wives Of Texas Ranchers with their heroines from Slow Ride Home and Texas Tango. 😀 I adore getting this peak into their worlds. For more, get their books!

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♥ Real Wives of Texas Ranchers♥

By Leah Braemel + Cynthia D’Alba



Green Room, Dallas Television Station



Real Wives of Texas Ranchers



Allie O’Keefe, fiancée of Ben Grady (Bull’s Hollow Ranch)

and Dr. Caroline Graham Montgomery, wife of Travis Montgomery (Halo M Ranch)



20 minutes before the start of the show.


Caroline: Anyone here?

Allie O: *enters the room behind Caroline.*

Caroline: Hi. You must be Allie.

Allie O: Hi Caroline, it’s nice to meet you

Caroline: You too.

Caroline: Did you get the list of questions from the studio?

Allie O: Yes, I did. They’re a little intrusive, don’t you think?

Caroline: No kidding. I think I’ll ignore the one about the strangest place we made woopiee!

Allie O: Definitely. I do not want a judge or jury remembering that tidbit the next time I have to defend a client in court.

Caroline: HA! No kidding. Same with my patients. It’s hard for them to take me seriously when they’re picturing me and Travis on the tractor!

Allie O: Though I sure hope there weren’t any cameras in that elevator.

Caroline: *snickers* So where did you meet Ben?

Allie O: On his family’s ranch — my dad used to work for his family. Which meant we both got assigned a lot of chores mucking out the barns and stuff together.

Caroline: Mucking out the barn! That’s Travis’s punishment for my brother and the foreman’s kids when the act up! I don’t know if you knew that my brother lives with us. He’s fourteen and a teenager in every way.

Allie O: Ben’s brother is half-owner of the ranch, well, a third now, but he’s in his twenties and doesn’t hang around us much, thankfully. Having a fourteen year old must put a crimp in your love life.

Caroline: You are not kidding about crimp in your love life! Luckily the master suite in our house is downstairs AND on the other side of the house from Noah’s room

Allie O: How about you and Travis?

Caroline: How about us what? Oh yeah, where we met. Well, when I came to Whispering Springs and took the job at the medical clinic, my medical partner, Lydia Henson, took me to her fiancé’s house for dinner. Travis is Lydia’s fiancé’s brother. Got all that? 

Allie O: Partner’s fiancee’s brother … so if you and Travis get married, you’ll be Lydia’s sister-in-law. Joint wedding plans?

Caroline: No joint wedding plans. Travis and I sort of got married “by accident”, if you can believe that! We “thought” we were staging a fake wedding but Arkansas has some screwy laws!

Allie O: *snerk* As a lawyer, I could have told you that. And I’ll take your fake wedding — OMG I’m starting to plan a quick trip to Vegas–Ben’s mother is planning all sorts of things for our wedding and we’ve not even set a date yet. She wants a completely country-themed wedding, complete with all the Texas bling, you know?

Caroline: OMG! You’ve got to be kidding. HAHAHA  Luckily for me, Travis’s mother is a gem! She does stick her nose into all her kids’ business but she’s just so awesome we overlook her meddling

Allie O: The Gradys are related to just about everyone in the surrounding three counties. And a couple of big wigs in Dallas. So yeah Ben’s mother and grandmother want to invite everyone around. The list is so long, their cook wants to roast a half cow AND a pig!

Caroline: Good lord! You’ll have to rent the Dallas convention center to hold all the guests! Where are you getting married? and when?

Allie O: She wants it on the ranch — she lives in this big-ass mansion on a hill that would put Southfork to shame, Ben’s grandmother wants it in some swanky hotel in Dallas. I just want to nice quiet ceremony–I don’t mind doing it on the ranch, but I don’t want to be surrounded by 600 strangers, you know? The when is still up for debate–we have to work it around calving time. So probably late next spring or early summer. Got any advice? (since you’re an old married woman and all)

Caroline: I do. Travis and I got married in my grandmother’s hospital room with only my aunt, uncle, Noah and my grandmother’s friend there. It was kind of special. So my advice is…ELOPE!!!

Allie O: Ah, a woman after my own sensibilities!

Caroline: Vegas is nice this time of year 

Allie O: *snerk*

Caroline: Then come home and throw a HUGE party!

Allie O: there’s a plan I can get behind

Caroline: Are you and Ben already “Playing house”? 

Allie O:   No playin’ about it, Caro.

Caroline: I know when Travis and I started living together, it really upset my routine


Caroline: How can one man use up all the hot water??

Allie O: I’m crawling into bed after working late, and he’s getting up at zero dark thirty so he’s in bed by the time I get home…and I’m tripping over his clothes that he left on the bathroom floor and…Arrrgh!

