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The Book Tart welcomes all comments and suggestions, and acknowledges that critiques are inevitable…

Book Review Policy

 We have a few reviewers in my court. Me, of course! The Queen of Tarts, then my girls, The Maid of Tarts, La Revenant, Page of Tarts, Miss Thierry and last, but not least, and not a girl, the Baron of Books. We read a variety of genres including romance, fantasy, science fiction and YA… and other books that catch our attention. 😛

If you are an author or publisher and would like one of us to consider reviewing your book, please Contact Me If you click that you will get a form, here’s my email too queenoftarts at thebooktart dot com ( I’ve spelled out the symbols cause I’m trying to avoid bots spamming me!) I would appreciate the following info






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Any review given is the reviewer’s personal opinion. Not all books are for every reader. If a book isn’t the reviewers’ cup of tea, they may choose not to review the book. We are NOT a professional reviewer site, just passionate readers. If/when a review is written, it will be posted on The Book Tart and then on Amazon and Goodreads. If you would like the review posted to additional sites please notify The Book Tart and we will do our best to accommodate you. Physical books given to The Book Tart for review may be used in giveaways unless the author/publisher requests otherwise.


Please note!

I’m a spazz and easily distracted. If you have contacted me and I don’t reply… I am so so sorry!  I get overwhelmed and drop the ball. *head/desk* Your queries stand a better chance if they catch my attention with snark and silliness and yes… Flattery does work. 😛

IF we set something up PLEASE ask me if I’ve written it in my dayplanner. Seriously! If I don’t write it down it DOES NOT exist for me.

(((Hugs))) Kat

The Queen of Tarts

(Who is always losing her head)

FTC Disclosure: In accordance with the FTC guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials for bloggers we will state in our review if we received a book from an author/publisher for free. We do not get paid by authors/publishers for our opinions- and that’s all they are, Our Opinions.


New Fiction Release Database Correction/Addition

If the database is missing a new release or has inaccurate data, please, PLEASE! Tell me!  Send me the correct or missing info and I will add the book. If you have more than one or two books that need to be added, do NOT use the full form (it would take you forever) just contact me and I will tag you back and get the missing data.

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