Caroline: and the piles of laundry!!! Does Ben get mud and blood on everything he wears?

Allie O: YES!

Caroline: Thank goodness Henrietta stayed on as our housekeeper and cook

Allie O: No housekeeper for us, but luckily the Gradys have a ranch cook who sends care packages over to us so I don’t have to cook dinner at midnight.

Caroline: I love Travis but if I had to choose between him or Henrietta, well, let’s just say it’d be a hard decision, if you know what I mean.

Allie O: Do you know one of the first things Ben said to me after we finally got together was “Nothing says sexy like sticking your hand in a plastic bag up the ass end of a cow?”

Caroline: Your Ben sounds like my father-in-law! Travis mostly raises and trains cutting horses so no sticking his hand up the back end of the horse! but my sister-in law and parents-in-law raise cattle so I do know about the pregnancy testing. Let me say…makes me glad to not be a pregnant cow

Allie O: So why did you choose Travis over some other guy to fake marry? You gotta have had the hots for him already, right?

Caroline: Have you SEEN my husband?

Allie O: Well, he’s okay, but he’s no Ben Grady

Caroline: Travis is lickable from head to toe and everywhere in between

Allie O: You want to lick a guy who has mud and blood on everything he wears? Ick. *laughs*

Caroline: Well, I was thinking of shower playtime!

Allie O: oh showers. And hot tubs. Or the old swimming hole–no, forget that one. (I had a bad experience there once) But yeah, soaping up those pecs and those abs? Yum! Ben however is a very cunning linguist

Caroline: Ben is definitely a cutie but a little young for me! Now if I were seven years younger….

*Both ladies laugh.*

Caroline: Travis would DIE if he knew I was discussing our sex lives! We’ll never tell, right?

Allie O: oh honey, of course not!

Caroline: And I’ll make sure he never sees this episode of The Real Lives of Texas Ranching Wives

Allie O: I don’t Ben even knows this show exists, lucky for me but if he does finds out, well, I can distract Ben easily enough. A button slipped here, a carefully placed finger there…

Caroline: So what does Ben do that drives you nuts?

Allie O: You mean apart from the wet towels he leaves on the bathroom floor?

Caroline: Oh yeah. Last night, Travis was drinking the last of the milk (from the carton!) and when I pulled my blouse off, he dropped the jug to the floor!

Allie O: It’s not like I want to complain about him being a total horndog, but the man is always ready willing and able to do it anywhere. Even out in the fields where the hands could see us.

Caroline: You ever been caught?

Allie O: We got caught back when we were in high school–we didn’t know it at the time, but yeah, someone videotaped us.

Caroline: That sounds like someone needed to have a good ass-whopping.

Allie O: yeah, he and I need to have a Come-to-Jesus chat one day.

Allie O: how about you? Noah ever walk in on you guys?

Caroline: Noah? No. He knows better! But Travis’s foreman got a eye full in the barn one day. Oops. *laughs*

Allie O: *snerk* oops. Bet it’s hard to look him in the eye nowadays

Caroline: It was a little embarrassing at the time but water under the bridge, you know? Beside, The man has four children. I figure he knows how kids are made!

Allie O: yup, I know.

Caroline: So when’s the wedding? I expect an invitation I want to see that half-a-cow!

Allie O: probably next April or May. We’re still discussing the details.

Caroline: Well, I look forward to it. A chance for a new dress.

Allie O: So you said you guys had a little marriage with just a couple folks and your aunt — did you ever have that big party afterwards for all your friends

Caroline: Unfortunately no. Cash, Travis’s brother, had a bad accident and that sort of put a hold on the party plans. Maybe for our first anniversary next August.

Allie O: oh no! sorry to hear about Cash. Let me know if there’s anything we can do.

Caroline: Will do.

Allie O: When you have that party, I expect an invite to it too.

Caroline: Of course!

Caroline: Want to tell the viewers about your book?

Allie O: Sure! It’s called Slow Ride Home.


Slow Ride Home (The Grady Legacy, #1)Slow Ride Home

Release date: November 11th 2013 |
Publisher: Carina Press |
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance |
Leah Braemel (Author) |
ISBN: 9781426897351|
Format: eBook |

Losing his father was hard enough, but now Ben Grady must face the fact that he and his brother may not be sole owners of their beloved ranch. To protect his family’s legacy, he’s forced to rely on the legal prowess of the woman who stars in his erotic fantasies: Allie O’Keefe. Ben’s never forgotten the illicit encounter they shared fifteen years ago—or forgiven himself for letting her go.

Allie thought she’d moved beyond the scandal that cost her Ben in the past. But working so closely with the seductive rancher arouses the wild child within the cautious woman she’s become. Though she tries to keep business and pleasure separate, Allie soon gives in to temptation, and discovers Ben’s sensual skills surpass even her X-rated memories…

Allie has every intention of leaving Bull’s Hollow forever after her investigation is complete. But there are a few complications. Not the least of which is that while saving the ranch, Allie’s lost her heart.

Buy this ebook from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble |

Caroline: That sounds wonderful. Travis and my story is told in Texas Tango.

Texas Tango (Texas Montgomery Mavericks #2)Texas Tango

Release date: November 5th 2013 |
Publisher: Samhain Publishing |
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance |
Cynthia D’Alba (Author) |
Format: eBook |

Their wedding might be fake, but there’s no faking the mutual attraction.

Texas Montgomery Mavericks, Book 2

Dr. Caroline Graham is happy with her nomadic lifestyle fulfilling short-term medical contracts. No emotional commitments, no disappointments. She’s always the one to walk away, never the one left behind.

But now her great-uncle is gone and her grandmother is on her deathbed, more concerned about Caroline’s lack of a husband than her own demise. What’s the harm in a little white lie? If a wedding will give her grandmother peace, then a wedding she shall have.

Travis Montgomery has one dream left—to build the ranch he and his wife planned before he lost her to cancer. There’s just one thing standing between him and the last bit of acreage he needs—a last living heir who has one traveling foot out the door…and an unusual request that challenges his determination to never again place his heart at risk.

The land he wants in exchange for a faux marriage. Everyone wins. Until things start to snowball…and the hearts they stand to lose are their own.

Warning: This book contains a tortured widower who doesn’t want a wife and an independent doctor who doesn’t want a husband. Hot stuff between the sheets and failed efforts to avoid emotional involvements.

Buy this ebook from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble |

Caroline: I enjoyed meeting you Allie. Maybe you and Ben can come for dinner soon.

Allie O: I enjoyed meeting you too, Caroline. I’d love to sit down to dinner with you and Travis. I’m sure Ben would like to discuss Travis’ training methods. And we’re going to kick those other Texas Ranching Wives’ asses

Caroline: *give Allie a high-five* You know it.


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Growing up in rural Ontario, Leah Braemel lost herself in the make-believe worlds she found in her favorite books until she realized she could write her own stories. In her early teens she discovered her love of romances and soon all her stories revolved around giving her heroes and heroines their Happy-Ever-After.

Married to her college sweetheart and the mother of two sons, Leah is the only woman in a houseful of men—even their dog and cat are male. After a conversation with her eldest son about how he needed to follow his dreams, Leah decided she needed to follow her own advice and submitted her writing to a publisher. She was thrilled when her first sizzling romance, Private Property, was published by Samhain Publishing in 2009.

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Born and raised in Arkansas. After wandering the world for 17 years (okay, it was Memphis, but it felt like another world!), I’ve made it home again. I live in a small vine covered cottage on the shores of a 8,000 acre lake with 2 dogs, a bitchy parrot and my fisherman husband. Life is good.

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  1. I have to say I enjoy reading and the mysteries it entails lol thank you for shr8ng your imaginarions with us writers are def wonders of the world!

  2. That had me chuckling out loud. Gotta love when stories make you laugh and are hot enough to scorch sheets.

    Reality tv really aint my thing. If I have to watch one though it woukd be the voice. I love Blake’s comments.

    1. Hi Sheri. I’ve loved The Voice up to this season. For some reason none of the remaining contestants are setting me on fire. I was a Shelby Z fan! I’ve gotten a little tired of all the beating up on Blake this season.

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a message

  3. I don’t watch anything regularly but i enjoy on occasion The Voice, The X factor and Dancing with the Stars among others. It’s pretty random lol

    Love the convo with Caroline and Allie!!

    Lisa B

    1. Hi Lisa! So glad you enjoyed the “conversation” 🙂

      I watched Dancing with the Stars a couple of times. Not this year but I understand from the net that some people are not happy with how the votes are falling this year. What do you think?

  4. I loved the chat between Caroline and Allie and looking forward to reading these two stories. I only watch two reality TV shows, Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

    1. Hi Phuong! I’ve seen bits and pieces of DWTS — I am totally graceless, so if I ever went on it, I’d turn it into a comedy of pratfalls. Thanks for stopping by – the chat between Allie and Caroline was fun to do.

  5. I love reality tv! Probably my favorite shows are “Project Runway” and “The Amazing Race.”
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